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New release: collect edition (2013-01-04)

by eihrul on 01/06/2013 22:54, 81 messages, last message: 07/31/2013 07:00, 42598 views, last view: 08/09/2020 04:58

The highlights...

New game features - 45 new multiplayer maps, better/stronger/faster Ogro, new sounds, collect gamemodes, international character sets, faster cubescript interpreter, improved minimap.

New server features - admins/auths/masters, server-side map rotations, teamkill autokick.

New editing features - multiple water/lava/glass material types, sunlight, improved remip, copy/paste brushes.

And too much other stuff to list here, see the history page for details:


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#1: Release 2013-01-06

by Siedlerkiller on 01/06/2013 23:06


I got notified by sourceforge that there is a new version avaiable.
Just my question: Is there any difference between the 2013-01-06 build and the "first" build 2013-01-04 ?
Are there differences?

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#2: Re: Release 2013-01-06

by eihrul on 01/06/2013 23:13, refers to #1

The 2013-01-06 is to fix bugs. I have an unofficial patch up to that from the 2013-01-04 release if you notice bugs: http://lee.fov120.com/collect_patch_4.zip

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#3: ..

by kripken2 on 01/07/2013 00:13

Awesome, and the release looks great!

One thing - I noticed that I am getting fragged a lot more than normal ;) and I have a theory, it looks like there are fewer newbies than usual. In fact most of the players online look experienced. I wonder if newer players are not aware that there is a new release, and just see fewer servers in the list (and they don't notice ones with "newer protocol version")?

Is there a mechanism of notifying people that they are on an older release and should upgrade? At minimum a big red banner or such on sauerbraten.org might be helpful, I'm not sure how many casual/newer players read these forums.

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#4: Re: ..

by Hirato Kirata on 01/07/2013 05:42, refers to #3

At the moment the server list will just be filled with

"[Server is using a newer protocol]"

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#5: server side maprotations

by suicizer01 on 01/07/2013 08:50

Boo. There shouldn't be messed around with that. You aren't including maps to sauerbraten for nothing.

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#6: Re: server side maprotations

by eihrul on 01/07/2013 09:14, refers to #5

People alter the rotations with server mods anyway. The point of adding this stuff to the clean server is that at least people will have less need to use server mods in the first place. I had several people telling me they didn't want to mess with server mods just for simple stuff like that, so it made sense to support it.

I can't make the default server cater to all needs, but on the other hand, I shouldn't make it so completely lacking in functionality that server mods are the only way to host a server.

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#7: Re: server side maprotations

by suicizer01 on 01/07/2013 23:33, refers to #6

Well, that seems fair, but people should not start to create servers with just 1 map in it's pool for 24/7.

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#8: Re: server side maprotations

by Bosurgi725 on 01/08/2013 00:59, refers to #7

I don't see how that is anybody's decision but the person running the server. Just because YOU don't think someone should run the same map in a server all day and night doesn't make it wrong to do. My biggest suggestion for all upcoming sauer releases is for YOU to get over yourself. YOU are not bigger or better than anyone, YOU seem to think your opinion is the most important. YOU make people want to quit playing sauer.

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#9: Re: server side maprotations

by Fatum on 01/08/2013 02:07, refers to #8


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#10: Re: server side maprotations

by suicizer01 on 01/08/2013 02:33, refers to #8

People rather stop playing when getting such outrageous reply thrown at them, then my statement. Just calm down an I'll explain.

One of the several reasons why it shouldn't be done is that it makes importation unnecessary. Then we better just delete that part of the code out of Sauerbraten (which I strongly suggest NOT to do).
Another reason is it isn't offering any chance that other maps are being played. Of course people could move on, but why should they when your server provides more then a very limited number o maps?

That's all, now go cry.

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#11: Re: server side maprotations

by Zamwa on 01/08/2013 08:07, refers to #10

I have no idea what your talking about but I agree about some mods like severs in private mode yet no players is on the sever is just ridiculous! I'm not suggesting these mods are just senseless and modders should be hanged for our treachery against gameplay!
Just that yes We move on to the next sever, yes We use the sever sorting list quadropolis provides! Let us be glad these weird modders and there obfuscated mods exists!

I can mod thirty six-packs of coke into a dinghy! HURRAH!

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#12: Re: server side maprotations

by suicizer01 on 01/08/2013 13:47, refers to #11

Maybe that's because I meant "maprotation", instead of "importation".

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#13: Re: server side maprotations

by Hansbert on 01/08/2013 16:08, refers to #12

Even with "maprotation" instead of "importation", it only makes sense after a few times of reading. Put it like this:
"One of the several reasons why [maprotation being adjustable per default by the server owner] shouldn't be done is that it makes [normal server-side non-adjustable] maprotation unnecessary."

I think it is a very good thing to include server-side maprotation by default, because all the frequently played upon servers have it anyways. And I can understand why server owners want to be able to adjust the maprotation: A bad map can quickly empty a whole server.

(To be fair, Bosurgi's comment was clearly directed at you, not at other people.)

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#14: Re: server side maprotations

by Papriko on 01/08/2013 19:19, refers to #11

Zamwa, why is this a problem? Default servers also include the password option. For outsiders it doesn't make much of a difference if you are blocked by a generic password of the default system or a modded account system. You just don't get in.
So when you protest against that kinda mod, you also protest against default servers.

Also, big +1 for Bosurgi. suicizer can be indeed rather annoying. His opinion is law, or at least he seems to believe it. Others are also able to "live and let live", just not him.

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#15: Re: server side maprotations

by Zamwa on 01/09/2013 01:46, refers to #14

My point was that Suicizer had some merit to his opinion about severs in general! (The way I remember it this project is a mod!) My question to you is why should a sever not switch back automatically to open-mode when unused! All severs deserve this functionality I think!

I never believed Suicizer's curiosity was law in My three years of knowing him so stop infatuating a false belief!

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#16: Re: server side maprotations

by Papriko on 01/09/2013 16:45, refers to #15

Why should it switch back to open once unused? What if I don't WANT it to be used by other than a few certain people?

Example clanservers: a clan could set up a special extra server reserved for meetings. To make it easier for the members to allocate the server, it is registered to the master server. This obviously makes it visible to anyone else as well.
Many people don't look at server names and/or ignore them anyways, so simply naming the server "DON'T CONNECT!" or something like that won't help.
So, now the server is filled with random noobs. You wanna make a clan meeting. What now? Ask them to leave? Probably will be ignored. Kick them? Too impolite. Spec them? Sorta impolite too, additional you can't discuss private things with your clanmates then. Restart the server? Too much effort for such a simple task. Just wait? May take too long. I see it at the Fanatic Clan-Server and some joker sets it to instateam or instactf. Sometimes it takes hours till people finally go away.

In such a case it makes quite a lot of sense to set the server to perma-private mode. That's an easy, quick and efficient method which keeps out unwanted people, so that problem doesn't come up at all.

And this is just one example I quickly could think of, I bet there are more.

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#17: Re: server side maprotations

by Papriko on 01/09/2013 16:47, refers to #16

*WHEN some joker sets it to instateam or instactf.

This forum needs an option to edit posts, lol

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#18: Re: server side maprotations

by suicizer01 on 01/09/2013 18:41, refers to #16

Use the password option for that.

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#19: ..

by Zamwa on 01/09/2013 19:49

A clan can just use another clans open sever! This brings up an interesting idea if they want to use the modes of another sever they will need to forge alliances with other clans in order to use there passwords! In other words they will adapt!

If a clan has something private to discuss that they don't want a sever owner to see they will be forced to use a voice overlay program witch improves clan communication anyway! So you solve two problems with one stone and make things easier for starting new clans! Maybe even fun clan wars will erupt from this chaos of a new master sever rule!

This would be a slice of heaven for newbies and clans!
"thou shalt not host a empty sever locked, blocked or in private mode!"

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#20: Re: ..

by Zamwa on 01/09/2013 20:05, refers to #19

Oh and this one "thou shalt not host an empty sever that impedes gameplay!"

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