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CTF edition released!

by eihrul@work on 06/18/2008 03:22, 92 messages, last message: 06/28/2008 17:47, 91781 views, last view: 06/05/2023 16:29

Go forth and download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=102911

Quoth the history.html:
* added new MP maps by Nieb (hallo, shipwreck), schmutzwurst (akroseum, berlin_wall), KillHour (hog2), KaiserTodretter (paradiselost), Mayhem & mIscreant (duomo), Mayhem (tejen), Hero & WahnFred (mach2), TUX (capture_night), SATAN!!! (reissen), Redon (c_egypt), and Kal & DairyKing (kalking1)
* added MitaMAN's new SP campaign: "Private Stan Sauer"
* added Fanatic's new 10 song soundtrack "Spontaneous Failure"
* added geartrooper's new MD5 character model: Mr. Fixit
* added ctf and insta ctf game modes
* added support for cloud boxes and cloud layers over sky box
* added in-game text editor for editing cfg files
* texture browser now displays glow, rotation, and offsets
* added console message filter (controlled via "confilter" and "fullconfilter" vars)
* "follow" command now works in first-person (can spectate in third-person via "thirdperson" var or 9 key)
* added support for Cube Server Lister extended information
* added support for Mumble positional audio (contributed by The Conquerors clan)
* added "apply changes now?" dialog using "resetgl" command (toggled via "applydialog" var)
* made clip material coexist with other materials (so water/lava can clip)
* added "death" material for forcing player suicide
* added "fullconsize" var for controlling the percent of the screen the full console occupies
* undo now works with heightmap editing mode
* now automatically pick up ammo boxes when touching a base in normal capture mode (toggled via "autorepammo" var)
* lowered the minimum gridpower to 0
* added "texoffset", "texrotate", and "texscale" commands for more easily specifying texture slot parameters
* texture rotation is now done via texture coordinate generation (instead of making copies/wasting memory)
* added "sayteam" command for chatting to teammates (bound to Y key by default)
* added optional t-joint removal to fix world sparklies (toggled via "filltjoints" var)
* made hit crosshair show when successfully hit enemy (duration set via "hitcrosshair" var)
* made teammate crosshair show when aiming at a teammate (toggled via "teamcrosshair" var)
* player is now dumped to an empty map if he does not have the particular map in multiplayer
* added support for soft particles/explosions (toggled via "depthfx" var)
* added support for "pulseglow" shaders in fixed-function mode
* added "texscroll" command for scrolling texture slots
* added cheaper/more-controlled glow/specular bloom (controlled via "glare" var)
* added "texgui2d" var for toggling whether the texture palette uses a 2D or 3D gui
* scoreboard now always defaults to 2D, regardless of GUI settings (controlled via "scoreboard2d" var)
* added "waterfallcolour" command to control coloring of waterfalls separately from water
* optimized water reflection/refraction with scissoring and tighter frustum culling
* added refractive waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallrefract" var, disabled by default due to cost)
* added environment-mapped waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallenv" var)
* added tethers that show who is capturing a base (controlled via "capturetether" var)
* rewrote particle renderer to make it more extensible
* rewrote world renderer to more efficiently batch draw calls
* made lightmaps use a texture atlas to enable better batching of draw calls
* locked physics at fixed rate of 200 Hz (no more variable rate)
* revised handling of slopes in physics to reduce sticking problems
* made underwater fog/caustics fade in instead of turn on immediately at the surface
* added "resetgl" command to restart the renderer while running
* added builtin zoom (toggled via G key or "zoom" var)
* added directional damage indicator to the HUD (toggled via "damagecompass" var)
* smoothed out the shadow boundary caused by the shadowmap depth peeling
* softened water edges now work when under water
* players can now reconnect to private games when disconnected, so long as their IP matches
* added precomputed visibility/PVS system for occlusion culling on 3D cards that don't support OQ (see editref.html)
* added support for environment-mapped water reflections as a cheap fallback (used if "waterreflect" is off)
* added movement smoothing for other players in multiplayer (reduces jumpiness from packet loss)
* added "fullbrightmodels" var for controlling fullbright-ness of player models
* added MD5 model support with new skeletal animation system (see models.html)
* added OBJ model support (see models.html)
* added new decal system for bullet holes, scorch marks, etc.

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#53: Re: Little question

by JadeMatrix on 06/20/2008 13:59, refers to #51

I had the same thing happen to me, too. All of a sudden my framerate dropped to 6 and below, and didn't go back up until I killed the dozen or so monsters that were currently active. After that it was fine, even in similar situations.

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#54: Re: Little question

by Marwo on 06/20/2008 18:02, refers to #53

Hmm, gonna try lowering the animation quality and se what happens!

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#55: ..

by Smiff on 06/20/2008 18:54

ok yes i think i was mistaken about the speed difference.
the new version, taking more care to match the same settings, e.g. same FSAA (none), does indeed seem to be a bit faster on the 6600LE/6200 than the assassin edition (about 70fps vs 60fps on the start place @ 1440x900). sorry for any confusion before! great release on all my systems, i just need a better video card for the fancier effects, which is reasonable of course.

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#56: ..

by Redon@alternativeAccount... on 06/20/2008 19:07

its an awesome release, but what i dont like is how you changed the physics on 45 surface, you can walk up now and all slide maps i know wont be so funny anymore, because you slide very slow...

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#57: Cheers!

by Radial_2 on 06/20/2008 22:15

Cheers to the devs!
thank you so much for taking the time to code all these changes for Sauer.

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#58: Good job!

by Cunin on 06/21/2008 04:12

Thanks for this release, this is one of the best online game imo ;)

I only have 2 things to ask:

1) I noticed that the \"lagkills\" in instagib mode (the only mode I play, but now I like the new insta CTF too) happens more often than before. The majority of times I get killed while the shot is only close to me but shouldn\'t have got my body. Is it only me or someone else noticed this?

2) I tried playing the new SP campaign, but the game crashed (first time I see sauerbraten crashing :/) almost at the start of the game, after shooting the barrels in the lower level of the first bigger room you find on your way. I\'ll try to replicate it, just asking if anyone is having the same problem.

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#59: Phoronix

by rancor on 06/23/2008 02:18

Phoronix(a GNU/Linux gaming site) posted a brief review of CTF Edition: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=sauerbraten_ctf&num=1

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#60: Re: Phoronix

by noerrorsfound(deletescookies) on 06/23/2008 04:29, refers to #59

Thanks for that. I added it to Sauerbraten's article on Wikipedia.

I've been thinking about how frequently commercial game developers claim their game is innovative or will "redefine the first-person shooter." They get a huge amount of publicity, the hype builds up, and then when the game is finally released, it ends up being a huge letdown.

Meanwhile, Sauerbraten gets hardly any attention despite its unique edit mode never done before by any game other than its predecessor, Cube. GtkRadiant can't even compare with an editor that allows you to switch between editing and playing on the fly with absolutely no compile time.

Other games may be full of empty promises, but Sauerbraten delivers.

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#61: I do not like, I love this game...

by perkele on 06/23/2008 11:24

1. the maps are very nice and with lot of details, never seen before any other game with so beautiful maps.
2. the speed - great speed, exactly my taste ... all other FPS games are silly, it looks everything like slowmotion movie for retarded people with no reflexes at all....
3. the most important of all, it is free and works fine on any OS and that is great.
4. It so funny to play Sauerbraten, I laugh all the time I PLAY THE GAME....

thanks to all, who created the Sauerbraten

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#62: ..

by absinth_grrr on 06/23/2008 12:30

>3) they hate ammo pickups even more than fast movement speed
>and just want character classes and advancement instead

you may be right but i really can't imagine anyone actually liking that ;->

also don't forget that many people do not like playing online and thus judge sauerbraten on its SP side, which still is comparatively weak.

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#63: ..

by Smiff on 06/23/2008 18:10

harsh, but that reminds me of one thing:

this game imho badly needs a "slow the **** down" option, something like half the current speed, so 'normal' people can get into it without getting a massive headache! this game really has very fast movement for normal people! i've played FPS for years and I even find it confusingly fast, especially when you add network lag to the mix.

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#64: Re: ..

by absinth_grrr on 06/23/2008 18:46, refers to #63

sauerbraten doesn't HAVE to appeal to everybody. if you like slow movement, play AC ;-)

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#65: Re: ..

by JadeMatrix on 06/23/2008 19:15, refers to #64

Not that the speed is bad, but that's not a very good attitude to have. Sure it doesn't _have_ to appeal to everyone, but everyone (or at least all gamers, tbs) should be able to play it in relative comfort. The speed is one of the things that makes Sauer Sauer, so I agree that it should stay. Maybe offer "slow-run" as a server option?

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#66: ..

by {Qs}Homicidal on 06/23/2008 19:57

yes hooray for more server side moding :P

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#67: ..

by smartalco on 06/23/2008 20:45

nooooo on the slow down thing, thats what sets sauer apart from other FPS's, a retarded monkey could keep up in halo, it takes someone with half decent reaction times to keep up in sauer

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#68: Re: ..

by JadeMatrix on 06/23/2008 20:49, refers to #67

Speak for yourself, I bet half of gamers nowadays are retarded monkeys. Comes from playing too much WoW. Maybe.

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#69: Re: ..

by tman_elite on 06/23/2008 21:12, refers to #68

It's probably from playing too many console shooters. It's nearly impossible to get both precision and speed with a pair of joysticks for looking and aiming, so they choose to slow everything down.

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#70: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 06/23/2008 21:15, refers to #69

Unless there's a lock-on feature, like in the Metroid Prime series. (Very fun, by the way.)

When I started playing shooters, it was on a console. I didn't know how people managed to play with a mouse and keyboard. Now I'd never give it up. :)

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#71: ..

by {Qs}Homicidal on 06/23/2008 21:17

play station III supports a KB an mouse for input "in place of the game pad for some games IE unreal III"

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#72: Re: ..

by tman_elite on 06/23/2008 21:21, refers to #70

Even with auto-aiming (which nearly all console fps have to some degree) its still pretty hard to get precision and speed. And they want to give newer users a chance. For people who don't play video games, just the concept of moving with one joystick and aiming with the other is difficult. Having the game speed slower makes the game easier to learn. And, while this takes out the need for basic skill, people who play a lot of slow console shooters will almost always beat the newer players, so there is still a degree of skill involved. It's just not about reflexes.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on about nothing.

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