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Sauerbraten release 2006-06-11 out!

by Aardappel_ on 06/12/2006 07:21, 322 messages, last message: 07/31/2007 16:33, 366449 views, last view: 06/23/2024 05:13


As usual, feedback SPECIFIC TO THIS RELEASE in this thread! thanks!

* scripting language: every command/block/exp can now return string values (no more use of variable "s", much cleaner code)
* scripting language: reduced allocations a great deal, should execute faster now
* scripting language: can now write X = Y instead of alias X Y for more readable code
* If sauer crashes on a non-programmer machine on Windows, it will now output a stacktrace (both in a popup and the console window) which can be copy-pasted and sent to the developers (do this before you press "OK" to close the program, from the console windows menu).
* added provisional "sendmap"/"getmap" commands for coopedit mode
* explicit sky polies are now outlined in editmode (toggled by "showsky" var)
* now shows names of entities floating in edit mode (in green, closest = red)
* any non-multiplayer games can now be paused (variable "paused", default key F1)
* fixed rockets exploding mid-air if they were aimed at a moving target
* copy/paste now work in coop-edit
* moved all mapmodels into the menus
* new SP respawning system! read "SP Respawning" in game.html
* console language macros now allow code generation (see config.html)
* added customizable file completion (via "complete" command)
* aliases and vars set in map cfgs are now sandboxed (don't persist)
* world shaders can now work with any number of textures (see "texture" command).
* support for specularity maps and glow maps on md2/md3 models (see md2.txt/md3_sauer_howto.txt)
* new "editbind" works like "bind", only the key is only available in edit mode. cleaned up keymap/default cfg files (no more bindings in keymap)
* added triggerable mapmodels (see editref.html for more info)
* removed the z-offset attribute from mapmodel info and ents and moved mapmodel ent skin attribute to mapmodel info (see editref.html)
* added support for full screen pixel shader effects (see setfullscreenshader, and the "option" menu)
* removed obsolete editheight command
* added powerful new heightmap mode! use getheightmap command [default H key] when there is a selection box to activate (see editref.html for more info)
* added selectbrush modifier [default J key] that switches between brushes defined in data/brush.cfg
* added copybrush [default K key] to use current heightmap as brush. see data/brush.cfg for more info.
* editable brushes for heightmap mode. see data/brush.cfg for more info.
* capture gameplay mode fixes
* ip address lookups now use the concurrent resolver
* added redo command [default I key]
* made importcube remip while importing to save memory
* removed some lighting/physics bottlenecks in SP mode
* removed 256 textures per map limit (is now 64k)
* fixed incorrect mapmodel shadows on Windows
* fixed invincibility bug

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#302: Message censored by administrator

by Rupert on 01/21/2007 11:09

#303: Re: cartoonnetwork teen models topless

by Passa on 01/21/2007 11:42, refers to #302

Considering that there aren't any bots that can get through the anti-bot maths question yet, I'm going to assume some poor sad soul manually posted that here.

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#304: Message censored by administrator

by Jack on 01/26/2007 18:02

#305: Message censored by administrator

by Jamie on 01/27/2007 07:17

#306: Message censored by administrator

by Stefany on 02/04/2007 08:10

#307: Console

by Purianite on 04/03/2007 23:41

Geez, I can't figure out the console. <_<

I want to run it in windowed mode, and there's no autoexec.cfg. I'm running Windows XP, does that have something to do with it?

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#308: Re: Console

by Passa on 04/04/2007 00:56, refers to #307

Edit your .bat launcher and add the startup launch argument -t (did I understand your question correctly?)

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#309: easy

by Enys on 04/07/2007 02:48, refers to #303

You think so, its not that hard to macro really...

1. Hit \"End\"

2. Triple click the \"math text\"

3. Hit Ctrl+C

4. Hit Ctrl+T Ctrl+V Enter

5. Double click the result*

6. Tab back, Tab, Ctrl+V, Tab, space

Now put that on repeat and you got yourself a spambot

*Im using firefox - try it!

Well thats the rough picture of how I would start making my macro if I was some lamer spammer, so yes this validation isnt very effective IMO

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#310: ..

by Enys on 04/07/2007 03:15

hehe I forgot a bit... but thats allright =)

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#311: huh?

by Absinthe on 04/07/2007 05:07

whel i click on the link i get the link to the gui edition. THis is not a cvs release, right?

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#312: Re: huh?

by kurtis84 on 04/07/2007 14:59, refers to #311

It is a cvs release from a few months back. The cvs version is constantly changing. If you want to play online with others, do not download from the cvs repository, but download the GUI package, as it's the most recent "release" from cvs at this time.

Keep in mind the cvs repository is mainly for the people working on sauerbraten, and it is NOT compatable with the gui-edition release package.

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#313: compatible

by conorkirkistehownage on 04/09/2007 01:55

The current CVS clients are compatible with GUI servers...

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#314: Re: compatible

by Passa on 04/09/2007 02:14, refers to #313

To an extent, although you should NOT under ANY circumstances use a CVS client on a GUI server. Due to code changes and the possibility of gameplay tweaks, you might have an unfair advantage or trigger server crashes.

CVS servers are fine, CVS clients are not.

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#315: ..

by Eris on 04/12/2007 14:14

Well ill try it on LAN

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#316: Re: compatible

by rpointon on 04/12/2007 14:20, refers to #314

CVS dev versions are no longer compatible with the GUI release - so that removes risks of confusion/cheating...

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#317: Re: win32 exceptions

by er!c on 06/26/2007 04:51, refers to #237

did you ever find a solution to your win exceptions? im experiencing the same thing now, i figured it was vista specific, who knew.

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#318: Message censored by administrator

by theW4, finally can post again on 06/26/2007 05:08

#319: sauerbraten win32 exception

by {senor}egg on 07/06/2007 06:11

how do i prevent a sauerbraten win32 exception. what is it anyways. please help me

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#320: Re: sauerbraten win32 exception

by SanHolo on 07/06/2007 20:15, refers to #319

Installing Linux is will solve this problem permanently.

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#321: Re: sauerbraten win32 exception

by windows_sux|mac_sux|linux_sux|bsd_sux on 07/07/2007 23:35, refers to #320

Don't get Passa started, please...

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