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CTF edition released!

by eihrul@work on 06/18/2008 03:22, 92 messages, last message: 06/28/2008 17:47, 87870 views, last view: 07/01/2022 18:04

Go forth and download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=102911

Quoth the history.html:
* added new MP maps by Nieb (hallo, shipwreck), schmutzwurst (akroseum, berlin_wall), KillHour (hog2), KaiserTodretter (paradiselost), Mayhem & mIscreant (duomo), Mayhem (tejen), Hero & WahnFred (mach2), TUX (capture_night), SATAN!!! (reissen), Redon (c_egypt), and Kal & DairyKing (kalking1)
* added MitaMAN's new SP campaign: "Private Stan Sauer"
* added Fanatic's new 10 song soundtrack "Spontaneous Failure"
* added geartrooper's new MD5 character model: Mr. Fixit
* added ctf and insta ctf game modes
* added support for cloud boxes and cloud layers over sky box
* added in-game text editor for editing cfg files
* texture browser now displays glow, rotation, and offsets
* added console message filter (controlled via "confilter" and "fullconfilter" vars)
* "follow" command now works in first-person (can spectate in third-person via "thirdperson" var or 9 key)
* added support for Cube Server Lister extended information
* added support for Mumble positional audio (contributed by The Conquerors clan)
* added "apply changes now?" dialog using "resetgl" command (toggled via "applydialog" var)
* made clip material coexist with other materials (so water/lava can clip)
* added "death" material for forcing player suicide
* added "fullconsize" var for controlling the percent of the screen the full console occupies
* undo now works with heightmap editing mode
* now automatically pick up ammo boxes when touching a base in normal capture mode (toggled via "autorepammo" var)
* lowered the minimum gridpower to 0
* added "texoffset", "texrotate", and "texscale" commands for more easily specifying texture slot parameters
* texture rotation is now done via texture coordinate generation (instead of making copies/wasting memory)
* added "sayteam" command for chatting to teammates (bound to Y key by default)
* added optional t-joint removal to fix world sparklies (toggled via "filltjoints" var)
* made hit crosshair show when successfully hit enemy (duration set via "hitcrosshair" var)
* made teammate crosshair show when aiming at a teammate (toggled via "teamcrosshair" var)
* player is now dumped to an empty map if he does not have the particular map in multiplayer
* added support for soft particles/explosions (toggled via "depthfx" var)
* added support for "pulseglow" shaders in fixed-function mode
* added "texscroll" command for scrolling texture slots
* added cheaper/more-controlled glow/specular bloom (controlled via "glare" var)
* added "texgui2d" var for toggling whether the texture palette uses a 2D or 3D gui
* scoreboard now always defaults to 2D, regardless of GUI settings (controlled via "scoreboard2d" var)
* added "waterfallcolour" command to control coloring of waterfalls separately from water
* optimized water reflection/refraction with scissoring and tighter frustum culling
* added refractive waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallrefract" var, disabled by default due to cost)
* added environment-mapped waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallenv" var)
* added tethers that show who is capturing a base (controlled via "capturetether" var)
* rewrote particle renderer to make it more extensible
* rewrote world renderer to more efficiently batch draw calls
* made lightmaps use a texture atlas to enable better batching of draw calls
* locked physics at fixed rate of 200 Hz (no more variable rate)
* revised handling of slopes in physics to reduce sticking problems
* made underwater fog/caustics fade in instead of turn on immediately at the surface
* added "resetgl" command to restart the renderer while running
* added builtin zoom (toggled via G key or "zoom" var)
* added directional damage indicator to the HUD (toggled via "damagecompass" var)
* smoothed out the shadow boundary caused by the shadowmap depth peeling
* softened water edges now work when under water
* players can now reconnect to private games when disconnected, so long as their IP matches
* added precomputed visibility/PVS system for occlusion culling on 3D cards that don't support OQ (see editref.html)
* added support for environment-mapped water reflections as a cheap fallback (used if "waterreflect" is off)
* added movement smoothing for other players in multiplayer (reduces jumpiness from packet loss)
* added "fullbrightmodels" var for controlling fullbright-ness of player models
* added MD5 model support with new skeletal animation system (see models.html)
* added OBJ model support (see models.html)
* added new decal system for bullet holes, scorch marks, etc.

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#33: graphics look sweet!

by mitaman1 on 06/19/2008 00:06

Thanks to the devs for the great job on the graphics enhancements. And thanks for including my private stan sauer maps.


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#34: Like New Version a LOT!!!

by Titanic12ship on 06/19/2008 00:31

I like everything a lot, high quality new maps, CTF is great, and I really like the new features. Everything is spectacular.

I just had 1 question: Was the writeobj command taken away? I tried it and looked for the object file and I can't find it. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.

Anyway, fantastic release!!

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#35: Re: Flag Carrier

by noerrorsfound== on 06/19/2008 01:49, refers to #26

Definitely not. It's already hard enough to capture the flag.

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#36: Message censored by administrator

by {Qs}Homicidal on 06/19/2008 02:22

#37: Re: ..

by tman_elite on 06/19/2008 02:31, refers to #36

Making the flag carrier slower would probably encourage more teamwork, since it would be harder to capture a flag all on your own.

Two other things I think could improve capture the flag:

1. A score limit
2. Make recovering a flag like capturing a base in capture mode (like 3 seconds or so).

These are just suggestions, of course.

Once again, CTF is great. Nice work.

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#38: ..

by smartalco on 06/19/2008 02:48

I like the score limit idea, not so much on idea 2

love the new release (and really glad we can select models now, i played with Mr. Fixit for awhile, just seems out of place... a slightly skinnier version of the ironsuit guy would be best :D

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#39: Message censored by administrator

by {Qs}Homicidal on 06/19/2008 04:45

#40: Message censored by administrator

by tman_elite on 06/19/2008 04:59, refers to #39

#41: ..

by smartalco on 06/19/2008 06:09

alright, i have played sauer for about 3 hours today

it crashes every 20 minutes with the new version

system specs: OS X 10.5.3 on PPC G4 with Radeon mobile 9700 (128mb RAM)

anything I can do to not crash? or any way i can enable bug reporting or something to help devs figure out why it is crashing?

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#42: Re: ..

by a~baby~rabbit on 06/19/2008 06:26, refers to #41

Does it not come up with the "this application has crashed dialog"? - post the crash log here or on irc

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#43: Re: Another great release

by RealNitro on 06/19/2008 08:21, refers to #30

Heh, getting Yahtzee to review it would be great, tentus. Should be great fun.

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#44: ..

by Grogan on 06/19/2008 10:37

Great work folks! I got a chance to play with the new release a few times today. Thanks to everyone involved.

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#45: Re: Another great release

by JadeMatrix on 06/19/2008 13:24, refers to #43

Hasn't he said he really only plays singleplayer? At least right now, Sauer is mainly a multiplayer game.

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#46: Cool

by JannoT on 06/19/2008 14:20

I'm so downloading it. 50% is here.

Rofl what captcha.I almost failed on solving the captcha. :D

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#47: ..

by Irritant on 06/19/2008 15:37

Great work guys, I am extremely impressed with the new maps, and I feel that with this release Sauerbraten has truly arrived. The game feels much more complete and polished, and visually, the engine is one of the best out there. Congrats on a great release!

I have some bugs to report though :( I hope this can help with the next release.

1. Reflective water doesn\'t draw on some ATI cards. I know this bug, because I had to fix it in Alien Arena. It has to do with the size of the reflection image. If you want you can email me about this.

2. Shaders on high detail causes my FPS to drop to ridiculously low numbers. I tried the ati_texgen_bug 0 trick, but that didn\'t make it faster, and also made it draw incorrectly. I say this could be a bug, because in the last release, this wasn\'t a problem.

3. Binding a key in the menu kicks you out of the menu completely. This I imagine could be highly annoying to new people trying out the game. Seems like a simple fix, no?

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#48: Re: ..

by Hirato Kirata on 06/19/2008 15:46, refers to #47

you can remedy the reflection problem by messing with /reflectsize (min 10 (max 6 $arg1))

it defaults to 8, which I believe is 256^2 pixels

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#49: Smallish sp map with spiders

by rknigh21 on 06/19/2008 22:12

Hi All

Great new release thanks to all those involved.

On my quite old PC (3 year old Dell 2.6 Ghz, Radion 9250) the frame rate is at least doubled!

Here is a smallish single player map, watch out for the spiders!



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#50: nice

by Smiff on 06/20/2008 01:33

nice release, looks really good and even faster on my 7600GS system, but 50% slower on this old 6600LE system :/ any settings I might be missing? have played with all on the gfx tab. would be happy with the old graphics quality of assassin release. thanks.

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#51: Little question

by Marwo on 06/20/2008 08:41

Ive played around with the new singleplayer content a bit, and i noticed that the game get chunks when facing enemies some times. The game runs smooth on any graphical settings, but i get chunking when facing enemies some times.
Just wondering if its the model animation quality or something to do with all the bloodstains and bulletholes to do?

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#52: Re: Little question

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 06/20/2008 10:01, refers to #51

Oh, yes, while you're talking about animation, I've got to say that Skeletic Animation messes up Mr. Fixit fingers.

It's true.

Animation High Quality -> 9 -> G -> See the fingers

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