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new release! assassin edition

by Aardappel_ on 12/22/2007 19:14, 268 messages, last message: 12/29/2008 17:05, 207029 views, last view: 01/18/2021 10:47, closed on 12/29/2008 17:22


New gameplay! Hudguns! lots of cool bits and bobs! Feedback in this thread!

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#209: ..

by Julius on 02/14/2008 22:44


current development of OpenCDS

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#210: ..

by SheeEttin on 02/14/2008 23:13

Why not just make three categories on the Sourceforge page: "engine", "updates", and "content"? (Isn't this kind of the way Sauermod did it?)

This way, people can download only what they need and aren't forced to download the... 180(ish?) extra megabytes that is the maps, textures, etc.

I myself have quite frequently found that I need a clean release, but only the engine... It's quite aggravating.

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#211: Increased freezes

by BillyBob on 02/14/2008 23:16

Aloha all!

I had this problem occasionally with the previous release, and it seems worse since the Assassin release.

In mid-play, suddenly the game becomes completely unresponsive. The music continues to play, the spinning beach ball of death appears, and if I'm patient, the game will crash in a few minutes. If I'm not patient, I can usually force quit. Once I had to resort to power off.

It happens most commonly in Coop Edit. 2nd most commonly, it happens when a player named "unnamed" joins a game. And, on occasion, it seems to happen with no provocation.

I'm on Macs. I play on a variety of machines, including a quad G5 and 2 different generations of Intel iMacs. I use both OS 10.4 and 10.5. The G5 running 10.4 seems to suffer the least from this malady, while the iMac on 10.5 seems the most susceptible. Still, they all freeze.

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#212: ..

by smartalco on 02/14/2008 23:20

some of the maps have changed from version to version (river_c comes to mind)

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#213: Re: Increased freezes

by smartalco on 02/14/2008 23:22, refers to #211

billybob posted right before my last reply

@billybob: that happens to me too on my powerbook G4, so far I have just lived with it, a force quit and restart is fairly fast

any idea what the problem is anyone?

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#214: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 00:08

I applaud OpenCDS - *but* it is still very much pre-alpha (aka non functional). They said that maybe this fall it might be usable...

As for the here and now, no one would care to make a simple internet install for Windows? (can't see why us ubergeek BSD/Linux guys need one - we would just use CVS and build anyways) I would be happy to generate/maintain the fileset for download. :D

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#215: Re: ..

by demosthenes on 02/15/2008 00:11, refers to #207

That version is at least one version old. I've tried getting it that way; I think it's spring edition.

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#216: Re: ..

by yoopers on 02/15/2008 01:02, refers to #214

The Sauer Windows installer is built on Nullsoft's installer, and NSIS includes support for web installs. Seems it's just a matter of someone with hosting and the time to modify the installer stepping up, but, then again, I tend to grimace when I hear the word 'windows' so I may be completely off-base here.

(and, no, I don't grimace because I'm a MSFT-hater. I write real-time messaging systems that interconnect with other partners' solutions. When I work with a partner on a win32 platform their server tends to melt under the loads we throw at them ;)

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#217: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 04:41

Indeed. The NSIS *patcher* is kinda cool, but you need to be upgrading from a known previous version. If we are not using the patcher, then it would still have to download the full 200+ MBs. But the patcher has some limitations.

We would have to maintain an install set for each possible upgrade possibility: summer to assasin, spring to assasin, and so on all the way back.


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#218: Re: ..

by BigFish on 02/15/2008 05:47, refers to #214

I might be able to throw one together with WxPython. .... MIGHT. The chances of it actually happening are really small.

I'm surprised all of you are interested in helping slow connection users, though. Judging from the size of Sauer, I'd figure that there wouldn't be much support. :\

Although, I do not like anything similar to Steam, really. Auto-updates = NO. It's irritating enough with Windows Update and McAffe. You'd at least be able to easily turn auto-updates off, right? If this system was adopted?

I like the CD thing though. This magazine was kinda obscure and hard to find, and having a cheap CD-send thing would be great. Also, to keep updates not being a problem, maybe make downloading newer content optional? Or being able to choose categories of which new content to get? I'd probably choose entities (ex: barrels/elevators), code, binaries, and textures. (The textures are smaller than you'd think...) With those catagories, updates would probably be 5 MB tops.

Hope this helps. :\

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#219: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 06:19

Well, I am testing anonymous rsync from windows right now. Seems to work beautifully.

It generates diffs on demand and uses gz compression of the stream, so the download is the absolute minimum - and it really doesn't care what version you are upgrading from.

Next test is to install spring edition, then run a rsync session and fire it up. I already have the read-only public rsync repository running with a stock patched assasin install (no CVS control files or src included)

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#220: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 06:34

Wow - now that was one fast easy upgrade!

Hmmm... the catch here being that the rsync client is a command line only tool. Perhaps if one whipped up a tiny NSIS installer that downloaded and ran the installer for the windows rsync client found here:


Then asked for the install location and ran the correct rsync command line... that might actaully work rather nicely.

I think I found my potential distribution strategy for ET:CE. Will be happy to indefinitely maintain/host a stock sauerbraten rsync repository as well.

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#221: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 08:40

I made a NSIS-based 900KB updater that uses rsync to update any install (including a blank one) of Sauerbraten. Tested it on Windows XP, but should work on 98 and up.

It includes the rsync binary which it runs from a temporary directory called *update* that is created in your sauerbraten folder. The *update* folder is cleaned up after it is done.

Any requests before I post the link? I will post the NSIS script/source files as well so people can fiddle with it.

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#222: Re: NSIS installer

by MeatROme on 02/15/2008 09:22, refers to #221

I haven't seen it installed on Windows for a few releases - there was once talk of a link to README/documentation being put into the menus by the installer ...
... is this happening already?
Is there also a link to the base-installation-folder ... so people know where to unpack stuff from quadropolis or other source !?!

well ... and the supporter in me of course would love to be able to tell users : show me the log output of your update .. I bet I know where there'll be an error :-P

but that's going into the kinky stuff already ... I'll just wait for the link and take a look at NSIS at last ;-)

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#223: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 09:35

Just ran a spring to assasin update. Worked great! Only took about 6 minutes on a 250Kbs link (that is the current per-user bandwidth limit on the master)

Remeber, the updater only does that - update. It is assuming you ran a proper install at some point. It does NOT create any shortcuts or start menu entries.

You *can* run it without Sauer installed, and it will happily fetch the whole thing and place it in the folder. So people that like a manual install might use it this way...

Also, since it has NO way of knowing what state your current install may be - it will currently REMOVE any customizations or settings you may have.

I will be adding some filters this weekend so it will not wipe out the config.cfg, init.cfg, and servers.cfg files.

Sauerupdate Beta (Windows binary):


Full NSIS scripts/source files here:


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#224: NICE

by ATIRULE on 02/15/2008 09:55


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#225: Re: ..

by MovingTarget on 02/15/2008 14:40, refers to #223

Heh, nice work ezombie, good stuff. Although I personally use Inno Setup, I will have to look at NSIS.
Keep up the killer work!

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#226: ..

by geartrooper2 on 02/15/2008 17:42

bravo. now for mac and linux.

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#227: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 17:50

Ahhhh... rsync is in virtually all stock Linux/MacOSX installs. One simply needs a single command line:

rsync -av master.usef-et.org::sauer <local folder>

I took the src folder out of the master repo. Perhaps I should put it back in.

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#228: ..

by ezombie on 02/15/2008 19:16


Typo. The correct url for the repository server is:

rsync -av repo.usef-et.org::sauer <local folder>

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