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New release: Justice edition...

by eihrul on 07/20/2010 08:50, 65 messages, last message: 07/30/2010 05:33, 42616 views, last view: 10/01/2023 11:02


30 new maps, Inky and Captain Cannon player models, hold and efficiency game modes, vslots for editing texture properties in-game, alpha material for making transparent geometry, multi-threaded calclight, radar mini-map, and more stuff...

See changelog for more info:


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#20: Re: Playermodel Bug?

by Fischkopf on 07/20/2010 19:11, refers to #19

Nope, already checked that. Its disabled.

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#21: thor

by Fischkopf on 07/20/2010 20:24

Another thing i\'ve noticed: the map thor has no minimap and doesn\'t work in hold mode although it would be perfect for it

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#22: Venice

by Stu Padasso on 07/20/2010 20:59

The Venice map seems to have vanished from the master server.

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#23: Wikipedia Page

by LeftClicker on 07/20/2010 21:05

Updating the Wikipedia page (what the hell, maybe if we get really lucky it'll be a featured article or something). Anything (i.e. new editing features or gameplay) I should specifically add?

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#24: ..

by Julius on 07/20/2010 22:33

Mentioned it on the FreeGamer blog:
;) Hope you don't mind the publicity.

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#25: Re: unable to install

by celtic005 on 07/21/2010 00:49, refers to #8

yup its working fine now tried reinstalling 6 times :)

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#26: Re: Playermodel Bug?

by Quin on 07/21/2010 00:50, refers to #20

Player model selection is only sent in the client initialisation network message, done when you you connect and/or when you change your name; changing your model will not send this message.

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#27: Re: Playermodel Bug?

by eihrul on 07/21/2010 00:57, refers to #26

Actually, it will send it on map changes. This was a feature designed to stop obvious annoying player model change spam.

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#28: Justice Edition Download Corrupted

by bjl66733 on 07/21/2010 18:14

No matter where I download from mirror or not it seems to be corrupted, I used 7-Zip to check the files they're near the end of the archive so its unplayable for me. Anyway this can be fixed anytime soon?

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#29: Re: Justice Edition Download Corrupted

by Razgriz on 07/21/2010 18:54, refers to #28

its all fine. either your 7-zip edition is old and causes trouble or your download is incomplete

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#30: ..

by TomCat39 on 07/21/2010 21:52

Well, crappy. Justice edition has brought back my mysterious reboot problem.

Trooper stabilized after Toshiba did a health monitor update so I will uninstall the health monitor software and see if it persists.

I'm guessing the new code for "older/generic" cards doesn't like my system? Or maybe new shaders were introduced? I dunno.

I'll report back after the uninstall and play testing.

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#31: Toshiba Laptop Mystery reboot.

by TomCat39 on 07/21/2010 23:22

Sure enough.... After uninstalling Toshiba's Health Monitor, I played the new Justice release for a solid hour without any issue.

So if you have a newer Toshiba Laptop, beware that Sauerbraten and Toshiba Health Monitor don't play nicely with each other.

There is a conflict between the two pieces of software.


P.S. This is with a Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit system with an intel core2 duo, 4 gig sys ram and a 230M 1 GB GPU.

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#32: ..

by Hit_man_james on 07/22/2010 02:09

Downloading now!

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#33: ..

by bjl66733 on 07/22/2010 05:01

Actually I've downloaded it with several programs I double checked my memory as-well overnight no errors. I tried running setup to install it always errors out with corrupted files right at 75-90% done during the install so no its not 7-Zip. I won't be trying again until I find another source.

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#34: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 07/22/2010 05:59, refers to #33

7-Zip may be doing things to the installer. Try a different program. (I've never had any trouble with WinRAR: http://www.rarlab.com/ )

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#35: ..

by bjl66733 on 07/22/2010 07:09

What I\'m trying to explain is I tried the installer First out of the 3 times I\'ve download it before checking with 7-Zip, its all done the same thing. I can go download a HUGE file of something else ie another free game and it doesn\'t get corrupted like this one does. So on my CAP with my connection I can\'t download it again until next month or I\'ll go over the limit. thx for the info though.

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#36: ..

by JonnyStrike on 07/22/2010 11:02

Hi bjl66733, I'm not sure where your problem is coming from.

You might wanna check the MD5 hash first. Couldn't find the MD5 on sourceforge or the official website (sorry couldn't find the md5 on sourceforge or this website).

This is my md5 which installed and works without problems so far:


If you have another computer you might wanna try downloading it there.

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#37: Linux d/l link down?

by storma on 07/22/2010 12:42

Seems the link for linux is down on sourceforge. :( Any news?

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#38: Re: Linux d/l link down?

by eihrul on 07/22/2010 13:40, refers to #37

I re-uploaded packages (dated 07-21) to resolve some performance issues, server bugs, and the Mac config saving problem. The mirrors are probably still doing their mirroring thing, so if nothing else, the downloads should work within a couple hours at the worst.

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#39: Re: Linux d/l link down?

by TomCat39 on 07/23/2010 02:51, refers to #38

Eihrul, FYI - I downloaded and tried the 7-21-2010 package and it rebooted my Toshiba laptop in under 3 minutes (1-2 minutes tops). I went back to the 7-19-2010 package and played for 30 minutes flawlessly.

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