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NEW RELEASE: 2007-08-19 summer edition

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 09:36, 153 messages, last message: 09/12/2007 17:52, 230737 views, last view: 04/22/2024 16:28


Says the history.html:

* local server now respects "gamespeed" and "paused" vars
* added toggles for trilinear and bilinear filtering (via "trilinear" and "bilinear" vars)
* added "consize" var for controlling the size of the default/overlayed console
* server browser now sorts servers by number of players (empty servers still sorted by ping)
* directions and radiuses of entities now display in edit mode (toggled via "showentradius" var)
* added support for FBO depth+stencil format so dynamic shadows can render properly in water refractions
* "remip" now synchronized with all clients in coop-edit
* added "clearbans" command so masters can clear all bans
* added "floatspeed" var for controlling spectator/editmode movement speed
* added "outlinemeters" var for outlining capture meters
* added "teamskins" var for toggling usage of red/blue skins in FFA modes
* added "ogro" var for toggling use of Ogro
* models now use a bounding interval hierarchy for ray tracing/lightmapping instead of sphere trees (better memory/cache usage)
* added workaround for crashes with Linux ATI/fglrx drivers
* fixed collision bug that let players walk inside sloped geometry
* added blood decals (toggled via the "blood" var)
* added "insta capture" game mode
* tweaked capture gameplay timings
* added calclight visualization of lightmaps
* added "-v" command-line option for controlling vsync
* added "-k" command-line option for adding mod directories
* added "-q" command-line option to set per-user home directories
* added "-r" command-line option to load "init.cfg" on startup
* added "init.cfg" so init settings can be changed from in-game and take effect on restart without needing command-line
* added "guilistslider" command for selecting from a list of specific integer values
* added support for hardware-accelerated mipmap generation (via "hwmipmap" var)
* added "gui2d" var for making all menus/scoreboard 2D
* added "texreduce" var for scaling texture quality down
* added dynamic lighting system
* new "gridlookup" var controls whether cursor grid size is looked up from cube under cursor
* refactored gameplay and moved some of it (damage, ammo, health) server-side
* autoteam now only selects good/evil regardless of number of teams in play
* experimental server-side demo recording
* added "admin" privileges via "setmaster password"
* added support for translucent models
* made yaw/pitch of playermodels interpolated in multiplayer
* VBOs now supported on animated models
* added support for custom fonts
* added "lava" material
* added "goto" command for spectators
* made models share meshes/rendering data if same md2/md3 file is loaded for better memory usage
* connection to masterserver can now be aborted in case the http socket connect locks up
* fixed bug that caused some unnecessary sparklies in indoor maps
* glowmapped models/geometry now work in fixed-function mode
* models now support environment mapping (via custom envmaps or envmap entities)
* added (ugly) fallback for old cards with no multitexture support (rather than spitting out error and quitting)
* revised texture combiner support to more easily add fixed-function effects
* fixed particles and materials not fogging properly
* duplicate player names are now distinguished by client number
* optimized model rendering to batch similar models and reduce state changing as much as possible
* capture bases can now be named via "base_N" aliases
* animation now supports multi-part md3 characters
* added support for OGG sounds
* added "spotlight" entities
* added texture slot "e" for loading custom envmaps with envmapped shaders
* added support for post-pass blurring of lightmaps (via "blurlms" and "blurskylight" vars)
* added ambient occlusion for lightmaps (via "skylight" command)
* added softened explosions via shaders (spheres) or fixed-function mode (hemispheres)
* added workaround for explosions crashing on some Intel integrated graphics
* added vertex animation to water

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by Chainfist on 08/20/2007 09:42

NO MAC!!!!!!

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#2: Re: Summer release

by Atrapisme on 08/20/2007 10:23

Where the fuck is it? i see the spring edition

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#3: Hold on...

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 10:25

I made some last minute bug-fixes, and I took down the release until I reupload the stuff. Gimme about an hour and I'll have it back up.

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#4: ..

by Atrapisme on 08/20/2007 10:28

k thanks, people were in the middle of my game adverting it

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#5: ..

by miscreant_home on 08/20/2007 10:34

just did a quick run-through and everything looks great, the new maps rock

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#6: ..

by CC_machine[laptop]cookie#311 on 08/20/2007 10:55

>>* added "ogro" var for toggling use of Ogro<<

so is there another model included for use in multi or what?

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#7: ..

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 11:08

Windows package is back up. Linux package in about 30 minutes.

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#8: ..

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 11:36

Linux package is back up now.

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#9: ..

by Whitetemplar on 08/20/2007 12:29


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#10: WTF? No dmg file?

by glyphosate on 08/20/2007 13:30

The MacOSX the fastest growing marketshare and a ''new release'' of Sauerbraten is posted that doesn't provide a version for it. That sucks.

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#11: ..

by makkE on 08/20/2007 13:53

You are getting this for FREE.

So stop whining.

Mac bins are usually provided "as fast as possible" wich has never been more than 3 days.

You should be happy someone´s doing mac binarys for you at all.

So stop insulting the developers.
If you want mac bins instantly, buy them a mac. (would be beneficial for your precious marketshare too!!).

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#12: Re: ..

by Strenzfelder on 08/20/2007 14:00, refers to #11

I for one am grateful that someone\'s doing the mac binaries.. i don\'t mind waiting a few days. Sauerbraten rocks. Better than any other free FPSs

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#13: Thanks in advance

by SwordAngel on 08/20/2007 14:03

Thanks to whoever has been building the Mac binary. The last binary worked almost flawlessly on my MBP (except one instance of complete system hang when the game failed to load one of the maps).

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#14: Re: ..

by fullmetalcoder on 08/20/2007 14:04, refers to #11

makkE is so goddamn right! Besides if you're so impatient you can as well build it on your own. The sources are available...

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#15: Re: ..

by eihrul on 08/20/2007 14:04, refers to #11

Indeed. We the developers will readily accept donations of recent Mac hardware. You pay shipping, though. ;)

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#16: Where???

by Titanic12ship on 08/20/2007 14:53

So where can I get the Mac version??

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#17: Message censored by administrator

by makkE on 08/20/2007 15:39

#18: ..

by makkE on 08/20/2007 15:40

It´s not there yet. Be patient.

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#19: ..

by Gismo on 08/20/2007 16:18

Get nicht unter Windows Vista x64 die alte wersjon ging.

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#20: ..

by HydraPheetz on 08/20/2007 16:36

I've been waiting patiently for the new release. I have to say I'm really liking how fast the game is now with bloom enabled. The new playermodel is pretty good too, and it's nice that the old Ogro model is still in the game.

I haven't gotten around to playing with some of the new features in the editor (I just figured out what skylight actually does a few minutes ago... d'oh.) yet...

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