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General Thread

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:55, 15496 messages, last message: 08/22/2021 10:19, 8807153 views, last view: 11/30/2021 18:51

for questions, announcements etc.

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#15286: Re: Weapon creation

by suicizer03 on 04/02/2015 01:06, refers to #15285

A lot of information can be found on the next page (but be warned, some things may be out of date!):

Model config-prefabrication:

Creating models with basic geometry within Sauerbraten:

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#15287: Re: compile in 64bit?

by raz on 04/02/2015 02:56, refers to #15282


hook this up to your compiler with:

C compiler: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc.exe
C++ compiler: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc.exe
linker for dynamic libs: x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++.exe
linker for static libs: ar.exe
resource compiler: windres.exe
make program: mingw32-make.exe

You should be set.

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#15288: Re: Weapon creation

by hypernova^ on 04/02/2015 14:59, refers to #15285

Hi Vinny,

In terms of source code, you will need to modify:

fpsgame/fps.cpp (HUD)
fpsgame/server.cpp (if it's a projectile weapon or adding a new pickup)
fpsgame/entities.cpp (if you want a pickup)
fpsgame/render.cpp (for vweps)
shared/ents.h (new playermodel animations)

This should be all, if I didn't forget anything...

Don't forget to add new weapon animations to the playermodels' md5.cfg :)

If you got any questions let me know.


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#15289: Re: Weapon creation

by hypernova^ on 04/02/2015 15:02, refers to #15288

Oops, I probably totally misinterpreted your question. I thought you were asking how to add weapons in the source. sry about that ^_^

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#15290: Re: ..

by Papriko on 04/02/2015 20:24, refers to #15290

Someone be so nice and finally ban those freaking spambots, thanks.

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#15291: Re: ..

by hypernova^ on 04/03/2015 03:50, refers to #15290

I hate it when people use serious topics like these to spam forums >.>

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#15292: RPG Express

by northstar on 04/05/2015 02:48

i have an alpha i'd like to post up, really for a couple of reasons... first i'd like to see if downloaders will have any problems with mediafire, and to see if the downloads work...

rpg express ia a hybrid of platinum arts, sabicube and sauer... as of now it is only a 32bit windows release... but hey... its a release...

download from: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z9r8zud3995nou8/alpha1.zip ... and if anyone would like to maybe re_texture a few maps... :)...

anyways, it's been a few months since i started, and it is an rpg game built in the fps engine, oh...

if you do try it, a map is a map, and a game is a cfg file... so, (i'm working on this still)

launch a map and do some stuff on it

then copy your map from maps to packages/base/empty...

rename your map "empty"

then start a new map and go to editing gui and click on "new game"... you have to click inside the name box for it to save the ogz...

take a look at the notepad on f6 and you will see a config loaded... (you're not done yet)

click load map and pick your map from the list, then look again at notepad and you will see the loaded cfg...

ps... f5 is edittoggle

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#15293: Re: compile in 64bit?

by northstar on 04/05/2015 02:58, refers to #15287

thanks raz, i'll give it a go :)...


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#15294: Re: RPG Express

by northstar on 04/07/2015 21:27, refers to #15292

ok... no need for downloads, my alpha 2 improvements already massively overshadows alpha 1...

the load game auto-writes without the mess, and my mapmodels now show over 100 pic's per page with over 500 mdls 0n 5 pages...

next is the game play section which i haven't started yet... this should be a real poser... i haven't yet installed a save game system... that will probably be beta 1...

i'm really only building this for me so i can seamlessly create games, but i've set up a site anyways in case anyone is interested in rpg, iqm's, or the code and script i have for new monsters and weapons etc...


keep your powder dry...

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#15296: Re: RPG Express

by northstar on 04/17/2015 20:27, refers to #15294

alpha 2 is ready at


i threw some screenshots up in case you care to see some of it first... its only 188mb win32... 64 bitters could just throw in the 64bit bin and compile i suppose, or just run it as a legacy...

(shrug)... it's still cube 2 at heart, just a bit smaller and an rpg in the fps engine...

be nice to one another and don't forget whats important :)


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#15297: Re: RPG Express

by asmanel on 04/20/2015 21:52, refers to #15296

At reading the file monster.cfg, I believed first there was monster definitions.

Actually, it only was functions triggered when a monster die.

In the source code, monsters are, each one, defined by a list of fifteen variables in the C++ source code.

I suggest dehardcode it and make monster the monsters defined with CubeScript functions.

I suggest this :
* newmonster
Add a monster with default values.
* focusmonster X
used by the next fuctions; X is the index number of am already existing monster
* setmonster X Y
Set to Y variable X (X is a keyword, like the entity type of newent) of the current monster (the last monster made by newmonster or designated by focusmonster).
* getmonster X
Return the value of the variable X of the current monster.
* defaultmonster X Y
Set to Y the default value of the variable X for next monsters.
* monsterreset
Reset the monster list.

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#15298: Re: RPG Express

by northstar on 04/20/2015 22:58, refers to #15297

you're absolutely right asmanel, i've thought about that more than once... along with a gazillion others tweaks... but it's another good place to start and it should be looked at before i get too far down the road and have to decode and re-write monsters from scratch when games have already been made...

i'm pretty much just starting with code and such... but i'll get there and thanks for the suggestion... i'll think i'll do that...


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#15299: mdlbb

by northstar on 04/23/2015 00:00

is there a known reason why mdlbb doesn't seem to work... i've tried to no avail to raise the first person camera view through mdlbb, including changing the default in code from .9f to extreme numbers...

i really do feel like a munchkin... is there another way to raise the camera pov so i'm not coming through the door half way up in the default games...

if i recall, i used mdlbb just fine in platinum arts sandbox to raise my pov over the cornfields... but not here

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#15300: Re: mdlbb

by suicizer03 on 04/23/2015 06:35, refers to #15299

Try the command /thirdpersondistance 0...50

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#15301: Re: mdlbb

by northstar on 04/23/2015 18:41

that does help the perspective in 3d person, but the bounding box remains the same in 1st person w/showboundingbox 1...

and i have tried mdlextendbb in the config too... but the box (and eyeheight) just won't budge in first person...

i've reloaded my model scaled up, with and without bounding box (iqm), and its always the same bb and eye...

the default has to be somewhere in the code... i just can't find it

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#15302: Re: mdlbb

by suicizer03 on 04/24/2015 00:49, refers to #15301

The commands "mdlbb" and "mdlextendbb" are meant for the boundingboxes of mapmodels on the original Cube Engine 2 (and so Sauerbraten). Any other model (like monsters or players) have a hardcoded boundingbox.
Why you want to change it in the first place?

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#15303: Re: mdlbb

by northstar on 04/26/2015 19:15, refers to #15302

agreed... thats why i'm trying to find the players bb...

the reason is that in order to make the scale of the map the same as the eyelevel of the player... the bb has to be higher...

my shop desk (for example) is 2 (3x) cubes high to match the scale of everything else... and when my player walks up to it, his/her eyelevel is only at 1 cube...

i've been working on models the last few days, so i haven't tracked down the player settings yet, but it seems i've tried everything but one... the correct one... to raise the eyelevel in code... just thought i would ask here since there really isn't any other place else to ask...

i figured my next try would be where they code "if_thirdperson_ above eyelevel x" "else_" and try to put the 'above eyelevel' in "else"...

like i said, i'm rather new to this stuff... but i don't take defeat gracefully... i'll keep on trying until i stumble across it...

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#15304: Re: mdlbb

by suicizer03 on 04/26/2015 22:33, refers to #15303

The perhaps make the detail smaller instead of the height of the camera.
Cube Engine 2 was never designed with the idea in mind to let details like a desk fit perfectly in dimensions towards the players. There are mapmodels for that which can be scaled to a narrow 1% (and perhaps even 0.1%?).

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#15305: Re: mdlbb

by suicizer03 on 04/26/2015 22:36, refers to #15303

I'm not that familiar with the code, but I think that the boundingbox is something rather about the physics of the engine than the view of the players. So perhaps you're looking at the wrong spot...

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#15306: Re: mdlbb

by northstar on 04/27/2015 00:24, refers to #15305

well i'm re-doing the map 'aribic' right now for an rpg style game, and downsizing would be near impossible... and i have 6 more (i think) existing maps that i will be re-working also, they all seem to be at the same scale... i will do the first map and the last map and something in between maybe, and the rest will be sauer maps... might as well use them, they are excellent work... it will be one hellofa long game, which is why i have to figure out save game too (sigh)... its on the short list as well...

physics hmm, you may be right... seems when i went looking for bb there was a whole string of finds in the search in physics... i'll give it a shot... just as soon as i can get my char to walk a little more normal :-)... thx

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