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cube on iphone

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/26/2008 03:06, 100 messages, last message: 07/24/2009 01:04, 58503 views, last view: 12/05/2022 23:42

With a couple of days work I've ported cube to the iphone/touch... the result is very rough around the edges in terms of usability and is a tad slow (5-15fps), but it works! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzz24bpSYO4 (sorry about the poor volume, and my bad camera work...)

What next? I'll fix the interface see if I can tweak the performance a little. If I can make it more playable then I'll still needs Aards permission before I can consider making it (and it's content) a freebie on the Apple AppStore (and yes, I am a registered iphone dev).

PS Before people ask - I did consider porting Sauerbraten, but it uses too many opengl features that I'd have to work around for the ES and the codebase is significantly more complex.

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#1: nice job!

by chris777 on 09/26/2008 03:18

Wow cool! This could really further the horizons of the engine...
Anyway, thanks for the contribution!

btw, my first post on the forum :D

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#2: Too Cool

by tentus_ on 09/26/2008 04:23

You rock baby~rabbit, that's really hardcore.

Your demo makes me realize how many nice *little* things have been added to Sauer, like the loading screens and such. Whoo progress (and of course, whoo handheld progress)!

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#3: ..

by mrpiddly_000003 on 09/26/2008 05:06

Great work there.

I think that the zlib license effectively bypasses all the problems other open source developers have found with the app store.

Still, apple needs to include tools that address the problems other open source developers face when they want to create official iPhone applications.

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#4: Cool!

by Conor_Kirkpatrick_New on 09/26/2008 08:09

This is so cool! I have an iPod Touch, but I am getting an iPhone this Saturday! I hope Aard approves this and you can release an alpha :)

I really like the accelerometer input, and it runs faster than I thought it would.

Is Software Occlusion Culling working yet? Or does the engine just need to be more optimized for the phone?

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#5: ..

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/26/2008 08:35

@tentus_ - yeah cube feels really old.. Meanwhile I do have to add a few touches like progress bars so its more conforms to apple user guidelines :P

@mrpiddly_000003 - due to the iphone dev NDA I can't give iphone specific code back to the project (I've had to replace most of SDL), though I should be able to give opengles code back...

@Conor_Kirkpatrick_New - it does whatever cube did back in late 2005 which is the code base I started from.

In general, be patient - it needs more work, and then it takes at least a week to get things approved on the AppStore, but if it gets that far then of course I'll announce it here!

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#6: ..

by CCmachine_ubuntu-desktop on 09/28/2008 23:46

nice: could this port fairly easily to the Pandora? Pandora supports hardware OpenGL ES 2.0 and a powerful CPU but only 128mb of ram...


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#7: Re: ..

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/29/2008 01:29, refers to #6

Sure, first glance says it's go better specs...
but you might want to start a new port as ES 2.0 isn't particularly backward compatible with earlier versions, and I suspect someone will provide SDL thus making your job a lot easier.

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#8: Update

by a~baby~rabbit on 09/30/2008 07:51

Now features equivalent to the desktop version of Cube 'final' from 2005. Fixed lots of things since last video: enabled sound and music, the squished graphics, the controls are more fluid, performance is better... but I'm still terrible at camera/voice work

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#9: ..

by ConorKirkpatrick on 10/01/2008 18:38


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#10: Re: ..

by CCmachine_ubuntu-desktop on 10/01/2008 21:04, refers to #7

SDL for rendering or sound, input etc?

i believe the pandora also supports OpenGL ES 1.1 also. the CPU has a FPU and needed things like that, so shouldn't be difficult once we have the renderer working.


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#11: Re: ..

by absinth_grrr on 10/01/2008 22:39, refers to #9


good news indeed

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#12: ..

by redwall_hp on 10/03/2008 22:12

That is awesome. I doubt it would work well in a multiplayer match though. :D

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#13: Re: ..

by a~baby~rabbit on 10/04/2008 00:13, refers to #12

Yeah, playing against a desktop client would be instant fail. The iphone version does support multiplayer, but it will say 'different protocol' unless someone compiles a server from the cube source.
Likewise it supports editing, but that's kinda tricky due to the limited interface :P

In general it's best to consider this port a proof of concept technology demo type thing...

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#14: hm?

by ConorKirkpatrick on 10/13/2008 04:53

What happened to this? It isn't on the appstore yet and the site says it should be available Oct 9th, and it's the 12th :P

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#15: Re: hm?

by a~baby~rabbit on 10/13/2008 08:27, refers to #14

Actually submitted to the AppStore 2nd Oct'08 - I'm %^*& waiting too...

note: during July I believe it took 30 days for an App to reach the end of the review queue - and Apple do have a conference thingy this week... so basically I have no idea - but let's hope before christmas :P

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#16: Touch?

by [Soul]Floppy on 10/15/2008 01:07

I think this is a great idea. Will this be compatible with the Ipod Touch also?




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#17: Re: Touch?

by ConorKirkpatrick on 10/15/2008 02:36, refers to #16

yep, most app store apps are compatible with both, and I think baby-rabbit used an ipod touch in the video :P

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#18: ..

by Adobe-Media on 10/15/2008 04:25

That is wicked. Damn, I think I might get a touch.......
Can you play MP with other iPhones/Touches? If so, that is ****ing awesome.

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#19: ..

by Conor_Kirkpatrick_New on 10/27/2008 00:22

Did it get turned away from the AppStore?

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#20: Re: ..

by a~baby~rabbit on 10/27/2008 07:20, refers to #19

No and I'm still !%^&@ing waiting on Apple. @^&ing ridiculous service I say...

When I have any news, I will post here.

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