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NEW RELEASE!!!!1!!1111oneone

by eihrul on 05/04/2009 11:59, 102 messages, last message: 08/20/2009 20:33, 108425 views, last view: 03/25/2023 13:00

It's been almost a year and there have been a ton of changed, of which I offer you a slightly condensed version:

* new playermodel, IronSnout X10K
* new weapon models
* new sound track
* new splash screen and logo
* 28 new multiplayer maps!
* 1 new singleplayer map
* new "protect" and "insta protect" game modes
* bots that work for both MP and offline play
* ragdoll physics
* texture blending and new flame/smoke particles for map editing
* in-game movie recording and also PNG screenshots
* new engines features like ZIP archive support, better grass, pre-compressed DXT1/3/5 textures for faster loading, fixed-function shadowmaps & dynamic lights, low cost blob shadows, particle culling, faster shader loading, revised post-process effect system, and more
* support for custom server ports, server passwords, public key crypto, and server-init.cfg for easier server configs

The full changelog is here: http://sauerbraten.org/docs/history.html

Downloads here:

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#82: soundtrack

by BAZOOKA on 05/28/2009 16:46

What happened to the rest of the sauuerbraten soundtrack with this release? There are only the new tracks.

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#83: Re: Command and variable differences

by MeatROme on 05/28/2009 18:10, refers to #81

Yes, that's precisely what I've been doing; searching the code for all the IVAR, COMMAND and such lines and taking them apart to be able to fill XML templates with the required/available info - for later editorial tweaking;
that first incarnation worked okay .. but once an engine starts changing defaults etc. you'll be wanting to re-check the new definition renders the same as the old and I'm just not in the mood for all that shell-script hassle very often .. that's why this is still so rudimentary ATM. Thanks for the upload - I'll be looking into it the next couple of days .. whenever I'm through, you'll see it on quadropolis :)

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#84: Re: soundtrack

by Hero on 05/29/2009 19:56, refers to #82

It was removed from sauer. I think fanatic put a comment on that.. as far as I recall, he wanted to put more consistency in the soundtrack, and rather have a few long memorable tracks than a lot of tracks that sound the same.

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#85: Re: soundtrack

by BAZOOKA on 05/29/2009 23:57, refers to #84

maybe some songs are similar but alot of them are memorables i think. It is one of my fav soundtracks :D they should stay imo.

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#86: ..

by WakeField on 05/31/2009 06:43

why is skycastle missing? that was my favorite map :(

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#87: ..

by Hooded_Sniper on 05/31/2009 21:04

They removed a lot of the concept maps that weren't starting points for map making it seems. Unless you had a lot of players Sky-castle wasn't that good outside of Assassin mode which is gone anyway.

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#88: Re: ..

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 05/31/2009 23:23, refers to #86

actually skycastle is still there, type /map skycastle and you'll be able to play it, make no mistake, look around for it, its still there.

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#89: Re: ..

by Maxime -Max of S2D- Lebled on 06/10/2009 19:03, refers to #88

It is here only if you didn't do a clean install (and that's completely unrecommended)

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#90: Re: soundtrack

by Fischkopf on 06/10/2009 22:47, refers to #82

you can use the custom music script from viruz on quadropolis and play all the music you want^^

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#91: Re: soundtrack

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 06/10/2009 22:50, refers to #90

or you could download the music you want (as long as they are mp3's or OGG's) and just look for some scripting that allows you to play any music you want.

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#92: 64-bit?

by Otoris on 06/11/2009 07:28

Can you get the new version in 64-bit? And could you possibly update the ubuntu package? It is using a very old version. -_-

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#93: Re: 64-bit?

by Hirato Kirata on 06/11/2009 09:46, refers to #92

we're not in charge of the ubuntu packages and have no influence in which is provided with the distribution (or any of the other distribution).

someone with the know how on making the packages has possibly uploaded packages for the alpha releases of karmic if you'd want to give that a try (not recommended)

and if you want the game to run on 64bit, either install the 32 bit libs, or install the 64 bit headers (ie, compile your own)

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#94: Re: 64-bit?

by MeatROme on 06/11/2009 17:14, refers to #93

there are 64-bit linux binaries in the release.
And all those distro-packages flying about are usually broken .. only a retard would try to do them anyway IMHO .. since it's only a question of extracting a tar-ball .. there's no library installation or anything going on.

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#95: Re: 64-bit?

by yoopers on 06/19/2009 01:55, refers to #94

For Ubuntu users out there, there is a bug in launchpad requesting that the packages be updated to use Trooper. Pile on:


To MeatROme's point, yes, the install is ridiculously simple for anyone with a modicum of Linux experience, but it would be nice to get the increased exposure that would come from users being able to install via Synaptic and just play the game. And it's not exactly hard to package Sauer for Ubuntu. ;-]

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#96: ..

by Younes on 07/30/2009 20:33

As i will reinstall windows on my PC, i'm trying to download the game again @ 10ko/s, 8 hours remaining -_-'

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#97: ..

by Rec. on 08/07/2009 20:10

why there are only about 4 servers with people and 2 of them are full?.. (i say not about coopedit but about shooting)

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#98: Re: ..

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 08/07/2009 21:05, refers to #97

are you new here?

anyways there is more than 4 sevrers that has these diffrent modes (besides coop edit) there are these "tabs" on your GUI menu, and they hold diffrent modes. if you do not see them, update your master server, if that doesn't work you may need to turn off LAN, if it isn't on the try turning it on. if both of those don't work, check your securidy settings. if non of that works, i am out of ideas atm...

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#99: ..

by Rec. on 08/12/2009 20:35

>>are you new here?<<

Yes. I played Sauer first time right bedore new edition came out.
And in old edition there were more servers with people displaying for me.

Ok, i ll try all you said. Thanks..

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#100: Re: ..

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 08/15/2009 01:58, refers to #99

its also possible that you didn't download SB correctly, and thus it didn't get all the things it needs... also its possible that you didn't clear off all the last version of SB off before you re-downloaded the new version of SB... (i found i couldn't luanch a "listin" server till i cleared off every bit of the SB and redownloaded it) in which case it could be incorrectly formatted and thus you'll not get the servers.

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#101: ..

by Rec. on 08/20/2009 15:43

>>also its possible that you didn't clear off all the last version of SB<<

looks like it happened..

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