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How many people still play WITHOUT shaders?

by eihrul on 04/09/2015 18:23, 49 messages, last message: 10/07/2022 14:09, 27775 views, last view: 02/01/2023 13:20

Poll: Do you still play with shaders disabled? If shaders were required to play, would you still be able to play?

Reason I ask:

So, one of the things I was thinking about for the next release is getting rid of all the other rendering modes in the engine EXCEPT for the GLSL shader path.

This would mean we could possibly use a bit more spectacular shader effects as well since we wouldn't need to make sure it was supported on old GPUs.

The disadvantage is that people who are playing on older chipsets that do not support OpenGL 3.0 or at least OpenGL 2.1 would no longer be able to play.

It would also make the codebase a lot cleaner and easier to understand.

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#30: Re: ..

by Zamwa on 05/14/2015 21:00, refers to #29

I've learned enough about ethics and code to keep the modded cubeengine clients (although no client side cheat mods) from ever departing My servers!
I enjoy modding a cheat server as a hobby, as no one has access to My source code! :"3

100% party pooper safe!

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#31: Re: ..

by hypernova^ on 05/14/2015 23:03, refers to #30

lol I do exactly the same thing xD

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#32: Re: ..

by Flareblood on 05/19/2015 22:20, refers to #13

900FPS!!!??? How!!?? Just how!?

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#33: Re: ..

by raz on 05/21/2015 04:50, refers to #32

Probably newmap :P

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#34: Go for it

by a_teammate on 05/24/2015 13:31

Imo what really blows up the rendering stuff atm are the workarounds for pre-2006 hardware and the assembly paths.

Cutting out those would already simplify stuff a lot.
So remaining would be the normal glsl shader pipeline + the fixed function path.
We could call the fixed function path "performance mode" (+ simplify it if necessary) and leave it in soley so competitive players can still wank to their fps (although their hardware support shaders).

ofc it will look increasingly different (ugly) from the normal mode, but thats what sauerbratens pros like anyways.

Furthermore i dont think the ff pipe does need a lot of maintenance, does it?

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#35: Data!

by Gambit on 05/28/2015 10:23

As a data point from a casual player from 2007, my daily driver is still a 2007 integrated Intel laptop supporting OpenGL 2.1. So, I play with shaders, and would continue to be able to play if GLSL were forced.

To compare with another game: Minecraft, which has a greater market, has 4% of its millions of users supporting a max of OpenGL 1 as of early 2015 [1]. In 2012, that number was 9% [2]. If it follows half-life distribution, then in about 3 more years (2018), that percentage should go down to 2%. Of course, this is not representative of Sauerbraten, but it's an approximation from a more wide-spread game.

[1] https://twitter.com/dinnerbone/status/561101216353370113
[2] http://www.java-gaming.org/index.php?topic=26377.0

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#36: ..

by eihrul on 06/07/2015 14:16

Given the feedback so far, I think it makes most sense to just proceed with my idea and only keep the GLSL paths. Most everyone seems supportive of the change, and I think it is best for the longevity of the codebase.

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#37: ..

by johnyukon1 on 06/08/2015 02:24

With this change, is there a chance that Tesseract codebase (http://tesseract.gg/) can be merged with Cube 2 to include the new features that exists on it?

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#38: Re: ..

by eihrul on 06/08/2015 05:53, refers to #37


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#39: Re: ..

by swatllama on 06/15/2015 20:50, refers to #36

Glad you're doing this. :)

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#40: ..

by Drarrhat on 06/28/2015 21:47

Is it possible to make any new graphical effects optional? Currently there are commands to disable most of the extra effects. I'd rather not get a worse framerate if it can be avoided.

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#41: Re: ..

by suicizer03 on 06/29/2015 11:05, refers to #40

Try /shaderdetail 0...3

Most graphic effects (other than glare and grass) ate disabled at default. Not sure about Anti-aliasing.

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#42: ..

by eihrul on 07/31/2015 22:54

The bulk of these changes have now been completed in SVN. Sauer now requires a minimum of OpenGL 2.1 to run.

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#43: Re: ..

by Papriko on 07/31/2015 23:31, refers to #42

Noooo! How am I going to play Sauer on my gamer rig now?! https://www.netbsd.org/gallery/in-Action/riz-toaster.jpg

Sorry, I didn't intend to be a jerk. All joking aside, I am happy to see that these changes are done to the shader system.

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#45: Shraders?? :/

by Hero2015 on 08/12/2015 20:28

what are shtader?

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#46: Re: Shraders?? :/

by suicizer03 on 08/15/2015 04:11, refers to #45

As from wiki;
A program that tells a computer how to draw something in a specific and unique way.
So they tell your computer to draw a mapmodel with or without reflections for example.

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#47: ..

by rabe on 09/20/2015 12:17

I play without shaders.

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#48: Re: ..

by Papriko on 09/20/2015 20:39, refers to #47

Because you don't want to or because your PC can't handle it?

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#49: Re: ..

by rabe on 09/21/2015 11:20, refers to #48


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#51: ..

by chasester on 12/28/2015 05:38

Technically speaking its a visual effect so sauer could release (at least for this year) an unofficial version with shaders to give people one more year (or so) to update to a graphics card. Since this is only a removal of code no work around would have to be updated.


PS:I have a dell inspiron built before the release of cube 2 (penium 4 intergrated graphics card), that runs cube [well last one i checked what justice]), so idk how much of a problem this will really cause, sauer is not really graphically intense. If you are having issues with shaders you could just write simplified shaders to inprove preformance, or lower the resolution that sauer is rendering at.

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