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Cube PDA (XScale / OpenGL ES) release!

by Aardappel_ on 02/09/2005 00:54, 234 messages, last message: 06/17/2008 06:12, 208842 views, last view: 03/25/2019 19:19

The port of Cube created by Intel for their latest mobile cpu & 3d chipset has been uploaded to sourceforge. You can get it in the files section as usual here:


Some (older) screenshots are here:


And the hardware you need to run this is available for example here:


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#1: ..

by Rick-Ubuntu on 02/09/2005 15:36

Yay, finally a reason to have a PDA ;)

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#2: Left Handers?

by tcpaulh on 02/11/2005 03:12

This looks superb on my X50v. Getting between 15-25FPS most of the time.

Just need to know if there's a way to rotate the screen 180 degrees for left handed play?

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#3: Re: Left Handers?

by tcpaulh on 02/11/2005 03:17, refers to #2

I'm an idiot. I just changed the Axim display to left handed landscape and launched Cube. It works like a charm.


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#4: ..

by sinsky on 02/11/2005 18:33

anyone know of a good pocketpc emulator?


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#5: -

by GordonNL on 02/11/2005 19:04

This is fantastic!

the frame rate seems to drop when you hold te stylus on the screen..

How to get to a other level?

and are you guys planning to make a comercial game of it? I guess you guys can make some big money on that..

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#6: Re: -

by tentus on 02/11/2005 21:55, refers to #5

the license is such that making money off of cube or any of it's mods is prohibited. which is what makes cube so awesome :)

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#7: Re: -

by pushplay on 02/12/2005 07:44, refers to #6

That's an interesting interpretation of the zlib license and I look forward to you trying to argue that in court.

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#8: Re: -

by tentus on 02/12/2005 18:05, refers to #7

your interp of my interp may be causing some confusion- i'll be more explicit.

1. no claiming it's 100% yours.
2. must explain what you did clearly.
3. zlib readme must be present.
4. (this applies to cube only, not a normal part of zlib) mods cannot change to another license. however, textures and other individual media can function under seperate licenses.

cube is open source but not an everybody-donate project. it can be used in commercial products but can't (or shouldn't be, i was always fuzzy about that- Aard?) be a commercial product by itself.

is that clear? i was pretty sure that's how zlib works, but if i'm wrong please clarify it- unlike pushplay, i'd rather me not be in court. hence my remove of Nintendo material from my mod (which took a lot longer than it should, i finished just a few days ago)

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#9: Re: -

by Aardappel_ on 02/12/2005 22:38, refers to #8

you can make a commercial project out of cube and make lots of money on it... ZLIB allows this. One restriction is that it has to be called something else but Cube.

The biggest problem for anyone trying this would of course be that they'd have to come up with completely new media, the ZLIB license only covers the source code.

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#10: Re: -

by tentus on 02/13/2005 01:46, refers to #9

i also read somewhere that you could sell disks with zlib projects on them, such as cube, so long as you were only charging the cost of the disk. is this true? i can't remember the file off the top of my head, i think it was the readme for another opensource game. maybe not, my memory is in poor shape

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#11: Re: -

by sinsky on 02/13/2005 11:52, refers to #10

No, these are GPL. Cube contains media licensed under the GPL and other licenses. If you remove that media and replace it with your own, then license it zlib you can sell as much as you like.

The real trick is to do something cool, and to know how to make use of it. Personally I don't think a single person can do that.

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#12: Re: -new media

by mitamanincave on 02/13/2005 14:52, refers to #9

This may be a dumb question. So if a person replaces all media (textures, monsters, items, guns, music, sounds, etc...) a person can turn around and sell CUBE under another name and profit from it?
BTW, I am in process of replacing most of the media to give CUBE a face lift. I've completed replacing all textures (except for 3 of them) so far along with a new config to use them. Is anyone interested in them to use before I finish my "face-lift"? It's about 9meg zipped. The textures are from free sources (golgotha, DG, 3d cafe, etc...) and re-edited to work in CUBE.

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#13: ..

by Rick-Ubuntu on 02/13/2005 15:30

"Is anyone interested in them to use before I finish my "face-lift"?"

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#14: aa

by rk on 02/13/2005 18:03

Any Chance to get this running on a non-accelerated system like the x30?

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#15: Re: -new media

by Aardappel_ on 02/13/2005 22:44, refers to #12

mitaman, yes you can make it commercial if you use ALL your own media, and give it another name, but still give cube credit.

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#16: Re: aa

by Aardappel_ on 02/13/2005 22:45, refers to #14

no, it needs OpenGL ES to work. That would run too slow without HW accelleration.

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#17: Re: -new media

by mitamanincave on 02/13/2005 22:57, refers to #15

Aard, just to let you know I have no plans to make money on CUBE, I was just curious. As far as the "face lift" goes I just want to bring a bit of variety to the CUBE community.

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#18: I can't turn only with stylus

by NEBE on 02/16/2005 00:31

Can someone help me, I only move side to side with the keyes on my X50v.

Other than that the game works great.


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#19: ..

by staffy2005 on 02/16/2005 07:33

how can you afford such things?

$800 dollars or so is way too much money to waste.

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#20: Re: -new media

by beecher on 02/16/2005 09:41, refers to #12

mitamanincave: Sure I'm interested! Can you post the link to your face-lift?
BTW if you became the developer, you can add your "media-pack" to SourceForge directly (or after approval of admin.)

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