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Sauerbraten release 2006-06-11 out!

by Aardappel_ on 06/12/2006 07:21, 322 messages, last message: 07/31/2007 16:33, 316942 views, last view: 11/28/2023 23:20


As usual, feedback SPECIFIC TO THIS RELEASE in this thread! thanks!

* scripting language: every command/block/exp can now return string values (no more use of variable "s", much cleaner code)
* scripting language: reduced allocations a great deal, should execute faster now
* scripting language: can now write X = Y instead of alias X Y for more readable code
* If sauer crashes on a non-programmer machine on Windows, it will now output a stacktrace (both in a popup and the console window) which can be copy-pasted and sent to the developers (do this before you press "OK" to close the program, from the console windows menu).
* added provisional "sendmap"/"getmap" commands for coopedit mode
* explicit sky polies are now outlined in editmode (toggled by "showsky" var)
* now shows names of entities floating in edit mode (in green, closest = red)
* any non-multiplayer games can now be paused (variable "paused", default key F1)
* fixed rockets exploding mid-air if they were aimed at a moving target
* copy/paste now work in coop-edit
* moved all mapmodels into the menus
* new SP respawning system! read "SP Respawning" in game.html
* console language macros now allow code generation (see config.html)
* added customizable file completion (via "complete" command)
* aliases and vars set in map cfgs are now sandboxed (don't persist)
* world shaders can now work with any number of textures (see "texture" command).
* support for specularity maps and glow maps on md2/md3 models (see md2.txt/md3_sauer_howto.txt)
* new "editbind" works like "bind", only the key is only available in edit mode. cleaned up keymap/default cfg files (no more bindings in keymap)
* added triggerable mapmodels (see editref.html for more info)
* removed the z-offset attribute from mapmodel info and ents and moved mapmodel ent skin attribute to mapmodel info (see editref.html)
* added support for full screen pixel shader effects (see setfullscreenshader, and the "option" menu)
* removed obsolete editheight command
* added powerful new heightmap mode! use getheightmap command [default H key] when there is a selection box to activate (see editref.html for more info)
* added selectbrush modifier [default J key] that switches between brushes defined in data/brush.cfg
* added copybrush [default K key] to use current heightmap as brush. see data/brush.cfg for more info.
* editable brushes for heightmap mode. see data/brush.cfg for more info.
* capture gameplay mode fixes
* ip address lookups now use the concurrent resolver
* added redo command [default I key]
* made importcube remip while importing to save memory
* removed some lighting/physics bottlenecks in SP mode
* removed 256 textures per map limit (is now 64k)
* fixed incorrect mapmodel shadows on Windows
* fixed invincibility bug

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#1: w00t!

by Koi Kitsune2006 on 06/12/2006 08:12


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#2: new release comments

by Passa on 06/12/2006 08:24

Nice, the full screen shaders look nice, the new font is neat and the new stats are nice as well. I like the newer selection of maps, especially the urban capture map, good work kurtis.

I will add some more comments as I test new features.

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#3: Re: w00t!

by Aardappel_ on 06/12/2006 08:45, refers to #1

wait with downloading... there's one small annoying bug we're fixing.

If you have already downloaded and don't want to redownload, remove the binding for key "R" from your config.cfg and defaults.cfg, as pressing it will crash sauer.

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#4: ..

by makkE on 06/12/2006 08:47

Wow awesome list :D

Sf is down atm anyways, gonna download later.

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#5: Re: w00t!

by Koi Kitsune2006 on 06/12/2006 09:09, refers to #3

Done. Great update! ;)

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#6: Re: w00t!

by Aardappel_ on 06/12/2006 09:36, refers to #3

ok, fixed. download :)

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#7: ..

by makkE on 06/12/2006 12:40

Hmm of course the glow map wonīt work as intended, since I donīt have the green colour on the diffuse map.(for the reflections)
About the specmaps, it indeed looks weird, maybe I have to smooth it diffrently to get a better effect.

errr, tested around a little Iīm confused- the glow map does only work if the glow is full oppaque. and even then it changes intensity.
The reflected light on the gl can only be seen if itīs on the diffuse as well, BUT that makes it change intensity wich it shouldnīt. It should just be fully illuminated at all times..


I will have do do a lot on the spec map as well.. this way it doesnīt seem to work out.

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#8: ..

by 12345 on 06/12/2006 15:53

Full screen shaders aren't working on my ATI x1600pro card (latest drivers).

SP is cool.

A link to the help file should be in the start menu btw.

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#9: ..

by makkE on 06/12/2006 16:29

Who messed with my door skin?

If thereīs a problem with it, please tell me next time so I can fix it.
I hadnīt tested it in game. But I check my email every day.

Itīs way too bright and way too saturated now.



I tweaked my original skin, added some contrast and made it fit in nicely into the maps. Furthermore I donīt think doors should have spec at all. They are supposed to be part of the level imho.

mdlspec 1 because -1 made it overbright, even at ambient 10..


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#10: problems

by absinth on 06/12/2006 16:36

sorry but i'm having problems building the mac release:
while play-testing the new mac-binary only the default gun shows and i get tons of this messages:

"md3: corrupted header
could not load packages/models/hudguns/gl/tris.md3"

and some of these:
"failed to load sample: packages/sounds/aard/itempick.wav
failed to load sample: packages/sounds/aard/jump.wav
failed to load sample: packages/sounds/aard/land.wav
failed to load sample: packages/sounds/free/itempick.wav"

i've been having these errors with recent CVS for a while now and always assumed that would be fixed for release (but it seems it's only me)....i did a completely new CVS checkout right now, but the error remains...any ideas?

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#11: Re: ..

by eihrul on 06/12/2006 16:37, refers to #9

No one messed with it that I know of. That's what it looked like when we got it.

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#12: Re: problems

by eihrul on 06/12/2006 16:42, refers to #10

I made sure the files you listed were flagged as binary in CVS. Just update those files from CVS now, but do not update the source code to the latest from CVS. We made a lot of changes last night that we don't want in this release. Stick to the source code that's in the unix tarball.

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#13: Bug in singleplayer

by Pxtl on 06/12/2006 18:04

The "try to beat your best score so far" always says 0. Obviously, a score of zero is impossible and unbeatable.

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#14: ..

by ticko88 on 06/12/2006 18:18

it still has that bug when u try to play its extremely slow with ati graphic cards, how do you fix it?

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#15: Re: problems

by absinth on 06/12/2006 18:23, refers to #12

>Stick to the source code that's in the unix tarball.
thx, but unfortunately the very same problems also appear with the files from the tarball. cvs updating also didn't help. i can also confirm that the data files work just fine with the linux binary. could it be that an endian-bug crept in about 1-2 weeks ago?

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#16: Re: problems

by absinth on 06/12/2006 18:31, refers to #16

i'll try

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#17: ..

by ticko88 on 06/12/2006 18:39

i tried
/ati_texgen_bug 0
it doesn't work, is therre a specific place where i type it?

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#18: Re: problems

by rpointon on 06/12/2006 19:09, refers to #16

Endian bugs:

I'm getting a "md3: corrupted header"
fread(&header, sizeof(md3header), 1, f);
if(strncmp(header.id, "IDP3", 4) != 0 || header.version != 15) // header check
{ conoutf("md3: corrupted header"); return false; };

Your're missing some endian swap lines in there!!

OSX 2x2Ghz PPC

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#19: door_demo

by Sparr on 06/12/2006 20:01

i am told that the door_demo map is cool... i cant tell, because it doesnt work for me. i see no triggers in edit mode, but other people who also see no triggers say it works for them. what gives?

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#20: Re: problems

by >driAn<. on 06/12/2006 20:34, refers to #18

> Your're missing some endian swap lines in there

True. Sorry for being inactive lately, im very busy with school atm :/

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