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NEW RELEASE!!!!1!!1111oneone

by eihrul on 05/04/2009 11:59, 102 messages, last message: 08/20/2009 20:33, 112898 views, last view: 11/28/2023 23:47

It's been almost a year and there have been a ton of changed, of which I offer you a slightly condensed version:

* new playermodel, IronSnout X10K
* new weapon models
* new sound track
* new splash screen and logo
* 28 new multiplayer maps!
* 1 new singleplayer map
* new "protect" and "insta protect" game modes
* bots that work for both MP and offline play
* ragdoll physics
* texture blending and new flame/smoke particles for map editing
* in-game movie recording and also PNG screenshots
* new engines features like ZIP archive support, better grass, pre-compressed DXT1/3/5 textures for faster loading, fixed-function shadowmaps & dynamic lights, low cost blob shadows, particle culling, faster shader loading, revised post-process effect system, and more
* support for custom server ports, server passwords, public key crypto, and server-init.cfg for easier server configs

The full changelog is here: http://sauerbraten.org/docs/history.html

Downloads here:

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#63: Re: Problem

by Megagun_ on 05/10/2009 18:27, refers to #62

Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!

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#64: Re: Problem

by abs1nth on 05/10/2009 19:04, refers to #62

since problems with the windows installer and existing versions come up a few dozen times after every release i really wonder if the installer couldn't be configured to prevent this...?

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#65: Re: Problem

by tentus_ on 05/10/2009 20:46, refers to #64

I dunno, there's not much you can do to circumvent human error. You would think people in this day and age would know not to install a program IN THE SAME PLACE as an old version of the program... but I guess that's asking too much.

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#66: Re: bug

by )FC($k!llz_ on 05/10/2009 21:16, refers to #60

lol stole that from me.

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#67: ..

by Kenny mckormick on 05/10/2009 21:35

new weapons models are ugly :( the older cannot get back?

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#68: slow

by goldgodthor on 05/10/2009 23:47

this version is soooo laggy

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#69: Re: ..

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 05/12/2009 00:09, refers to #67

download the old verson if you don't have it and transfer old playermodels

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#70: Re: slow

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 05/12/2009 00:10, refers to #68

have you turned of shaders and messed with the water and glass stuff?

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#71: Re: slow

by )FC($k!llz_ on 05/13/2009 01:55, refers to #68

um i recently un, and reinstalled my graphics card, because directX wasnt working, and now everythings great.

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#72: water.

by )FC($k!llz_ on 05/13/2009 01:59

just wondering, besides water fading, is there any other things changed with the water since spring edition. i liked the water in that one. sooo shiny.

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#73: Re: ..

by tsar->unix on 05/13/2009 02:42, refers to #53

ceyt correct, isn\'t in http anymore.

there is a tool more simple,but compatible, it\'s alpha, but isn\'t public yet i think


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#74: modes

by JoR on 05/16/2009 19:55

Hi, I'm new here but some of you might have already seen me ingame ;)

I'm missing the arena modes in the new Version... Can you tell me where they have gone and why?

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#75: Re: modes

by )FC($k!llz_ on 05/16/2009 21:29, refers to #74

they were removed because they caused ppl to leave servers, and they werent used.

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#76: Re: bug

by N1NJ4 on 05/18/2009 10:54, refers to #60

Thanks eihrul, that worked.

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#77: Re: modes

by JoR on 05/21/2009 13:03, refers to #75

I used them! In the week the new Version was released, we played LAN and had a lot of fun especially with the tactics arena mode. I think the Problem that causes Servers to load maps and modes, the players don't like is the bad voting System.

I'd like to see the arena modes in the next viersion again.

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#78: ..

by Hooded_Sniper on 05/21/2009 23:06

Tactics and Assassin were alright modes, they were never popular for online, but they were great in LAN as JoR said.

Replacing the voting system with something similar to Blood Frontier's could also work.

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#79: Command and variable differences

by Gambit on 05/26/2009 19:17

Hi all,

I wrote a script to diff changes between versions because there were a lot of undocumented vars and commands going unnoticed, but potentially useful nevertheless. Here are the changes between ctf and trooper (for those not familiar with diff, on the left is removed, and on the right is added):


Obviously, many of these are undocumented for a reason, so you should exercise caution should you try to test these out. Enjoy :)

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#80: Re: Command and variable differences

by MeatROme on 05/26/2009 21:59, refers to #79

The output could maybe be enhanced a bit ;-)
As a matter of fact : I've been working on and off (more off (sadly)) on a script to help keep documentation of cube-engines up2date .. maybe you'd like to share your script too .. maybe I could glean something from it .. of course, giving you appropriate credit!


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#81: Re: Command and variable differences

by Gambit on 05/27/2009 17:26, refers to #80

Sure; it's pretty short actually. I've included all the lists and diffs starting from water edition onwards ("so you don't have to!"):


I was actually thinking of how to format this stuff and put it on the wiki - I think it's kind of unwieldy to put all of these changes on there as is though - maybe just the ctf to trooper changes? Another interesting list is to get only the undocumented commands/vars by diffing it against a list compiled from the html docs.

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#82: soundtrack

by BAZOOKA on 05/28/2009 16:46

What happened to the rest of the sauuerbraten soundtrack with this release? There are only the new tracks.

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