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Cube & Cube 2 FORUM

General Thread

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:55, 15500 messages, last message: 01/19/2022 17:29, 8935293 views, last view: 01/29/2022 01:55

for questions, announcements etc.

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#1: weee

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:57

first post!

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#2: aard, you suck!

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 02:03

so there

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#3: Alright

by SleepwalkR on 01/05/2002 02:26

Wahey! Can't think of much to say, but this is cool.
right on

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#4: moo

by Tarin on 01/05/2002 03:21

m00! :D

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#5: Cube

by kurt on 01/05/2002 03:25

I'm just waiting patiently for single player features. Aside from that, Cube is awesome.

OH...yes I know SP is in the works :)

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#6: SP

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 03:31

yup, it is highest on my todo list, now the new netcode is done.

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#7: Site woes

by SleepwalkR on 01/05/2002 03:38

Sorry if you get error messages from the forum from time to time - I'm just updating it on the fly with some features - so don't worry, if you get an error, then it prolly means that I'm working on it already =).

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#8: Forum looks good

by rickclark on 01/05/2002 03:39

The forum looks good. I'll switch over the other one when Beseen comes back on line.

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#9: Cube distribution corrupted...

by eihrul on 01/05/2002 05:03

Anyone having trouble unpacking or
executing the current Cube distribution
stuff, the files got corrupted in
transit and web cache is holding onto
them even after attempts to reupload them (both the main release and updated
executables). Should be fixed soon,

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#10: Corrupted files

by SleepwalkR on 01/05/2002 09:22

The main release file is fixed now, but the update is still corrupted. If someone could send me that zip file, I could try and get it up again.

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#11: ooooOOOoo

by Goetzenzar on 01/05/2002 09:46

i just woke up,
but i like the grey and yellow

Ghostriders in the Sky


Ghostriders in the Sky

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#12: Whooo

by Ebola on 01/05/2002 17:00

Spanking new phorum. cool.. mmm neat sw33t and so on. I have nothing to say btw.

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#13: Maps

by rickclark on 01/05/2002 17:38

Does anyone else have a Cube maps page up yet? I'd like to see what others are doing and try out a few new maps besides my own. :)

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#14: Corrupted files 2

by SleepwalkR on 01/05/2002 19:10

The issue with the corrupted files is now fixed.

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#15: rick

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 19:28

if you can get on irc, the main #cube channel on irc.gamesnet.net, you'll meet most mappers there (read: goetz)

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#16: Cube on FreeBSD/Linux

by eihrul on 01/06/2002 00:45

I've made an unofficial FreeBSD/Linux
distribution for Cube including all
the game media, the FreeBSD server
binary, Linux server and client
binaries, and most importantly, the
game media that is needed to play
(so you don't have to run the installer
under wine). The Linux client binary
is slightly updated to include even
fewer library dependencies.
I've also included the fmod library
for Linux for those (who like me) were too damned lazy to install it as well
as some extra notes on getting the
Linux client to run.
Get it at:

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#17: 'Cube'

by Haioken on 01/06/2002 02:52

That's a very impressive engine, simple yet effective. With a little bit more work, it would be quite a fun deathmatch game, with realtime world editing.
Just small little things, like showing the player weapon, showing the ammunition (For rockets, etc) more weaponry and a little more ease of use of the editor.
Maybe group all the commonly used keys into one area of the keyboard. (Raise floor, lower floor, raise roof, lower roof...)
I could imaging trapping a friend into a small little room to frag him :)

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#18: haioken

by Aardappel on 01/06/2002 23:10

thanks :)
work is ongoing to improve it. Stuff like weapon models depend on people making them, I personally don't find em essential.

If you dislike the keybindings, you can change them yourself already.

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#19: Some info

by Jaj on 01/07/2002 04:27

Well, i've proved this engine on a P200 with 32mb and a Riva TNT (16Mb) graphic card, and it works perfectly, i say this to give you some information that your engine works... well on this....machine ;p.

And of course, i like this engine, is great =).........

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#20: Test

by SleepwalkR on 01/07/2002 17:46

<a href="">wurstblitzen</a>

sorry =)

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