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Unfortunately, for too long everyone has been going around and doing their own thing their own way on this wiki, which has resulted in an unprofessional finish to the documentation and guides within. I am currently in the progress of moving pages around and cleaning up their content, and everyone's help would be greatly appreciated here.

What you can do

There are many things you can do to help in this goal, most of which is keeping a watchful eye. Be on the lookout for broken links which appear red like this one.


If you see broken links, please correct them. While I can clean up this wiki, I can only do so much. Your help is required to help make this wiki prosper, for without you, there is no wiki. Also take a look at the guidelines which will help us maintain some continuity.


If you notice any broken links as mentioned, please leave a note in the page's discussion.

Working Together

If we all work together we can make this wiki a great alternative to the static documentation already included with the game, I look forward to seeing some great content.