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NEW RELEASE: 2007-08-19 summer edition

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 09:36, 153 messages, last message: 09/12/2007 17:52, 230738 views, last view: 04/22/2024 17:23


Says the history.html:

* local server now respects "gamespeed" and "paused" vars
* added toggles for trilinear and bilinear filtering (via "trilinear" and "bilinear" vars)
* added "consize" var for controlling the size of the default/overlayed console
* server browser now sorts servers by number of players (empty servers still sorted by ping)
* directions and radiuses of entities now display in edit mode (toggled via "showentradius" var)
* added support for FBO depth+stencil format so dynamic shadows can render properly in water refractions
* "remip" now synchronized with all clients in coop-edit
* added "clearbans" command so masters can clear all bans
* added "floatspeed" var for controlling spectator/editmode movement speed
* added "outlinemeters" var for outlining capture meters
* added "teamskins" var for toggling usage of red/blue skins in FFA modes
* added "ogro" var for toggling use of Ogro
* models now use a bounding interval hierarchy for ray tracing/lightmapping instead of sphere trees (better memory/cache usage)
* added workaround for crashes with Linux ATI/fglrx drivers
* fixed collision bug that let players walk inside sloped geometry
* added blood decals (toggled via the "blood" var)
* added "insta capture" game mode
* tweaked capture gameplay timings
* added calclight visualization of lightmaps
* added "-v" command-line option for controlling vsync
* added "-k" command-line option for adding mod directories
* added "-q" command-line option to set per-user home directories
* added "-r" command-line option to load "init.cfg" on startup
* added "init.cfg" so init settings can be changed from in-game and take effect on restart without needing command-line
* added "guilistslider" command for selecting from a list of specific integer values
* added support for hardware-accelerated mipmap generation (via "hwmipmap" var)
* added "gui2d" var for making all menus/scoreboard 2D
* added "texreduce" var for scaling texture quality down
* added dynamic lighting system
* new "gridlookup" var controls whether cursor grid size is looked up from cube under cursor
* refactored gameplay and moved some of it (damage, ammo, health) server-side
* autoteam now only selects good/evil regardless of number of teams in play
* experimental server-side demo recording
* added "admin" privileges via "setmaster password"
* added support for translucent models
* made yaw/pitch of playermodels interpolated in multiplayer
* VBOs now supported on animated models
* added support for custom fonts
* added "lava" material
* added "goto" command for spectators
* made models share meshes/rendering data if same md2/md3 file is loaded for better memory usage
* connection to masterserver can now be aborted in case the http socket connect locks up
* fixed bug that caused some unnecessary sparklies in indoor maps
* glowmapped models/geometry now work in fixed-function mode
* models now support environment mapping (via custom envmaps or envmap entities)
* added (ugly) fallback for old cards with no multitexture support (rather than spitting out error and quitting)
* revised texture combiner support to more easily add fixed-function effects
* fixed particles and materials not fogging properly
* duplicate player names are now distinguished by client number
* optimized model rendering to batch similar models and reduce state changing as much as possible
* capture bases can now be named via "base_N" aliases
* animation now supports multi-part md3 characters
* added support for OGG sounds
* added "spotlight" entities
* added texture slot "e" for loading custom envmaps with envmapped shaders
* added support for post-pass blurring of lightmaps (via "blurlms" and "blurskylight" vars)
* added ambient occlusion for lightmaps (via "skylight" command)
* added softened explosions via shaders (spheres) or fixed-function mode (hemispheres)
* added workaround for explosions crashing on some Intel integrated graphics
* added vertex animation to water

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#134: Re: FPS questions?

by thenewrandomcivilian [at school] on 08/30/2007 00:16, refers to #133

well the thing is that it runs just as smoothly as the 7600 i just cant enable anti-aliasing.

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#135: ..

by makkE on 08/30/2007 00:56

It happens, at least for me. Try maxfps 30, Aardappel. And it happened ever since, I remember trying sauer on a bad system back then, and I couldn´t play properly because of it.

I´m on windows, no mouse drivers..
I got a mid/high sens, ca 12cm/180°

It might be not as noticeable in higher ranges.

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#136: Re: FPS questions?

by eihrul on 08/30/2007 03:02, refers to #132

Set "shaders 0" in the console, then restart.

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#137: Re: ..

by Aardappel_ on 08/30/2007 06:18, refers to #135

I just tested, and at 30fps, I get pretty much the exact same amount of 360s rotating slowly or as fast as I can. That was at about 8cm/180.

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#138: ..

by TomCat39 on 08/30/2007 06:45

Also get a Video Card period. Using on board video consumes both system RAM and CPU cycles thus slowing down the game immensely.

As soon as you pull your 3d video to a dedicated card you will see a serious performance increase.

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#139: ..

by makkE on 08/30/2007 10:59

Using a g5 I found out if I use lower dpi, the effect becomes less apparent, also on high sens it´s less obvious.
Looking at sauer though, I consider a 15-20cm/180° still somewhat mid-sens, and I know quite some low-sens players that play 20-30 or more.

It feels like the engine would choke on translating the mouse infos to those few frames.

All I know is, I tested on ut and quake based games and it doesn´t happen there.

I doubt it´s my system too, mouse is the only thing plugged into my usb.
As said, no drivers, neutral settings, mouse-fixes applied, refresh rate applied.

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#140: Importing maps

by Jake777 on 09/01/2007 06:16

I have played the new version on my other computer but I have not tried to import maps from the older version yet. I am finally downloading it on this computer and this is the computer with all my maps. Im probably going to figure this out in about 10 minutes anyway.

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#141: Re: Importing maps

by Jake777 on 09/01/2007 06:58, refers to #140

Never mind.

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#142: Re: Importing maps

by Quin on 09/01/2007 09:17, refers to #141

Sauerbraten supports all map formats dating back to the earliest cube betas. Any map made from a previous version will always work, just not the other way around (map in new version with previous version).

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#143: ..

by Stakhanov on 09/01/2007 17:43

I got some ugly rendering bugs with the summer edition , distorted textures all over the map even with minimal settings on (no shaders or advanced effects)

Though I really don\'t have the latest graphics card , I don\'t see any reason to see this :


...while spring edition worked fine.

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#144: Re: ..

by eihrul on 09/01/2007 21:46, refers to #143

Try in your autoexec.cfg: zpass 0

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#145: ..

by Stakhanov on 09/02/2007 02:15

It works , thanks !

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#147: Sept 4th patch?

by SwordAngel on 09/07/2007 19:47

I see that there has been a new patch for Linux and Windows on Sept 4th. Is the Mac version affected?

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#148: ..

by Acord on 09/10/2007 06:51


1.Models cast shadows, even with mdlshadow 0

2.Alpha blending works, but alpha blending is not visible through other alpha blended objects. Neither are particles.


AMD64 3200+
ATI Radeon 9600 AIW(changing soon)

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#149: Re: ..

by eihrul on 09/10/2007 08:17, refers to #148

Don't use alpha blending on models. It is not meant to be used for that purpose.

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#150: ..

by Acord on 09/10/2007 15:18

How do you add translucent models then?

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#151: Re: ..

by Quin on 09/11/2007 05:57, refers to #150

Render them with MDL_TRANSLUCENT in the rendermodel flags.

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#152: ..

by absinth on 09/11/2007 15:20

>Is the Mac version affected?

i wonder that too, what exactly does it change?
since i'm back from vacation i could build the patch if it is needed.

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#153: Re: ..

by Acord on 09/12/2007 14:39, refers to #151

I wonder how that got left out of the docs :(

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#154: Re: ..

by Quin on 09/12/2007 17:52, refers to #153

Because it's code side :P

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