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Editing in Sauer is very intuitive, yet extremely powerful. There are a multitude of options for editing, and it is impossible to create a complete guide of everything you can do with it. Thus, experimentation is not only encouraged, to some degree it is required. Even the developers don't know everything that can be done with Sauer -- there are many possibilities to be discovered and thought of. As such, this guide will focus on the abstract concepts of editing, and will introduce you to some of the possibilities.

Read the overview of Editing Methods, then try the tutorial videos. Sauer also features Cooperative Editing, allowing multiple users to edit the same map at the same time over a server.

Additional background can be collected from viewing Script Demo - Map Menu about loading your personal maps from console and/or menu and Map Screenshot about how to go about creating the required image.

Map CFG Files

Each map's individual properties are determined by its CFG file. You can find examples in existing CFG files (just open them up in a text editor) and the map configuration page for the specific commands, and their uses. It is recommended that every map use a CFG, since many things are controlled by the configuration file. There are several CFGs that are executed in different situations, but all will be overridden by a maps CFG. To use a map-specific CFG, just name the CFG the same as your map file name.

Map Inclusion Standards and Quadropolis

eihrul put this up on the Cube Engine Forums here, and I thought it might be good to have a wiki page for it. Some minor editing has been done to make it conform to the wiki guidelines and to make it easier to read, but nothing beyond that. No information has been removed or changed, only slightly moved. -- LeftClicker

Making Models For Sauerbraten

Suggested Modelling Tools
MD3 Export From Blender Tutorial
Animated MD3 Export From Blender
Masks on Models: specular and glow masks explained

Editing related links