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Bug Reports

by eihrul on 09/03/2008 01:41, 1155 messages, last message: 11/28/2018 17:17, 520389 views, last view: 05/25/2020 07:59

Please post your bug reports in here.

With your bug report, please submit the following information:

1) OS: Your operating system, i.e. Linux, Windows, or otherwise and what version you are using.

2) 3D card: The 3D card you are using. If you do not know, this is printed on the "Renderer:" line in the console when Sauerbraten starts up.

3) The edition of Sauerbraten you are using, i.e. Assassin edition, CVS as of a particular date, or otherwise.

4) Error information: If you are on Windows, a pop-up message showing filenames and line numbers should show up when Sauerbraten crashes; if possible, post a screenshot or a copy/paste of this. If on Linux, post a log of the startup info from the console, including relevant errors or any info you might have discovered. If on MacOS X, please post the crash log if applicable.

5) A description of the problem and how to reproduce it. Please give as much detail as possible on how someone can recreate the problem, in as certain terms as you can. If someone else can't reproduce the problem, it is unlikely he can fix it or tell you what is wrong.

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#94: RE: Sauerbraten freezes upon loading

by dwizzle13 on 01/16/2009 02:27

I have the same issue under Winows on a MacBook. I immediately have the game freeze with music going when the menu pops up.

It does not work on my friend's MacBook either, but another person has it work on his MacBook. All computers have the same specs, and the game was off of a usb drive.

It works on an older Windows though, so I have no idea why it does not work. I have reinstalled it a few times, grabbed the patch, and also tried it on the hdd.

Does anyone have ideas why it fails?

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#95: Re: Sauerbraten freezes upon loading

by dwizzle13 on 01/16/2009 02:37, refers to #94

Sorry, I forgot to include that it is WIndows XP SP3.

It is the CTF edition as well.

The graphics card has 128mb and I think it is integrated. XP says its info is Chip Type: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family. Sorry, the command prompt can't be accessed when it freezes up...

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#96: Re: Sauerbraten freezes upon loading

by eihrul on 01/16/2009 04:25, refers to #94

Intel's OpenGL drivers are just awful and unpredictable - that's the long and the short of it. No one can ever really tell if they will work or not, and Intel doesn't seem to care. After many many years making 3D chipsets, their OpenGL drivers still remain alpha quality.

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#97: Masterserver not replying

by Nonepwnz on 01/20/2009 21:36

1) OS: Mac OS X Leopard

2) 3D card: Couldn't find the renderer to know about my 3D card.

3) CTF Edition

4) Error information: master server not replying

5) I have no idea what the docs mean when it says, "Open up autoexec.cfg with an editor and make sure you have your name set to something unique." Is this related to the master server not replying? Sorry if I'm no help, just a 14 year old wanting to play some free multiplayer FPS on a Mac.

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#98: Re: Masterserver not replying

by Nonepwnz on 01/20/2009 21:50, refers to #97

This also goes for on my ipod touch when I play cube for it, only it can find servers but it says different protocols, and when I attempt to connect to them, it simply fails saying illegal network message.

My macbook and itouch works really great otherwise but even if my framerate is high for both of them in high quality, slaying monsters can get pretty boring. Which is why I need to know how to get multiplayer up and running

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#99: Re: Masterserver not replying

by jbuk2k7s cookie has gone on 01/20/2009 21:58, refers to #98

For the iTouch, unless someone has made a Cube:iPhone specific server, than it is correct that your client can't connect to servers. You'd get pwned online anyway, the iPhone controls are hardly superior to keyboard and mouse.

But lets not start that war.


Make sure that any form of firewall is not blocking Sauer, sorry Cube2 from accessing the net (NetBarrier/Little Snitch etc.). Since your iPod can retrieve servers, then the problem does not lie with your router's configuration, I believe.

Else, try clicking the button a few more times.

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#100: Re: Masterserver not replying

by Nonepwnz on 01/20/2009 22:25, refers to #99

I don't think there's anything blocking it but is there a way to scan the macbook to check if there is? I tried finder but that's not getting anywhere

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#101: MasterServer and AutoExec

by MeatROme on 01/21/2009 12:46

1) MasterServer access is http port 80 .. regular browsing that is .. so if it's not replying that should only be a temporary issue (works for everyone else) .. only other possibility is that you've manually passed an alternative masterserver to use which does not reply.

2) if you don't know about autoexec.cfg you should go into the installation folder and create a new file of that name and put in at least this line:
name "my name here"

For your reading pleasure:

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#102: Re: MasterServer and AutoExec

by Nonepwnz on 01/22/2009 00:19, refers to #101

Still can't get this master server to be read and used. Does it mean I have to download the program on another browser? I have no idea what to do.

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#103: Re: MasterServer and AutoExec

by MeatROme on 01/22/2009 00:31, refers to #102

Your reply is a little confusing,
but if you can't access the masterserver on a regular install of Cube 2 (Sauerbraten) then you might really best try to deinstall/reinstall.
What I said comes down to this:
You can obviously surf from your PC - since you've posted here - the masterserver communication happens just like that - see for yourself:

For a "quick fix" you can copy-paste that into a file - ./servers.cfg ... meaning : in your sauerbraten install directory.

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#104: Re: MasterServer and AutoExec

by Nonepwnz on 01/22/2009 01:03, refers to #103

Yea I find myself confusing too. I'm just confused about what to do to make multiplayer work. I'm gonna try to re-install and give it a break if it doesn't work. Thanks for your help though. ^_^

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#105: bug

by Undead on 01/25/2009 08:52

1) OS: Windows XP sp2

2) 3D card: ATI Radeon 9200SE 128mb

3) CTF edition.

4) http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sauerbratenbugjr5.jpg

5) FPS is 50-60 at first, which then drops to around 2-3fps, meaning i am unable to play at all.

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#106: Re: bug

by eihrul on 01/25/2009 08:59, refers to #105

Try putting the following in your autoexec.cfg file:

ati_texgen_bug 0

Or you can try typing it from the console like it says: /ati_texgen_bug 0
Though from the console you might have to retype it each startup, if not using the autoexec.cfg method.

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#107: keeps quitting

by fantomzed on 02/01/2009 04:52

someone plz help the game keeps freezing and quitting whenever i shoot

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#108: Re: keeps quitting

by MovingTarget on 02/01/2009 20:08, refers to #107

Can we have your system specs/os per the guidelines?

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#109: Bleh

by Vector on 02/02/2009 13:34

I don\'t now if this is a bug or not, but during mid-gameplay, my crosshair disappeared and i could no longer see the console, helth or ammo. I tried everything i could think of -_-

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#110: Damnit, forgot infos and such

by Vector on 02/02/2009 13:39

Windows vista
GeForce 8600 GS/PCI/SSE2
No error information >_>

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#111: Re: Damnit, forgot infos and such

by Hirato Kirata on 02/02/2009 14:12, refers to #110

press t and type /hidehud 0

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#112: Sauerbraten freezes upon explosion!

by deadparrot on 02/04/2009 18:03

Mac OS X 10.5.6

GeForce 7600gs 512MB


Whenever I shoot an exploding barrel or cause an explosion in any other way, the entire game freezes, except for the music.

Crashlog: http://pastebin.com/f99ed0f8

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#113: ..

by mrpiddly on 02/16/2009 22:06

In SVN, when in 3D person using edit mode, passing the character through a wall will cause the camera to be placed inside of the character's head momentarily. I suspect it is an engine problem.

Also, the visual streaking caused by glare and the wireframe view still has not been fixed. (This could be my graphics card, but I have tested it on 3 different cards) It is not really that much of a issue, but it is rather annoying.

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