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Making screenshot of your map that appears in the menu is simple:

Take a clean screenshot of your map, to do this set hudgun 0 and hidehud 1 in the console, then press F12 to take the screenshot. The image will be saved in your Sauerbraten home folder. (Alternatively, you can use MeatROme's "Pretty Screenshot" script.)

Edit the Image and Rename It

1. Now open your screenshot in Photoshop or in The Gimp (free). Select a rectangular portion of your image. Just hold down shift while using the marquee tool, it will restrict it to rectangular. Now crop the portion.

2. Go Image>Image Size and resize it to 256x256 pixels. Chose "Cubic" ( called "bicubic" in Photoshop) as resampling method.

3. Press Control-Alt-Numpad 0 to view it at it's actual size.

Now you might want to tweak the brightness a bit if you feel it's necessary. Keep in mind, using the "brightness/contrast" command, if you increase the brightness, your image might get a washed out look. To counter this also raise the contrast a bit. Raising the contrast though can make the colors appear too saturated. Counter this with slightly decreasing the saturation a bit if necessary, until the image looks natural again.

4. As a last step you might want to experiment with sharpening a bit. (resizing an image always decreases sharpness a bit). I recommend you use an "Unsharp Mask" filter, since it gives a milder result and enhances contrast and highlights a bit. Don't overdo this.

5. Now save your image as mymapname.jpg and move it to the /packages/base folder.

Final Notes: Don't overdo the tweaking. Also it might be a good idea to choose a prominent place of your map. Keep in mind the screenshot should be informational in nature, helping the players to learn wich map is wich better. So there´s really no need to get all artistic on it. Please refrain from adding text or paint filters, to help keep the look consistent.


  • Take the screenshot at a higher fov (like 120) to get some more of the map onto the screen.
  • If you'd like to take a shot from a place where you can't stand on geometry to hold your camera still, then you can use gamespeed 10 - that way you won't have the editing aspects on the screen and a reasonably easy time at getting the shot from the position/view-angle you've chosen!
  • If you wish to take screenshots in edit mode but have a lot of water, lava, clip, or other material, you can use showmat 0 to make them look as if you weren't in edit mode.
  • Taking screenshots in edit mode will give you little sparkling entities, which may or may not be a problem depending on the map.
  • Press F1 to toggle pausing the game (this only works in singleplayer).


EP="-w1024 -h768 -a2 -f1 -b16 -z24"
if [ -n "$1" ]
    ./ $EP -l$1
    #mogrify -gamma 1.6 -format jpg -quality 80 -size 400x300 -resize 400x300 screenshot*.bmp
    mogrify -gamma 1.6 -format jpg -quality 80 -size 256x256 -resize 256x256 screenshot*.bmp
    mkdir $DD/$1
    cp ./*.jpg $DD/$1/
    echo -e "\ncall with \033[1mmap name\033[m to make \033[1mscreeners\033[m for\n"

Of course you'll have to modify DD (the destination directory) and the parameters passed to mogrify. Simply run

./ curvedm

if you wanted to create some shots for curvedm.