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Bug Reports

by eihrul on 09/03/2008 01:41, 1171 messages, last message: 08/15/2021 02:13, 792892 views, last view: 12/05/2022 23:42

Please post your bug reports in here.

With your bug report, please submit the following information:

1) OS: Your operating system, i.e. Linux, Windows, or otherwise and what version you are using.

2) 3D card: The 3D card you are using. If you do not know, this is printed on the "Renderer:" line in the console when Sauerbraten starts up.

3) The edition of Sauerbraten you are using, i.e. Assassin edition, CVS as of a particular date, or otherwise.

4) Error information: If you are on Windows, a pop-up message showing filenames and line numbers should show up when Sauerbraten crashes; if possible, post a screenshot or a copy/paste of this. If on Linux, post a log of the startup info from the console, including relevant errors or any info you might have discovered. If on MacOS X, please post the crash log if applicable.

5) A description of the problem and how to reproduce it. Please give as much detail as possible on how someone can recreate the problem, in as certain terms as you can. If someone else can't reproduce the problem, it is unlikely he can fix it or tell you what is wrong.

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#1160: Re: Jumping mouse pointer with Windows 10 1709

by Redsniper on 10/24/2017 20:40, refers to #1159

I have the same problem on a Dutch Windows 10 Fall Creator's update. The bug started when updating to this latest version of Windows 10. Changed drivers, resolution, disabled V-Sync, changed mouse sensivity ingame, disabled fullscreen playing. Nothing helps.

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#1161: Here is a Fix!!

by d_TraXer on 11/28/2017 21:13



Enjoy :)

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#1162: I want to report a bug

by chainfire on 02/03/2018 16:42

Hello greedings from germany
Distro:Linux 64bit (Ubuntu)
Graphics card:Amd radeon 3000
processor:amd athlon x2 220 (2,6 ghz)
Ram:2 gb ddr 3
version latest:collect edition
Error:Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben)
How it produce:when i play the game crashes randomely,and in the console stands this error hope you have a fix :D

ps:i know i have slow pc xd

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#1164: Mouse Bug

by GreenFlame361 on 11/28/2018 17:17

Sometimes, when I'm playing, the mouse just for some reason snaps in some random direction. Up, down, left, right, you name it.

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#1165: mapmodel collision bugs

by crapimdead on 05/31/2020 04:56

I found 3 or 4 bugs that might be related, because they all have to do with collision detection for mapmodels/elevators/boxes. Bugs 2 & 3 cause some significant problems in the new Missile Pass campaign (crnsp1), making it impossible to finish it. All but the last one are new in svn and did not occur in collect edition.

It's possible to walk through some mapmodels when they are rotated 180 degree. At 0 degree the collision detection works fine, as the angle increases towards 180 degree an increasingly large portion of the mapmodel has no collision. After 180 degree the effect begins to lessen again as the angle goes towards 360 degree. This seems to happen only with mapmodels that have an offcenter origin like aftas/machina/machina1

Since SVN you very often fall through elevators, especially when jumping onto them. In the missile pass campaign this seems to happen to the monsters as well, often getting them stuck underneath an elevator where you can't kill them

Collision detection of elevators with 2D mapmodels seems to have additional problems. The only elevator on crnsp1 that uses a 2d mapmodel just goes straight through the floor and doesn't come back. Changing the model fixes this.

I'm not sure if this last one even is a bug. It's also the only one that already was present in collect edition: the bounding box of box and barrel entities gets cut off beneath the origin of the model. So the same model might have a different bounding box depending on wether it is a mapmodel or a box entity. These models then just sink into the ground when they're used as boxes or barrels.

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#1166: Frozen Mouse in SVN

by rabe on 06/11/2020 09:45


Cursor/mouse is frozen.

Windows 10

GeForce GTX 1050/PCle/SSE2 (Nvidia Corporation)

3.3.0 NVIDIA 446.14


To set up the SVN i followed Frosty's #svn-tutorial on Discord (via Tortoise, SVN-Checkout, downloaded the Binaries Frosty posted there, specified the path in the batch file).

It is the first SVN I installed. I did not try older versions (and i do not have any clue, how to do that or how to compile binaries).

I have the same problem in Tomatenquark.

Collect edition runs fine.

The game loads, but the cursor is frozen in the center of the screen. I cannot move it with the mouse or the touchpad of my laptop. I can type though, load maps and walk around ingame, just not move the cursor/freelook.

On the bottom and on the right of the screen, there is a thin green line/frame.

Please help.

Thanks and greetings

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#1167: Re: Frozen Mouse in SVN

by rabe on 06/11/2020 10:07, refers to #1166

In Collect edition, the game says the following when started:

Library: SDL 1.2.13
Renderer: ...
Driver: ...
Redering using the OpenGL GLSL shader path

The informations about the Library and the shader path are missing in the SVN

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#1168: intentional regression in new releace

by tuta on 11/30/2020 13:05

Today i try new releace (2020 edition). I can not play it in third person view, the way i play it for years.
1) It is not good.
2)It is bad.
3) It is like going to stone age from age of hot pizza delivery.
PLease, dont let me down. Return pizza delivery age so i can play with you in new releace. Reverse maden mistake of dissabling third person view 1, thirdpersondistance, thirdpersonup in play mode. Thank you. I forgive you.

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#1169: Re: intentional regression in new releace

by raz on 11/30/2020 15:10, refers to #1168

Thirdperson will not be making a return when playing actual matches. It only works offline or in editmode. We appreciate your feedback but you can play without it too.

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#1170: Re: intentional regression in new releace

by tuta on 11/30/2020 16:46, refers to #1169

I’m sorry for I can’t obey to your understanding of the game/fun. I can not play without third person view. Playing in first person is for competitors. It sux. I play for fun. There is no fun in first person view. Specifically if you are used to some way, and then someone forbids it with no special reason - in my honest opinion. Thank you for your efforts.

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#1171: Re: intentional regression in new releace

by raz on 11/30/2020 18:27, refers to #1170

it was disabled specifically because it can be abused to see people from an angle that isn't otherwise possible.

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#1172: Re: intentional regression in new releace

by tuta on 11/30/2020 21:59, refers to #1171

View was restricted in collect edition, but was not removed. In collect edition, restriction was on thirdpesondistance 50 max. Reason - so people can not abuse it to view behind the walls. You could "abuse" it to see over obstacles in about hight of the player model.
You can still use third person 2 to see at angle that is not other way "possible", and to shoot in all "impossible" angles. That leads to conclusion that regression is one problem, inconsistency is another one.

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#1173: Maps missing from game type lists

by someguy2 on 12/01/2020 15:41

This isn't a major bug or anything but was an issue with the previous game and this one.

Some maps don't show up on game types they support.

Examples: fc4 and fc5 both support ctf but neither are listed when you look on the menus for that game mode. You have to load them in manually or hope the server has been set up to use them, etc.

I don't know if it's fixable the users side but would nice to have an official fix.

There are other maps with this issue but I don't know their names at the top of my head.

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#1174: Win32 Exception

by bensocket on 12/06/2020 22:59

Hello All

I just installed the newest version on Sauerbraten 2020 on a Windows 10 laptop.

When i try to start it, it starts to load then crashes and i get this error.

Cube2: Sauerbraten Win32 Exception:0xc0000005 [0x20]

It is a MSI GE72 6QD Apache Pro with I7 CPU and Nvidia GTX960M

Already redownloaded and reinstalled but same issue.

Older version of Sauerbraten used to work just fine


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#1175: Re: Win32 Exception

by asmanel on 12/07/2020 23:21, refers to #1174

Did you try to launch it from command line ? I think you'll get more info about the problem if you do it.

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#1176: OpenGL 2.0 or greater is required

by brownspike on 12/09/2020 01:13


I recently updated to the 2020 version of Sauerbraten. Since then, I have encountered the following error when launching the game "OpenGL 2.0 or greater is required". When looking at the log file, the renderer is listed as GDI Generic (Microsoft Corporation). The previous version of Sauerbraten runs without issue and correctly identifies my GPU. I updated to the latest graphics drivers, but this didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks!

More Info:
Windows 10 64 bit
GTX 1070

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#1177: Re: OpenGL 2.0 or greater is required

by brownspike on 12/09/2020 01:29, refers to #1176

I was able to fix the issue. For some reason the Sauerbraten folder in "documents/my games" wasn't deleted when uninstalling the previous version. I deleted the entire folder, and the game launched normally. There must have been a setting in the old files which was causing my error.

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#1178: relativemouse 0

by notas on 12/09/2020 22:57

We've discussed this before, but relativemouse 0 has (according to two reports) teh same bug on mac as it does on windows (mouse movement trapped in an invisible box). I haven't looked into either user's case extensively, but since it's the exact same bug (with video proof in one case) I think it's safe to assume it's just borked

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#1179: Bug in gzstream::size()

by pix on 12/26/2020 20:14

Not a game bug per-se, but something that should be fixed nevertheless:

in stream.cpp, the size() method of the gzstream struct should use rawtell() (or file->tell()) to remember the position before seeking to the end and back, otherwise a call to size() will reset the read position to before the header. It happens because checkheader() doesn't advance zfile.total_out, which tell() relies on. Alternatively, return headersize + zfile.total_out from tell() maybe?

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#1180: Bots start firing before I go out of the corner

by daniel3 on 08/15/2021 02:13

When playing CTF mode on the abbey map, I found that bots can often start firing before they actually see me, so when I go out of the corner, there's already a rocket or a machine gun burst waiting for me.

I switched to the spectator mode and found that, indeed, they can see through the walls and start fire in advance. Here's a short video:


I'm using the 2020 Edition.

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