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Model Development

This page is for updates, progress and tasks for 3D models in the RPG part of Sauerbraten. If you have the time to help with any tasks please put your name at the task you are undertaking or ask Geartrooper to do it for you.

    • The Eistenstern project is being considered for continuation or discontinuation. There is a group working on the project on SourceForge. The official design notes can be found on the Sauerbraten website.


There are several models in desperate need of skinning and textures. Anyone comfortable with this task please contact geartrooper via irc or email. They include; A ground based dragon A gargoyle A metal bull

Hud hands

1. Skin and paint the Hands. -Makke 2. Animate and tag for weapons. -Geartrooper


1. Tag and pos weapons when pack is recieved. - unassigned


1. Model default and tagarmor, tagweapons- Geartrooper 2. Skin- Unnassigned 3. Animate- Geartrooper

Horse Model

  1. Fix animation cfg for any discrepencies. -Geartrooper's Task
  2. Move some verts for a more smooth appearance, specifically between the front legs. -Geartrooper's Task DONE
  3. Make the legs more horselike and scale the proportions for more believability. -Geartrooper's Task DONE

Rat Model

  1. Fix UV's for seams and speed up idle animation. -DONE updated files sent

NPCMan Model

  1. Mask specularity -unnassigned
  2. Scale smaller sans md3.cfg -DONE files will be provided upon completion of all npcman tasks
  3. Improve mapping and texture? -unnassigned


  1. Mask specularity -unnassigned


  1. Use an inclusive scale for all models to help project ferocity, difficulty, danger to a degree.
  2. Scale wolf a bit bigger.
  3. Mask all models for glow and/or specularity.