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new release! assassin edition

by Aardappel_ on 12/22/2007 19:14, 268 messages, last message: 12/29/2008 17:05, 204923 views, last view: 12/01/2020 08:14, closed on 12/29/2008 17:22


New gameplay! Hudguns! lots of cool bits and bobs! Feedback in this thread!

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#246: Re: updates

by enigma_0Z on 02/23/2008 18:44, refers to #245

Of course there are all the linux users (like me) that would be left out in the cold...

IMO someone should develop a rsync-based app. The app could be developed in python & gtk which are both cross-platform. What is really needed is a server to host the unarchived files for the current release.

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#247: Re: updates

by D-TurboKiller (LT) (gah, not a lost cookie again...) on 02/23/2008 22:20, refers to #246

Not really. You could use wine (or cedega?) to run Steam just like everyone else.
And thinking of it, this would be an awesome idea to increase Sauerbraten\\\\\\\'s popularity... by a lot! All those Steam users would definitely love finding this game, and then saying \\\\\\\"wtf, a free awesome FPS game?!\\\\\\\".

Just a thought, besides the easy auto-updating ;)

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#248: CVS

by Hirato Kirata on 02/24/2008 00:46

CVS is global operating system wise, and everyone can just do a checkout on release days to get the newest client. or when patches are released. for mac users unfortunately, this means they'll have to compile it themselves.

while it may mean bigger load on the servers for a while, it'll wear of as you'll be downloading just what you need, not everything again. which in the end will mean there far less downloads of the client itself and much less data will be transferred for the same amount of people to update, and become esteemed sauerbraten players.

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#249: Re: updates

by ezombie on 02/24/2008 03:34, refers to #246

Already has been discussed and implemented...

public rsync repo of the current version of assasin:


We have been using another repo at this location for ET:CE testing.

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#250: Re: updates

by enigma_0Z on 02/24/2008 05:36, refers to #247

Running wine or cedega (which costs money btw) is not an acceptable solution for the following reason: There is no reason that I should run an application on a Linux platform that emulates Windows, so I can run a Windows-only app to download something that should in theory run natively on Linux. That is ridiculous.

Not only that, but have you tried to use wine on a regular basis? Most apps either barely work or don't at all (granted a few work nicely), but it is still very botched, and not ready for the masses.

I really don't want to troll or flame, but this idea of using steam exclusively is a really bad one.

But, the idea of using steam in conjunction with something more cross-platform is good for popularity. Perhaps put the downloader app into steam?

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#251: Re: updates

by D-TurboKiller (LT) (gah, not a lost cookie again...) on 02/24/2008 11:49, refers to #250

And that is the reason why I don't use linux... (I did forget that you would have to download the win version of Sauer btw)
Still, it would be a big advantage for windows users, since it would make updating the game a lot easier (not to mention the popularity it would gain on Steam, as I've said before).
But, for linux users, ezombie's idea seems to be a good alternative.

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#252: ..

by ATIRULE on 02/24/2008 12:38

um has some one tried running the update app VIA wine :P

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#253: Re: ..

by ezombie on 02/24/2008 20:59, refers to #252

Not sure why anyone would use the little NSIS script I made so Windows people can use the rsync repo - on Linux.

The main reason for that was because installing/using rsync on Windows is a royal PITA. It's standard on just about every other OS currently available.

Linux peeps could just:

rsync -rv repo.usef-et.org::sauer <local folder>

*but* I still have to rsync up the Linux binaries into the repo. Plus most Linux users like to compile stuff themselves (I did my FreeBSD Sauer install that way).

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#254: Re: ..

by Hirato Kirata on 02/25/2008 15:01, refers to #253

Not to mention some of us linux users like cvs, so doing a cvs -z9 update is another convenient way of doing it as well, while only the deltas are download (by that I mean files that changed and got added since the last cehckout). you can actually go mad and gloat about all these leet features you have and they don't, but will have soon enough when a release is packaged :P

My point is just that there's plenty of other universal methods with little needed configuration available too :)

~Hirato Kirata

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#255: ..

by Kitzmjules on 02/28/2008 08:11

i have a macbook and my assasin's version of sauer sometimes freezes when i start single player or when i get close to a large body of water.

can anyone help out a noob?

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#256: Re: Increased freezes

by Nan on 04/17/2008 01:38, refers to #211

I own an IMAC too (intel) and those freezes are going to make me stop playing this game.

It\\\'s so frustrating, every time I have to reboot my Imac because I\\\'m not able to Force Quit.

How do you Force Quit when Saub freezes?

thank you

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#257: Re: Increased freezes

by absinth_grrr on 04/17/2008 01:46, refers to #256


repeat if neccesary

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#258: ..

by James007 on 04/17/2008 21:35

I have an intel imac and it works fine on sauer(running tiger). Try software update or something. Im not sure how well Sauer runs on leopard tho.

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#259: Re: Increased freezes

by smartalco on 04/18/2008 04:10, refers to #256

(in addition to absinth_grrr)

otherwise known as apple-option-esc

works every time for me (it seems to take a little longer then normal though)

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#260: I liked the new release, but......

by Sauceofallevils666 on 04/22/2008 20:01

I really liked the new release for a lot of reasons. The new maps where good,also a lot of new other extras where implemented, the only con to this large array of pros is the changed movement. You run even faster, but can\'t jump as high. I personally loved the high jumping aspect of the game!

I think the movement should be fast, but maybe not as fast as it is now, maybe slightly slower, but not much. The game should be fast, but not too fast and should have high jumping again!

Otherwise good work on this release, just please contemplate my suggested alterations regarding player movement.

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#261: Win32 Exception

by Madrick on 06/03/2008 21:44

A pal of mine is still having the

Sauerbraten Win32 Exception: 0xc0000005 [0x8]

Error. Is there any fix for this?

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#262: Re: Win32 Exception

by Quin on 06/04/2008 06:38, refers to #261

Not unless you give more information..

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#263: Error

by Fudgie on 07/01/2008 23:24

Every Time i open the game (already installed latest patch)the game exits after loading the map with a message saying:
Sauerbraten Win32 Exception: 0xc0000005 [0x8]

Can someone please help? Thanks

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#264: Re: Error

by SheeEttin on 07/02/2008 17:57, refers to #263


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#265: Win 32 Exception

by Destroyer2000 on 12/29/2008 14:24

Hi, I have Vista Home Premium Toshiba Notebook Laptop, I downloaded SauerBraten like you are suspossed to and when I start the game and the map loads I get a half a second glimpse of the game then it closes and I see a message box saying "Sauerbraten Win32 Exception: 0xc0000005 [0x8]". I also see this Command Prompt window with all of this stuff. Go to this link: http://i40.tinypic.com/3143tpj.jpg, by the way, if you can't see the writing properly you should be able to zoom in. Please help, thanks!

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