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cube on iphone

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/26/2008 03:06, 100 messages, last message: 07/24/2009 01:04, 58504 views, last view: 12/06/2022 01:38

With a couple of days work I've ported cube to the iphone/touch... the result is very rough around the edges in terms of usability and is a tad slow (5-15fps), but it works! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzz24bpSYO4 (sorry about the poor volume, and my bad camera work...)

What next? I'll fix the interface see if I can tweak the performance a little. If I can make it more playable then I'll still needs Aards permission before I can consider making it (and it's content) a freebie on the Apple AppStore (and yes, I am a registered iphone dev).

PS Before people ask - I did consider porting Sauerbraten, but it uses too many opengl features that I'd have to work around for the ES and the codebase is significantly more complex.

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#34: Feature Requests

by ConorKirkpatrick on 11/20/2008 16:11

I have a couple of feature requests:

1. Integrate the menus more closely with the iPhone/iPT UI. Like have an actual list for the main menu that pops up.

2. Move the Jump button to the top Left and move the menu to the top right.

3. Accelerometer re-calibration: let the user set what point Cube thinks is the center, this could make things easier for some people. Also, make it less sensitive, because if I manage to get the player to look straight ahead, there is still a little movement

4. Performance increase? Obviously can't just be added in, but maybe the next version will have better performance?

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#35: Re: Feature Requests

by borgqueenx on 11/20/2008 19:41, refers to #34

he already said a performence upgrade would be done.

and i totally agree about the menu and jump buttons, they really need to be switched.

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#36: Re: Feature Requests

by a~baby~rabbit on 11/20/2008 21:34, refers to #34

1 - I had originally intended to do that, and may return to implement that at a later date.
2/3 - Yes, general customisation/placement/sensitivity of the controls are on my list for the things to do over the next weeks.
4 - Improving performance is very hard and the iphone is underpowered, so don't expect miracles.

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#37: Re: Available within next few days

by SanHolo on 11/21/2008 21:06, refers to #31

baby-rabbit, you could write that an updated version is under review in the description of the app, should appear momentarily and make people more patient than rating it 1-2 star. ;-)

Great job BTW!

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#38: Message censored by administrator

by killer187 on 11/22/2008 00:50

#39: Feature requests

by Canigou on 11/23/2008 12:01

I've only one request, it's that the camera movements should only be controlled over a certain degree of incline so the cam wont move all the time, even when you don't want it to.

Sorry for my English if I made any mistakes, I'm French.

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#40: Great Port!

by MagiusII on 11/23/2008 23:34


Just wanted to say great port of the game. I wanted to give a few suggestions that I think would make it even better.

1. Would be the editing features of the game. I don't think anyone is going to be making maps of cube on there Iphone, so this option can probably be removed from the menu.

2. Volume controls. This would be nice.

3. Controls: Right now it is too hard to control the game by tilting to aim. My suggestion would to change the tilt features to movement. Tilt forward to run forward, side to side to strafe side to side, tilt backward to move backward. Then I would say to put a button where the jump button is that can be held down in order to do tilt to look. And finally move the current jump button to where the move button is.

I believe that these changes to the movement would increase the games playability 10 fold.

Since cube is open source and requires community involvement, I'm happy to test any new features or give any further suggestions that I can think of if you think they'll help...unfortunately my coding ability isn't up to snuff so not sure I would be able to help much there. Anyways, hope this helps!

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#41: Re: Great Port!

by ConorKirkpatrick on 11/24/2008 03:47, refers to #40

And if you do do that, have an option to use the current method too ;)

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#42: multi player

by u_n_v_me on 11/26/2008 01:59

ok I've tried all I can think of how the heck do u get the multi player to work? It keeps saying can't connect to surver do I need to be on wifi? How come there's no instictions? I've figured out everything but the multi player. Would be great if someone could help that's the only reason I for the game...

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#43: Re: multi player

by u_n_v_me on 11/26/2008 02:01, refers to #42

ps sorry for the typos I'm on my iPhone

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#44: Re: multi player

by demosthenes_ on 11/26/2008 03:13, refers to #42

I have a similar issue: when attempting to connect to the master server on my iPod Touch, it simply locks up Cube. Not useful, particularly! :)

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#45: Re: multi player

by a~baby~rabbit on 11/26/2008 08:21, refers to #44

It's a tech demo, and so far as I know no one is running any compatible servers... Meanwhile I already know I need to fix that locking up bug.

On reflection I should really have removed editing & multiplayer from the menus.

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#46: Re: multi player

by demosthenes_ on 11/26/2008 08:57, refers to #45

Yep, probably! It does work fairly well, though. A couple of things that would be useful: working sensitivity settings and a deadzone setting. I find it almost impossible to force the ogro to walk a straight line; he simply wobbles back and forth, veering ever farther off course.

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#47: Editing/Multiplayer.

by ConorKirkpatrick on 11/26/2008 20:18

Could you keep multiplayer in the menu but put it in another menu if you don't want it on the main menu? I have been wanting to start a server for this (the iPhone one, not the pc one).

And, I do use editing sometimes, but I could probably live without it in the menu, as long as the command thing is in there :)

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#48: news

by a~baby~rabbit on 12/07/2008 01:53

We just passed the one million downloads mark - which is just totally insane, especially considering how critical some reviewers have been of performance, controls, and music.

Meanwhile planning to do a new release within the next week - with greatly improved performance, fixes multiplayer crash, and hopefully better controls.

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#49: Re: news

by SheeEttin on 12/07/2008 05:09, refers to #48

It's amazing how many more people are exposed to Cube now. I've had several people with iPhones mention it to me.
Everything I've heard so far has been positive. :)

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#50: ..

by borgqueenx on 12/08/2008 17:01

The jump and menu button are switched i hope?

And i reeeaaaly hope the FPS will be 25 or more :P

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#51: Re: ..

by tentus_ on 12/08/2008 23:49, refers to #50

Why, back in my day we took our 25 fps like men, and liked 'em too! Ungrateful varmits...


Seriously though, I'm still amazed that 3D tech has advanced this far. I remember when the Apple lab in the school was high-tech, and now my wristwatch has more computing power than them. Incredible times we live in.

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#52: ..

by borgqueenx on 12/13/2008 14:51

this week is almost over :(

I really am looking forward to the update.

With some good tweaking and modding, and more FPS, this will be the best app store game.

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#53: ..

by relyt03 on 12/14/2008 03:14

someone may have said this already, but i think that instead of just porting cube you should make an actual new game for the iphone/touch. still based on the cube engine, but made specifically for the iphone/touch. i know this would take a long time and you guys are busy with sauerbraten and eisenstern, but i think it would be better than a port. and im sorry if i may sound ignorant, i don't know, i just thought it would be cool. =)

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