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Welcome to the Cube 2: Sauerbraten project wiki. You can visit our project page on SourceForge here .


The Readme: The first place you should look for information on setting up the game.
Install Guide: This describes the installation process.
Beginners' Guide: How to get up and running.
FAQ: View and get the answers to some commonly asked questions.
Performance Guide: Things you can try to make Sauerbraten either run faster or look better.


Singleplayer Guide: How to play games offline.
Multiplayer Guide: How to play games online or host your own server.


Mapping and Editing: Itching to create? Follow these steps.
Distributing Maps: After you finish slaving over your map, you need to distribute it.
Cooperative Editing: Creating with others can be fun and rewarding, but there are important principles.
Scripting Guide: A look at the possibilites of scripting, with examples.
Static MD3 Export From Blender: A tutorial for exporting static MD3s from Blender.
Animated MD3 Export with Tags from Blender: A slightly more difficult tutorial for exporting multiple animated and tagged MD3s from Blender.
Hudguns with Hands via Blender: A more complex yet powerful tutorial on adding personal hudguns and hands.
MD5 from Blender to Sauerbraten: It just got easier.
Mr. Fixit Blend File: For educational purposes.
Importing MD2 and MD3 files: How to import existing models into Sauerbraten.
Creating Ragdolls: Information on the ragdoll editor used to create ragdolls for skeletal models.


Eisenstern Modelling: Information on 3D modeling in the Sauerbraten RPG branch.
Unfortunately, the Eistenstern project has been discontinued. There is a group working on the project on SourceForge . The official design notes can be found on the Sauerbraten website . Wiki Guidelines: For contributing and expanding the Cube Wiki.
Modding Guide: Like Sauerbraten? Learn how to add features.
Videos: A page for collecting video material.


Disclaimer: the information stated here (below the "Engine" and "Producing Content" headings) are suggestions. The engine's complete license is ZLIB, which you should read before changing any part of the game, executable, installer, readme, or any other included media. You should also read the license of any media you are planning to use in any way. The Sauerbraten game is freeware. You may:

  • freely distribute the Sauerbraten archive/installer unmodified on any media.
  • re-compress using different archival formats suitable for your OS (e.g., ZIP, TGZ, RPM, DEB or DMG), but any changes beyond that require the explicit permission of Wouter van Oortmerssen (aka Aardappel) or any other copyright-holder.
  • play Sauerbraten for any purpose as long as you don't blame the author(s) for any damages incurred.

Media (textures, sounds, models, etc.) will have its own specific license. Some media will be free to use for any purpose, but if there is no license it is for the official Sauerbraten release distribution only. The source code is free to use, but the downfall of this is that many people unfamiliar with the history and style of the engine think the game's executable and bundled data are also free to use. As restated below, nothing but the engine source code is necessarily ZLIB. Any changes you make to the engine need to be clearly recorded in an included text file -- read the ZLIB license below for more details.

Producing Content

If you want to produce new content with the Sauerbraten engine/game, you have to be aware that the source code may be open source, but the game and the media it consist of have their individual licenses and copyrights. This means that you have roughly three options:

  • You may produce new content for the Sauerbraten game, for example as a map (OGZs, CFGs, textures, etc.). Contributing content to the original game is most welcome, and the most productive way of working with Sauerbraten.
  • If you want to create your own gameplay beyond what you can do with a map, the best way to do this is as a mod (same as above, but with new executable application that incorporates your gameplay) that requires an existing install of Sauerbraten, and installs only the new files you created in parallel to and without modifying the existing files.
  • If you insist on making a standalone game based on Sauerbraten, do realize that only the source code is yours to use freely (if you abide by the ZLIB license below), not the media. You cannot simply redistribute the entire Sauerbraten package with your modified files, as the majority of game media is not yours to use freely (because it is made by many authors with a variety of licenses and copyright restrictions). Unless you have explicit permission from the authors, or the readme file says explicitly that it may be used for any purpose, it will be illegal to include said media in your standalone game based on the Sauerbraten engine. If a file has no specific license, it is for the Sauerbraten game's distribution only. Therefore, if you wish to produce a standalone game, be prepared to make many of the game's maps, models, textures, sounds, etc. from scratch yourself.

In this sense Sauerbraten is similar to games like Quake (its code is open source, but its media is not): it is a game that is meant to be added to, not copied and used as a template. Sauerbraten is not meant to be a quick game creation kit, it is a game and an engine.

If you wish to use the Sauerbraten source code in any way, read the src/readme_source.txt file and the ZLIB license carefully.