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Colored Text

You'll need to use the control-character "\f" (line-feed), If you need to use it interactively (in-game), you'll want to know it has the ASCII-code of 12;

  • On Linux you should be able to create it with Control-L (ingame or in an editor) or Ctrl + V and then L (on the shell)
  • On Windows you should be able to create it via AltGr-1-2 (numpad only!). The key combination Control-Alt can be used instead of AltGr if you don't have that key.

Colorization (this also applies for CubeScript/ingame colours) works via the control-char followed by a indication character. Apart from the special cases of "\fs" and "\fr" for saving/restoring previously set colors in the current line of text you can use the following numbers to set to the respective color:

  • 0: green
  • 1: blue
  • 2: yellow
  • 3: red
  • 4: gray
  • 5: magenta
  • 6: orange

Everything else is drawn in white.