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cube on iphone

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/26/2008 03:06, 100 messages, last message: 07/24/2009 01:04, 58505 views, last view: 12/06/2022 01:43

With a couple of days work I've ported cube to the iphone/touch... the result is very rough around the edges in terms of usability and is a tad slow (5-15fps), but it works! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzz24bpSYO4 (sorry about the poor volume, and my bad camera work...)

What next? I'll fix the interface see if I can tweak the performance a little. If I can make it more playable then I'll still needs Aards permission before I can consider making it (and it's content) a freebie on the Apple AppStore (and yes, I am a registered iphone dev).

PS Before people ask - I did consider porting Sauerbraten, but it uses too many opengl features that I'd have to work around for the ES and the codebase is significantly more complex.

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#81: ..

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 06:52

There is always the iPod market.
I only have a Pod, yet i know a fare few folks down here with iPhones.
They all love cube.
I'll be getting an iPhone in 2 weeks.
(Maybe the update will be out by then? he he.)
Ps... Aus iTunes is only 1 with cube still in top 100. (US UK NZ AU).

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#82: D\'oh

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 08:01

1.5. Better, but....

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#83: Hmmmm?

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 08:42

Now I have to drag my finger round the screen like a bloody idiot!
I really did like the previous control method. Simple but effective.
Now even more cunfusion.
I might revert back to 1.2.
Good thing is more fps.
Well done.

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#84: Re: Hmmmm?

by a~baby~rabbit on 01/14/2009 09:09, refers to #83

moan, moan, moan, moan... meh iphone junkies...

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#85: moaning...

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 11:02

First moan i've had. Love Cube.
I have nothing too bad to say about it.
Only praise.
(Just not familiar with your new controls yet a.b.r.).
Btw I am removing my reviews from iTunes. Plays better so my help is no longer needed. (or wanted anyway).
((Friends of mine wanted me to put it there to help their friends and so forth))

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#86: ..

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 11:44

So basically my main concern is thus:
Would anyone object to there being a review in iTunes (aus) listing some Cube scripts?
(I should maybe have asked earlier).
Many I have listed have benifits to game play and fun factor.
Old hands may already know, but newbies may see the other side of game playing too. (As Cube is as far as I know the only game on this system you can mod like this).
(Not that you can change much).

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#87: ..

by Retsam09 on 01/14/2009 17:33

Nah....Forget it.
Didn't like it, sorry.
Reverted back to 1.2.

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#88: Changes

by Coop01 on 01/16/2009 03:50

I have some ideas for the controls on the iPhone/iPod touch. you could make two "joystick boxes" one in each bottom corner. the left is for looking and the right is for moving (including strafe and backwards walking). On the top right corner you could put the Fire box which one could reach by arch their index finger over the device (alot easier than it sounds). The menu would obviously be top left corner and the jump box in the middle bottom. As for the weapon select you could go back to the original way or you could use the accelerometer to your advantage and have people shake the device to change weapons. I would love to see this in the next update :). Any feedback would be appreciated just contact me at xyphercoop01@yahoo.com.


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#89: Sorry

by Coop01 on 01/16/2009 04:03

My bad, reverse the joystick boxes. I told them to you backwards by mistake. Also for my left handed friend, you should add a lefty option in the menu.

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#90: Almost perfect, but not quite yet.

by Retsam09 on 01/16/2009 09:50

If ya swap aim with movement it would play way better.
When I turn right i hit the edge of screen and have to swipe a few times for a 360 view.
Using an 8 way pad on screen and tilt to aim you would have 360 aim and fluid movement. Like the old setup.
The whole lower right quarter could be touch pad.
Almost perfect, a few more changes and it is the best game app around.
Keep up your good work.

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#91: Re: Almost perfect, but not quite yet.

by Coop01 on 01/16/2009 14:25, refers to #90

the problem with the tilt to look is that it was so jerky. So if you go with my idea and make the look box so it continues to move instead of people having to continuosly swiping their fingers across the screen it will be much easier. Just think of my control idea as an xbox controller, it's bassically the same thing.

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#92: Jerky Aiming

by Retsam09 on 01/16/2009 18:20

In the 1.2 I was able to set a variable which stopped the jerks.
Aiming was perfect, tilt a little aim a little, now the sensitivity command does little to help this. Tilt to aim was the best, but that's only my opinion. If we had the option to choose it may be a.o.k.
All else is good.

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#93: Re: Jerky Aiming

by a~baby~rabbit on 01/16/2009 21:33, refers to #92

please discontinue with the misinformation - you are referring to some legacy mouse variables which were unused on the iphone.

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#94: ..

by Retsam09 on 01/17/2009 21:25

Sorry, an accident left me with memory loss a while ago, trying to get it back. (my mind too) I used to create my own games, maps, monsters,items etc. Now all is lost except some flashing thoughts of the past.
Forgive my ignorance and persistance please.

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#95: ..

by JadeMatrix on 01/25/2009 06:03

Heh, I had completely forgotten about this, but my brother just got an iPod Touch and downloaded Cube on it.

Never played a game with more awkward controls, but it's still awesome. (I still prefer it on pc...)

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#96: source code available

by a~baby~rabbit on 01/26/2009 20:37

For all those who have asked, the source code for the iphone port is available from a link off http://fernlightning.com/doku.php?id=iphone:cube:start - have fun...

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#97: Re: source code available

by bishop on 01/29/2009 21:45, refers to #96

do you have instructions on how to compile it to run in the simulator?

some enet files were missing that I had to hunt down, had to set the include file path and when I finally got it to compile I get an Unknown Error when running it in the iphone simulator

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#98: Re: source code available

by a~baby~rabbit on 01/29/2009 23:06, refers to #97

Any instructions would be found on the fernLightning website. The only support advice I can offer is that intimacy with the original Cube code/algorithms and with the iphone development environment should help you through many issues.

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#99: New version available (v1.7)

by baby~rabbit on 07/23/2009 23:23

See Appstore - updated with bug fixes and performance improvements.

This is likely to be the final iphone version.

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#100: Re: New version available (v1.7)

by )FC($k!llz_ on 07/24/2009 01:04, refers to #99


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