Aardappel's tiny game engine
Cube is a tiny game engine hosting a singleplayer/multiplayer fps game (see features below). You will want to read (roughly this order):
  • config: on running the game, the FAQ, and configuring it for your machine
  • game: information on gameplay
  • editing: map making tutorial
  • reference: map making reference
  • history: for seeing latest changes
note well: the engine is VERY different from any engine you have seen before. Failure to read the documentation in its entirety may cause you to:
  • miss out on the cool features.
  • run it in an unoptimal way for your system.
  • conclude it "sucks" prematurely.
thanks :)

Wouter van Oortmerssen aka Aardappel

http://www.cubeengine.com/ (<- cube message board etc). 
a a r d a p p e l A T g m a i l D O T c o m

Current features
  • automatic LOD on the whole map allowing for configurable fps / visual quality tradeoff on any hardware.
  • very high precision _dynamic_ occlusion culling.
  • simplistic but effective lighting, that can do _dynamic_ soft shadows & lights.
  • in-engine editing of the world geometry in full 3D, even networked with multiple people (coop editing, a first!).
  • no map precompilation of any kind needed, everything is dynamic & instant.
  • simplistic quad-tree world structure, with slopes (heightfields with caps), slants, water, and mapmodels.
  • robust collision detection & physics
  • client/server networking, demo recording, master server / server browser
  • singleplayer & multiplayer FPS game (weapons, items, many game modes, monsters, triggers) with savegames.
  • mini scripting language
  • comes with full source code under the ZLIB license!
Thanks go to all contributors:
  • eihrul (Lee Salzman) for his great network library, *nix ports, and extensive testing.
  • goetz (Johannes Hupp) for his endless map collection.
  • metlslime (John Fitzgibbons) for the metl1/2/3 maps, models, textures, and lots of feedback
  • sleepwalker (Kristian Duske) for his cube messageboard, hosting, master server, testing and feedback.
  • Lukas Zapletal & Ludek Horacek (pingpong) for their cube soundtrack
  • Fanatic (Marc A. Pullen) for his soundtrack and maps
  • dcp (Dietmar Pier) for his extensive set of mapmodels
  • Brendan Burns for his MacOSX port
  • Gomjabbar, RPG, pushplay, SirLiveAlot, kdoom (Kurt Kesler), KREiM, JCDPC, mitaman, nieb, fanatic, dcp, spentron, jf, Makke, driAn, Piglet, Rick Clark, zippie, gibbie, Tarin, Lu-Wang, Bal, Grindspire, Gleeb and Dave Bulow for their maps and feedback.
  • maj, cybear, paul, and all the other #terrafusion people for their testing & feedback.
  • DarthVim for his hudguns.
  • DaMaul & Lu-Wang for their game music.
  • Sock (http://www.planetquake.com/simland) for his brilliant egyptian & tech textures
  • Iikka "Fingers" Keranen (www.digital-eel.com/surface) for his ikbase & ik2k textures
  • Than (www.planetquake.com/cesspit) for his textures and feedback
  • Remedy Entertainment Ltd, for being so generous to make their Max Payne textures freely available.
  • Seth & Ulrich Galbraith (http://www.planetquake.com/simitar) for their GPL models
  • Brian "EvilBastard" Collins, Conrad, Magarnigal, Psionic, James Green, Andreas Möller, Ryan Butts & Jeramy Cooke for their q2 player models
  • the SDL team (www.libsdl.org), and the FMOD people (www.fmod.org) for their indispensable libraries


Cube is freeware, you may use Cube for any purpose as long as you don't blame me for any damages incurred, and you may freely distribute the cube archive unmodified on any media. If you wish to use the cube source code in any way (available from where you got this), even just a mere build, read the readme.txt file carefully (ZLIB license).