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Bug Reports

by eihrul on 09/03/2008 01:41, 1158 messages, last message: 06/11/2020 10:07, 565571 views, last view: 09/28/2020 07:20

Please post your bug reports in here.

With your bug report, please submit the following information:

1) OS: Your operating system, i.e. Linux, Windows, or otherwise and what version you are using.

2) 3D card: The 3D card you are using. If you do not know, this is printed on the "Renderer:" line in the console when Sauerbraten starts up.

3) The edition of Sauerbraten you are using, i.e. Assassin edition, CVS as of a particular date, or otherwise.

4) Error information: If you are on Windows, a pop-up message showing filenames and line numbers should show up when Sauerbraten crashes; if possible, post a screenshot or a copy/paste of this. If on Linux, post a log of the startup info from the console, including relevant errors or any info you might have discovered. If on MacOS X, please post the crash log if applicable.

5) A description of the problem and how to reproduce it. Please give as much detail as possible on how someone can recreate the problem, in as certain terms as you can. If someone else can't reproduce the problem, it is unlikely he can fix it or tell you what is wrong.

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#114: mouse not working

by ultratek on 02/25/2009 02:48

I just got sauerbraten for ubuntu 8.10
when i load the game my mouse works for like the first few seconds then stops while wasd will still work but i cannot access menus.

i am on a dell xps420 with hd4850 ati
ms wireless laser mouse 6.0 v2

thanks for any help

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#115: Re: mouse not working

by MeatROme on 02/28/2009 18:20, refers to #114

what do you mean "Sauerbraten for Ubuntu 8.10" .. if you found some DEB (like via the synaptic packet-manager or from getdeb.net or so) then DON'T ;-)
So far all the people that've done installer packages for linux have completely failed - they only cause trouble.

There's really nothing to it anyway:
Download, unpack, .. run .. no big deal!
See http://cube.wikispaces.com/Install+Guide#toc1

And whatever is happening with your mouse I haven't got a clue .. you might try running sauerbraten via the following little script .. which could sit nicely in /usr/local/bin ..
.. it'll disable all mouse-acceleration and also disable the screensaver while you play, when you've finished all the settings get returned to your personal defaults!

Oh - one final thought .. maybe it's some issue with the wireless bit of your mouse .. but it shouldn't really be Sauerbratens fault .. so if you don't have any issues outside of the game ... well, you might try a mouse with a cord attached .. just for testing it out, heh.


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#116: problems with my mouse

by SnAexXx on 03/01/2009 17:43

1. Linux Ubuntu 8.10
2. GeForce 8800 GT
3. don\\\'t know exactly... downloaded it yesterday from here
4. no error informations
5. i\\\'m able to start the game and to move in the level. i also can open the menu and all keys on my keyboard work, but i can\\\'t move my mouse
also when i leave the game my mouse can\\\'t be moven anymore

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#117: Re: problems with my mouse

by eihrul on 03/01/2009 21:01, refers to #116

This seems to be a common problem with Ubuntu 8.10. I have no idea what they did specifically, but it doesn't happen on other Linux distributions or Ubuntu versions.

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#118: Re: problems with my mouse

by MeatROme on 03/02/2009 12:31, refers to #117

I'm still on 8.04 (hardy heron) - which BTW has LTS (long-term support) unlike 8.10 (intrepid ibex) - where this problem doesn't occur .. I've been meaning to update sooner or later, sounds like later would be prudent .. or at least keep hardy around in case of this (and other?) problems.

The only halfways helpful thread I found about this is here:

It mentions disabling the gnome power manager .. but also notes this only fixes "some" games .. whatever these may be, maybe sauerbraten is among them.
I'd encourage SnAexXx to post his own thread/bug-report too.

Another idea might be to start the game in windowed mode (add command-line parameter "-t") and then do a "/fullscreen 1" inside the game once mouse-responsiveness has been confirmed.

Please tell us if and which of these things might have helped you SnAexXx!

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#119: Re: problems with my mouse

by MovingTarget on 03/02/2009 16:29, refers to #118

I had this problem with Urban Terror on 8.10, before I installed Sauerbraten, and it turned out to be Compiz. I installed the Compiz-Fusion Button and switch to Metacity whenever I'm gaming. For some reason, this fixed the mouse problem.

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#120: Re: problems with my mouse

by Quin on 03/02/2009 16:51, refers to #119

*sigh* When is Ubuntu gonna learn to not turn stuff like this on by default?

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#121: Re: problems with my mouse

by MeatROme on 03/02/2009 21:29, refers to #120

Yeah. That's the main argument I've always had myself against that distro .. but if you're not afraid of some tweaking you usually get by .. and in general it /is/ the most appropriate distro for someone as lazy as me ;-)

I've put that interesting snippet of information into our FAQ .. bound to come up any number of times in the future - so here's the easy reference:

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#122: The game stuffes up in cube 1 and 2

by davo723 on 03/05/2009 06:56

in cube 1 and cube 2 i have the same problems after mabey 3 or 4 mins maybe the game un maximizes and i cant do anything the only way to exit it is to lodd off or shut down my computer it really getting on my nerves!!!!!!!

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#123: Re: The game stuffes up in cube 1 and 2

by davo723 on 03/05/2009 06:58, refers to #122

also i have tryed re installing the game it still does it the game runs perfectly up untill t does this

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#124: Re: The game stuffes up in cube 1 and 2

by a~baby~rabbit on 03/05/2009 08:10, refers to #123

please refer to the start of this thread where it details what sort of information is required in a bug report

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#125: errors with installing on vista

by vassago on 03/05/2009 18:41

1 windows vista home premium system pack 1 32 bit intel core 2 duo CPU t6400

2intel cantiga


4 error opening file for writing
C:\Program Files\sauerbraten\bin\sauerbraten.exe
click abort to stop the installation
retry to try again or
ignore to skip this file
i tried all three

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#126: missing menu

by vassago on 03/05/2009 18:47

same one and two as last post


4it boots up fine and dandy the menu is up and running from the get go i finish with the menu for the time being then i need the menu again and what do i get i dont get the menu this is what cygwin captured

this is a copy of the bash shell

C:\Program Files\Sauerbraten>bin\sauerbraten.exe -r
init: sdl
init: enet
init: video: mode
init: video: misc
init: gl
Renderer: Intel Cantiga (Intel)
Driver: 1.5.0 - Build
WARNING: No framebuffer object support. (reflective water may be slow)
WARNING: Non-power-of-two textures not supported!
WARNING: Disabling shaders for extra performance. (use "/shaders 1" to enable sh
aders if desired)
Rendering using the OpenGL 1.5 fixed-function path.
init: console
init: gl: effects
init: world
init: sound
init: cfg
init: localconnect
init: mainloop
read map packages\base\metl4.ogz (0.1 seconds)
Mining Station by metlslime
game mode is ffa/default
+10 health will spawn in 10 seconds!
quad damage will spawn in 10 seconds!
read map packages\base\mpsp9c.ogz (0.2 seconds)
Private Stan Sauer: Run & Gun Part III by MitaMAN
game mode is SP
unknown command: showmenu

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#127: Re: missing menu

by Quin on 03/06/2009 08:41, refers to #126

Why is the game behaving strangely?


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#128: Running Errors

by Blakee on 03/11/2009 01:08

I\'m running on Vista 32-bit and I keep getting an error that pops up saying \"win32 exception: 0xc0000005 [0x8].\" I\'ve seen people post about this problem before, but I haven\'t seen any solution to it.

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#129: Re: Running Errors

by Quin on 03/11/2009 09:10, refers to #128

Install working OpenGL by getting the driver from your GPU manufacturer. Can't help you much more than that because you didn't follow the rules of reporting bugs.

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#130: bugreports for cube2 svn?

by byte512 on 03/18/2009 17:34

Hi, i just wanted to ask where the right place for sauerbraten svn bugreports is.

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#131: Launcher on OS X

by shmutz on 03/18/2009 20:05

a bug for a_baby_rabbit:

all TC members who try to get the DEV version of sauer to run on OS X (Didda, Sanman and me) face the same problem: The launcher does not work. If started is sais: \"Cannot find gamedata folder within sauerbraten\". If you say ok to that and try to start sauer then, it sais: \"Can\'t start sauerbratenTry moving the game folder contain sauerbraten so that the path doesn\'t contain weird characters, or start sauerbraten manually.\"

The Launcher is where it always used to be.

and if we start it manually, a lot of warnings appear thet do not show up in the current version: WARNING: Using Apple GLSL depth bug workaround. (use \"/apple_glsldepth_bug 0\" to disable if unnecessary WARNING: Using Leopard ARB_position_invariant bug workaround. (use \"/apple_ff_bug 0\" to disable if unnecessary) Rendering using the OpenGL fixed-function path. WARNING: Using NVIDIA texgen bug workaround. (use \"/nvidia_texgen_bug 0\" to disable if unnecessary).

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#132: Re: Launcher on OS X

by c0rdawg on 03/18/2009 21:40, refers to #131

Haha, If you don't want to see messages about it using workarounds for Apple bugs, than don't use Mac!

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#133: Re: Launcher on OS X

by Hapexamendios on 03/18/2009 22:37, refers to #131

I thought perhaps I wasn't compiling properly, but I have the same issue with the launcher.
I was very happy to see the .dmg file created though. I've been installing saurbraten SVN with that and have had no troubles. It seems the launcher is integrated into the app when it's installed that way.
@c0rdawg - I'm reminded of an old Canadian saying about cutting off the nose to spite the face.

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