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NEW RELEASE: 2007-04-13 spring edition

by Aardappel_ on 04/13/2007 10:23, 170 messages, last message: 10/07/2007 19:55, 187331 views, last view: 05/19/2022 12:37


from history.html:

* scoreboard now displays mode, map, and time remaining
* bases now produce ammo in capture mode (take ammo with R key or "repammo" command)
* added reflective water in fixed-function mode
* added reflective glass in fixed-function mode
* made waterfall top/bottom correctly align with water surface
* player vs. player collisions now use ellipses instead of bounding boxes
* added new functionality to the rpg prototype (WiP)
* added planar shadows for most dynamic entities
* added -o option for servers to disable "locked" and "private" mastermodes
* dead players now colored gray on scoreboard
* changed experimental movement speedup code to include both jumping & forward independently (see game.html)
* added F key support to heightmap editing.
* improved "fastshader" system to support more than 2 performance levels
* added environment-mapped geometry shaders (via "bumpenv*world" shaders)
* added ambient sound entities (via "mapsound" and "newent sound")
* added alpha-masked shadows for mapmodels with alpha-channel skins (via "calclight 3")
* added animated caustics effect to underwater geometry
* added experimental animated grass system
* added support for GLSL shaders
* added entautoview, entitysurf and selectionsurf
* added Marc's latest 8 tracks, for a total of 31 now!
* added visual entity box handle. allows easy choice of orientation. hovering over an ent now replaces closest ent as implicit ent selection.
* added smoothmap command for heightmaps. (default press H when already in hmap mode) executes a moving avg filter over hmap
* added context sensitive entity menu (default TAB)
* added a scale parameter to the "texture" command, for changing the apparent size
* texture combining now scales combined texture to match size of base texture
* command "showtexgui" (default F2) allows for comfortable texture browsing
* made gui stick to player's Z
* fixed server lockup (in patch)


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#111: ..

by SanHolo on 04/26/2007 12:49

No such problem, MacBook Pro Core2Duo, ATI X1600 Mobility, OS X 10.4.9. =)

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#112: Re: Bug

by PunDit@work on 04/26/2007 18:43, refers to #104

Myabe it has something to do with lower performing cards/pc's. All of the people I questioned about this had about the same frame rate 60-75.

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#113: lines

by mIscreant_at_school on 04/26/2007 23:29

I have the flickering horizontal line problem, too; always thought it was just me until I saw this thread.

WinXP, nVidia 6600.

My framerate is usally between 130-199.

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#114: Re: lines

by eihrul on 04/26/2007 23:44, refers to #113

Well, at least we know NV's driver bugs are consistent across all platforms. :)

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#115: Re: Bug

by kurtis84 on 04/27/2007 00:16, refers to #112

looks like another ati driver issue here. Some of the systems reporting this are not very powerfull though...9000 is an old chipset, combine the age with the laptop factors, and theres bound to be something ugly going on ;)

I'm sort of shocked that it happens on the Macs, too.

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#116: hiccups

by mayhem on 04/27/2007 06:23

I get the framerate drop for 1-2 secs but that's it.
1.8 GHz PPC G5 with a geforce fx5200 64meg card. My framerate is prettly low as it is so i figured it was just my vid card.

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#117: Thanks Aardapple.

by dugout on 04/27/2007 15:22

Thanks Aardapple for getting my map in the latest version :)
Could you get the mapmsg working for the next release?

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#118: game keeps crashing

by asc on 04/29/2007 04:27

everytime i shoot a gernade launcher or rocket launcher the program crashes, what can i do?

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#119: Re: game keeps crashing

by Passa on 04/29/2007 04:43, refers to #118

Fixed in CVS, ie wait until the next release and your problem will be fixed (or you could update your version of Sauerbraten through CVS and use that instead). You might have to compile from the source yourself though (as the Windows bin isn't updated much nowadays).

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#120: Apparent getmap/savemap bug

by Morosoph on 05/11/2007 04:16

I've got coopedit maps, for example pinball.ogz, but when I hit savemap, it saved as nmp8_d.ogz; I similarly managed to overwrite metl4.ogz :o(

I've compiled sauer for my Opteron.

$ uname -a
Linux venus.pantheon 2.6.18-1.2257.fc5 #1 SMP Fri Dec 15 16:07:14 EST 2006 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

How embarrasing; through pressing return instead of tab after filling in the subject line, I get my first maths failure error :o(

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#121: Re: Apparent getmap/savemap bug

by Acord on 05/11/2007 06:01, refers to #120

When you type /newmap, if you type /savemap then it automatically saves over whatever map you were just on.

Make sure to type

/savemap path/map

Where path is your path under the packages directory and map is the filename of your map AS SOON AS YOU START A NEW MAP so you don't accidentally overwrite anything.

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#122: Re: Apparent getmap/savemap bug

by Morosoph on 05/11/2007 11:55, refers to #121

Thanks, but this is a map that was uploaded to the server. I didn't type /newmap, but /getmap, after the console told me that it couldn't find pinball.ogz.

So maybe this isn't a bug report, but a suggestion (that the map saves as what the server told you to fetch).

Thanks for the help, though!

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#123: ..

by absinth on 05/14/2007 00:19

i've seen much "corrupted" geometry with the new release when playing online. previously changes to the map meant a cheater was editing the map - but those where extruded cubes.

in the new releases i'm just seeing the vertices of single triangles displaced and it doesn't seem like anybody is cheating ... but it doesn't happen when loading the same map in single player.


(intel mac, ATI X1900XT)

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#124: Re: ..

by Quin on 05/14/2007 10:04, refers to #123

Try /recalc

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#125: Re: ..

by Seraph on 05/15/2007 02:46, refers to #123

I have an intel mac as well, and don't have any problems.

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#126: ..

by absinth on 05/18/2007 01:14

thanks recalc fixes is but it takes only a second until new corruptions become visible ;-(

i'll do some more investigations

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#127: Excellent new features and a grid issue

by _Fanatic on 05/21/2007 15:23

I\'m working on a new map using this release of Sauerbraten, and I gotta say some of the new changes make editing so much easier.

The new menu layout for the editing section is a lot easier to use. I don\'t have to use command line stuff anymore.

The entity moving is so much easier. The lines that extend to show all axis make positioning and rotating entities a really simple and easy task now. That with a snap to grid turned on, piece of cake to position multiple entities the same (like for torches or lamps that should be on the exact same height).

I know it\'s been asked for already, but a preview of the entities and other items in the menu system would be a huge benefit. Similar to the preview of a map.

One issue I\'m having, which isn\'t from this specific release, but rather any version of Sauerbraten, is when I\'m editing with a specific grid size and then change to another grid size. The selection seems to convert to that new grid size. So if I have an area with multiple grid sizes, and I want to lower the height a little, the whole thing goes bonkers (weird shaped blocks, all the detail is lost, etc).

Even worse is when I want to add water or some other material to a large area, those apparently do the same thing.

When it does this, it also creates what I\'ll describe as \"slivers\" of cubes. Very thin squares that pop out from a wall or floor. The only way to see and clean these up is to fly really close to the surface of a wall or floor (or ceiling) and look for these triangles pointing out and mouse-wheel them back to flat.

I\'m not sure if this different grid sizes can be prevented from doing this, but it would be nice if they at least didn\'t create the slivers. If you need an example or some screenshots of this, let me know. The different grid sizes thing I\'m describing is where I\'m spending most of my time on rerworking areas that were previously fine.

This also can show up after doing a /remip or /recalc action (not sure which, isn\'t consistent, but it happens every now and then).

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#128: Slight installer issue

by Bad Sector on 05/23/2007 07:59

The installer wants to put some temporary files in C: even if i install the program in K:

There is a slight issue if i don't have enough free space in C: (namely around 200MB), which is the case in my setup (i use small partitions for my operating systems and a big shared partition for the programs). The installer says that it cannot write the file, even though there is available space in K:.

I don't know how configurable NSIS is, but if possible, it would be a nice idea to fix this.

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#129: Re: Slight installer issue

by Quin on 05/23/2007 09:22, refers to #128

It would extract the contents of the archive into a temporary directory assigned by the operating system (namely, %WINDIR%\Temp, or %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp, usually the latter on NT based systems). Both are these are configurable through the registry, or via the TweakUI powertoy.

Asking for this to be fixed for Sauerbraten won't help the fact every other installer on the planet is gonna want to extract to the temporary directory (even most archivers do this before moving it to the requested location).

In some cases, depending on your archiver, you can extract the contents directly from the installer like a zip file (from memory 7zip does this). This may be a simpler workaround for you as you can set the temporary directory the archiver will use during extraction.

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#130: Re: Excellent new features and a grid issue

by kurtis84 on 05/24/2007 00:20, refers to #127

This problem will never go away. The only way to deal with it, is to remember it's going to happen every time. It's called subdivision, and it is not possible for the engine to do it correct every time/for every possible shape combination.

There is a way around the issue. If you need to edit a section of geometry that consists of more than one gridsize, you can somewhat control subdivision by using a heightfield. This will convert all selected geometry to the current gridsize, and it won't make a mess of it as long as you only tap the H key ONCE. Do not move anything while the heightfield is active. I'm not going to try to explain how it's done, as you would be better off to just try it yourself...just remember you can undo anything with a tap of the U key.

We should all get used to using heightfields...they act very similar to static meshes, and are usefull for far more than just random terrain.

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