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The first thing you need to do is download the game and any patches provided in the current edition (available from the same Sourceforge Project. The packages are usually labeled in the format "sauerbraten_YYYY_MM_DD_CODENAME_PLATFORM" and patches "patch_YYYY-MM-DD_PLATFORM", where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the date, CODENAME is the edition name, and PLATFORM is the system the release is made for. Should you run into any problems after following these instructions, try consulting the Beginners Guide, the Frequently Asked Questions, and the Performance Guide.


  • Run the provided installation executable.
  • Follow the instructions in the installer, take note of the installation directory as you do (usually "C:\Program Files\Sauerbraten\").
  • If there is a patch for this release, download it and follow the same method above to install it, making sure you use the same installation directory.
  • Go to your Desktop/Start Menu and run the "Sauerbraten" link.
  • Advanced Note: If you want to play Eisenstern (the WiP RPG), copy this link to another location, naming it "Eisenstern", right click on it and select "Properties". In the "Target" box on the "Shortcut" tab, add "-grpg" to the end. It should look something like: "C:\Program Files\Sauerbraten\sauerbraten.bat" -grpg


Getting the game running on a Linux or BSD based system requires a little knowledge of the command line. Please note these instructions are for a single user install, in most cases you may want to use the packaging system provided by your distribution (which is beyond the scope of this document).

  • Move the installation files to your home directory, if they aren't already.
  • Open up a console/terminal, you should be at a prompt that looks something like, [username@hostname:~]$ or hostname:~$ (in most cases, "~" is interchangable with "/home/username").
  • Type these commands (remembering to adjust for the release and platform):
tar -jxvf sauerbraten_YYYY_MM_DD_CODENAME_PLATFORM.tar.bz2
cd sauerbraten

  • To run the game, type: ./sauerbraten_unix

If the previous step(s) fail, take note of the error:

  • "Cannot find shared object XXXXX": You don't have the necessary libraries installed, refer to your distribution's help/support for further information on how to install these.
  • "Segmentation fault": This could happen for a few reasons, one might be your platform doesn't support the precompiled binaries, try making some yourself (you will need the development libraries provided by your distribution).
cd src
make clean all install
cd ..

Mac OS X

Running the game on a Mac OS X based system requires little user input. The user downloads a DMG file, drags the Sauerbraten game to /Applications/ or another location, and they double-click the icon to open it. The game creates the necessary preference files and creates autoexec.cfg in ~/Library/Application Support/sauerbraten/. Note that while it is technically possible to run the Cube 2: Sauerbraten: Trooper Edition or earlier applications unmodified on Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther, this can cause unusual bugs that should not be reported. In future releases Panther support will be dropped.