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NEW RELEASE: 2007-04-13 spring edition

by Aardappel_ on 04/13/2007 10:23, 170 messages, last message: 10/07/2007 19:55, 198034 views, last view: 06/05/2023 14:59


from history.html:

* scoreboard now displays mode, map, and time remaining
* bases now produce ammo in capture mode (take ammo with R key or "repammo" command)
* added reflective water in fixed-function mode
* added reflective glass in fixed-function mode
* made waterfall top/bottom correctly align with water surface
* player vs. player collisions now use ellipses instead of bounding boxes
* added new functionality to the rpg prototype (WiP)
* added planar shadows for most dynamic entities
* added -o option for servers to disable "locked" and "private" mastermodes
* dead players now colored gray on scoreboard
* changed experimental movement speedup code to include both jumping & forward independently (see game.html)
* added F key support to heightmap editing.
* improved "fastshader" system to support more than 2 performance levels
* added environment-mapped geometry shaders (via "bumpenv*world" shaders)
* added ambient sound entities (via "mapsound" and "newent sound")
* added alpha-masked shadows for mapmodels with alpha-channel skins (via "calclight 3")
* added animated caustics effect to underwater geometry
* added experimental animated grass system
* added support for GLSL shaders
* added entautoview, entitysurf and selectionsurf
* added Marc's latest 8 tracks, for a total of 31 now!
* added visual entity box handle. allows easy choice of orientation. hovering over an ent now replaces closest ent as implicit ent selection.
* added smoothmap command for heightmaps. (default press H when already in hmap mode) executes a moving avg filter over hmap
* added context sensitive entity menu (default TAB)
* added a scale parameter to the "texture" command, for changing the apparent size
* texture combining now scales combined texture to match size of base texture
* command "showtexgui" (default F2) allows for comfortable texture browsing
* made gui stick to player's Z
* fixed server lockup (in patch)


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#1: !!! :) !!!

by rock.n.rol_w/o_cookie on 04/13/2007 12:18

Yay, itīs christmas !!!

Checking out now ;)

Thank You Guys !!!

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#2: ..

by Drakas on 04/13/2007 12:29

Ownage! :)

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#3: Simply amazing

by Lex Luthor[Lost Cookie] on 04/13/2007 12:43

I like the new feature of having ammo near the flags but the new shaders slow down my computer tough,I guess it's a perfect time to upgrade and the new sounds render the game more nextgen.

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#4: ..

by }TC{Schmutzwurst on 04/13/2007 15:49

I wanna play it tooo ;( everybody keeps telling me how cool it is, but there is no Mac-Version out yet.... Do you know it will be ready?

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#5: :)

by solea on 04/13/2007 15:55

it looks very cool!! :)


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#6: Re: ..

by absinth_nocookie on 04/13/2007 16:27, refers to #4

>Do you know it will be ready?
now! ;-)

hope everything is alright this time, don't have access to my main machine...

credits go to rpointon for the improved mac launcher.


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#7: ..

by }TC{Shmutzwurst on 04/13/2007 17:54

yeah. already played on the mac version... nice job! THANKS!

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#8: Sounds, explosions, glass, loading, 3D menu

by CrazyTB on 04/13/2007 20:31

I don't like that much these new sound effects. Maybe I'm too used to old sounds (years playing cube/sauer).

Since you changed the weapon and ogro sounds, I would expect the change in announcement sound too. Blindabuster has some really nice annoucement sounds (I use these on my local computer).


I must say I like the new explosion effect (maybe it has been introduced in gui_version, but I haven't played it).

The new glass reflections are nice, even though a bit ugly.

I must really ask you to implement some type of Progress Bar when loading a map. The "thor" map takes a minute or two loading. (I guess to many too large textures) It would be really good to see an actual progress bar, and to be able to press Esc to cancel the loading.

The progress bar is not difficult to implement. Just parse the entire .cfg file at once, take note of all required loaded files, then, after sauer knows how many files are required, start loading them, and updating the progress bar.

I still hate the "new" 3D menu system, but I won't talk about it at this message.

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#9: 3D Menus are bad

by CrazyTB on 04/13/2007 20:47

Since when 3D menus were starting to being introduced I was against them. They are cumbersome, they don't support keyboard, they keep "moving around at screen"...

I like these new map previews at Load map menu. There were REALLY needed. However, the 3D menu interface can make these map previews very unuseful. Look at these two screenshots:


You might say: just move around until the menu fits on screen. Hey, this is not good. I don't want to keep moving around just to try to use a damn menu. Also, if I am dead or the round is over, I would not be able to move around.

Now I ask you to think... What would happen if your finger was stuck at your nose, so that you needed to move your head to use your finger? This is what happens with Sauer menu.

And thinking about scoreboard... What would happen if you were walking on some street, then wanted to look at your watch. Then the watch just stopped floating in mid-air while you walk. So, in order to see what time is it, you must stop walking. This is what happens with scoreboard.

And, as I always said, in-game menus that are related to game environment make sense to be displayed in 3D (like menus from NPCs from RPG or maybe the entity context menu). However, any other interface menus DON'T belong to game world, so they must not be rendered inside game world.

I think interface should be USABLE, and not just look cool. Unfortunately, looks like we should get used to it or just stop playing Sauer.

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#10: Re: 3D Menus are bad

by Morosoph on 04/13/2007 20:53, refers to #9

If you press tab, the menu goes. Then you can /hold/ tab, and read the menu in a sensible place.

I think that this release is great, myself. I don't want to toady, but I would like to see all negative criticism, either.

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#11: ..

by Destroyer] on 04/13/2007 21:30

Hi, i downloaded the new version and i tryed to insttal but after the "verifying installer" i have this error message : http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/3370/sauererrorlk2.jpg

:'( please god, wait me

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#12: ..

by SanHolo on 04/13/2007 22:23

@@CrazyTB, just keep your fingers where they are while you are actually playing and navigating the menus is just right. ;)

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#13: :D

by tentus_ on 04/14/2007 00:22

Ok, first off, Eisenstern at gamespeed 20 is the funnest thing I've done this year. It's like living out 300 minus the the other 299.

Quick question: shouldn't the wolfmeat model be the gibc model, rather than my old moneybag? It'd at least look like meat that way.

I too continue to dislike the 3D menu, and would appreciate some kind of compromise, but I'm not going to complain more than that. It's up to the people actually doing the coding how the menus work, not me.

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#14: this release

by baby rabbit on 04/14/2007 01:16

Can we focus on issues/compliments to do with THIS RELEASE PLEASE! The 3d menus are so last year - they were discussed to death in the last release...

Well done everyone things are looking really good!

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#15: ..

by Der/Nalia on 04/14/2007 01:27

I believe, as you back away from the menu, the cursor should shrink with the menu.

also... it would be nice to be able to use the arrow keys with the menu, like with the 2d menu... and while the shadows are nice... they get confused when there are multiple light sources.

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#16: ..

by sinsky on 04/14/2007 01:42

I could graze on that grass for hours :)

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#17: Lookin good

by PunDit@work on 04/14/2007 03:27

Everything looks great. The sound I am getting used to but think its very cool. One quirk and dont know if its intentional is the shadows. Under objects like ammo the shadows look like white noise from a television.

I can provide a screenshot if required.

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#18: ..

by CrazyTB on 04/14/2007 04:56

The grass effect is nice, but it still have non-natural colors (at least in aqueducts map).

Looks like the collision has changed also for player_vs_map. I've played the new version very little (yet), but I managed to get stuck at least twice.

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#19: ..

by w4 on 04/14/2007 06:07

What version of OSX is supported for this. I know the previous release ran on 10.3 at least but does this one only support 10.4. I need to know if i could install it on my old G4. I also have a mac book pro but i cant run any games good since the update for the graphics card has not been released yet because i have a computer that hasent been anounced by apple. Everytime i run it on my G4, i get a message, the aplication sauerbraten has unexpectantly quit. The game will not even start up.

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#20: Re: :D

by Aardappel_ on 04/14/2007 09:01, refers to #13

tentus, the current rpg code is still really basic. Getting a lot of real items in there will be the next step, and your models (new and old) can help there. Work with me & quin on that if you want.

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