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The Untitled Sauer Mod

by Acord on 05/25/2007 01:52, 94 messages, last message: 09/08/2007 00:57, 80878 views, last view: 03/25/2023 08:37

Very early screens from a Sauerbraten mod I've been working on. Comments, crits and questions welcome.


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#1: ..

by makkE on 05/25/2007 02:05

Nice Stuff !!
Why is the gun so lowpoly though?

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#2: Re: ..

by Acord on 05/25/2007 02:16, refers to #1

The high-poly versions were getting out of hand, so I need to re-work them. The pistol was up to 2000+ :(

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#3: ..

by Quin on 05/25/2007 06:34

Any more info other than that it is untitled? What kind of mod is it? What are it's goals?

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#4: ..

by makkE on 05/25/2007 11:45

Well, keep in mind, for hudguns you can go to about 1500 (may be more if you really need it), and you can also erase unseen faces, wich saves a 4th to a 3rd as well..

The guns in Sauer have small polycounts, yes, but thatīs only because they are from 2002 or so, designed to run on p400īs ;)

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#5: Re: ..

by Acord on 05/25/2007 15:13, refers to #3

I'll be working on replacing all the content - monsters, HUDguns, maps, sounds, and models. Most of the work will center around creating a strong single player experience.

The theme will be sci-fi horror.

Instead of having one main character, the game will be split into four side stories, each one with a different character and each one centered around a different facet of a planetwide zombie outbreak on Mars.

There are a total of 27 maps planned. Some of the maps will be re-used, but the characters will be taking different routes through them at different times during the outbreak.

Out of those 27 maps, 8 will be used in more than one side story. These are essentially hubs, such as city maps.

Gameplay wise, instead of two or three zombies in the dark, I was tending more towards hordes of undead, with some variants and abominations thrown in here and there.

As far as the story goes, the side stories will be told in backwards chronological order, with the story that happens last being told first. Difficulty will ramp up with each new side story.

I would love to do a multiplayer co-op for 2 - 4 players, but I don't think Sauer will ever support it and I'm not good enough at programming to code it.

Once I finish 2 or 3 levels complete with plot, monsters and weapons, I'll release it as a preview and use it as a proof-of-concept to recruit other people.

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#6: Sounds good, but...

by RedFoxFive on 05/25/2007 23:38

1) Backwards chronological with four characters?? Could be a little confusing.
2) Zombie outbreak on Mars?


1) The new monsters will be a VERY welcome thing
2) The four characters could make the plot more interesting.

Overall, sounds pretty good!

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#7: ..

by slider on 05/26/2007 02:08

I think its an excellent idea.

although why is it always mars ?..hee hee

Why is there so few mods out there for this amazing engine ?


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#8: ..

by Acord on 05/26/2007 18:44

I don't even remember how I stumbled across Sauerbraten, but after playing with it for about a week, I quit considering Torque. I could only get about 15 monsters into Torque running at the same time before it started crying, and that wasn't even the shader version.

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#9: Re: ..

by Seraph on 05/26/2007 19:08, refers to #8

Torque really is that bad? Man, I had considered getting that for about a year before I got too busy to do so. It does have great landscaping capabilites, though.

In any case, this looks really neat. I think the character sketch you showed will be a MASSIVE improvement from the old ogre.

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#10: Re: ..

by tentus_ on 05/28/2007 16:18, refers to #7

A lot of potential modders have been forced to wait for the engine to become more finished before working on mods- because new stuff keeps on getting added that they want, they keep on having to go through and re-add their code changes to each new Sauer edition. It eats up a lot of time and requires a ton of patience, so a lot of people have just decided to wait a while, or focus on making content that will be implemented once they finally get around to their coding.

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#11: Re: ..

by Acord on 05/29/2007 21:39, refers to #9

I think it's because so much of torque runs through script instead of code. The dumb part is that it's almost as complicated to script in as it would be to just code it in C++.

As far as the code goes though, outside of a couple of experiments, I won't be doing much in the way of coding until I'm getting closer to a release.

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#12: Message censored by administrator

by Acord on 05/30/2007 01:40

#13: Re: ..

by Acord on 05/30/2007 17:30, refers to #13

True enough, but I hated Doom 3.

It was too slow for one - I'll really be going for hordes of zombies, not two or three in the dark. If I can fit 100 on screen at once, so much the better. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who remembers cracking a door open and gunning down 60 Bulldemons - at the beginning of a level.

I hated the "opened a gateway to hell" plot. Lame explanation with no real depth or mystery, and hardly any plot to speak of. IMO plot needs to be driven by events and characters, not email that you find on computers you use - Which I also disliked, of course.

Doom really fell too far away from it's precursors in the gameplay department. I couldn't even be bothered to finish playing it all the way through.

Plot-wise, this will be hard sci-fi. I think using the supernatural is a lame way to explain something. There will be no possessed, no demons, none of that crap.

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#14: Re: ..

by Acord on 05/30/2007 22:06, refers to #14

The first beta test will probably be multi-player with a couple of different maps so that I can get feedback on how people like the look and feel of the basic gameplay. I'll be sure to let everyone know when I hit that point.

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#15: Re: ..

by sinsky on 05/31/2007 13:43, refers to #14

I've always liked the "hordes of zombies" type gameplay rather than story-oriented ones. Now that I think about it.. maybe it also applies to online gaming as well - games with hundreds of zombies online tend to prevail over everything else these days the more, the better :)

But still, stories, although not as important as engine power, graphics, design, etc. should be considered more seriously. Some years ago me and a friend made a Doom (1&2) fan site and I translated the Doom story and events into my language - it was great fun, I still remember this as if it was yesterday..

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#16: Zombie mod

by theW4, finally can post again on 05/31/2007 21:31

Are you thinking about somthing like zombie mod for counterstrike?

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#17: Re: Zombie mod

by Acord on 06/01/2007 14:55, refers to #16

Don't know - haven't played it. I used to play CS Waaaaay back in the day, and then everyone started cheating, so it wasn't any fun anymore. I played the HL2 version for about a day and wasn't that impressed, so I haven't looked at it for awhile.

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#18: ..

by theW4, finally can post again on 06/01/2007 23:54

It basically that there is one team. At the begging of a round someone becomes a zombie. Everyone else is human. The zombie then has to knife a player once for them to become a zombie. Eventually, almost everyone is a zombie. The zombies have almost unlimited health as well, but players have unlimited ammo. Shooting a zombie in the head will force them backwards.

Zombie mod maps often have hidding places or objects that can be manipulated into bases.

It is definatly my favorite mod for css.

I dont know if that is the kind of thing you are thinking of or it you wanted more or a team hold out against an ever growing number of bots type of thing.

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#19: Re: ..

by Passa on 06/02/2007 02:54, refers to #18

Uh.. are you playing the same zombiehorde mod as I am? I'm pretty sure its a team of zombies vs team of humans. Nothing else :P

Its very much ala Left 4 Dead, that new co-op horror survival game by Turtle Rock Studios (uses the source engine too). Can't wait for that one..

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#20: ..

by Acord on 06/02/2007 06:40

Nope - it'll be a straight story SP game with the usual Sauer multiplayer stuff thrown in. I'll try for multiplayer co-op, but like I said - I'm not much of a coder. I can certainly mess around with existing code and add minor things, but something major like a new multiplayer mode is probably beyond my capabilities.

On a more interesting note, redid the shotgun(AGAIN) and I'm finally happy with it, got the launcher right on the first try, and I'll be doing the grenades as soon as a player model gets done so I can use the hand for the grenade HUD. Grenades will be hand thrown, not made of rubber, and very lethal.

I'll have some new shots up next week.

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