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NEW RELEASE: 2007-04-13 spring edition

by Aardappel_ on 04/13/2007 10:23, 170 messages, last message: 10/07/2007 19:55, 187334 views, last view: 05/19/2022 13:50


from history.html:

* scoreboard now displays mode, map, and time remaining
* bases now produce ammo in capture mode (take ammo with R key or "repammo" command)
* added reflective water in fixed-function mode
* added reflective glass in fixed-function mode
* made waterfall top/bottom correctly align with water surface
* player vs. player collisions now use ellipses instead of bounding boxes
* added new functionality to the rpg prototype (WiP)
* added planar shadows for most dynamic entities
* added -o option for servers to disable "locked" and "private" mastermodes
* dead players now colored gray on scoreboard
* changed experimental movement speedup code to include both jumping & forward independently (see game.html)
* added F key support to heightmap editing.
* improved "fastshader" system to support more than 2 performance levels
* added environment-mapped geometry shaders (via "bumpenv*world" shaders)
* added ambient sound entities (via "mapsound" and "newent sound")
* added alpha-masked shadows for mapmodels with alpha-channel skins (via "calclight 3")
* added animated caustics effect to underwater geometry
* added experimental animated grass system
* added support for GLSL shaders
* added entautoview, entitysurf and selectionsurf
* added Marc's latest 8 tracks, for a total of 31 now!
* added visual entity box handle. allows easy choice of orientation. hovering over an ent now replaces closest ent as implicit ent selection.
* added smoothmap command for heightmaps. (default press H when already in hmap mode) executes a moving avg filter over hmap
* added context sensitive entity menu (default TAB)
* added a scale parameter to the "texture" command, for changing the apparent size
* texture combining now scales combined texture to match size of base texture
* command "showtexgui" (default F2) allows for comfortable texture browsing
* made gui stick to player's Z
* fixed server lockup (in patch)


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#21: Hats off and bow deeply

by blikje bier on 04/14/2007 09:02

I am very impressed with this release, not only does the water reflections and other things work for me now, with everything on and a decent resolution of 1024 x 768 it still won\'t turn into a slideshow although it is very hard work for my old machine (1.8 athlon, 1 gig, TNT 3 Ti 200 (64 mb)).

I only haven't touched the grass yet.

Still very impressive

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#22: Grass?

by blikje bier on 04/14/2007 09:12

Uh i said something about grass, yup.

It works as well and still it won't turn into a slide show.

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#23: Re: 3D Menus are bad

by Aardappel_ on 04/14/2007 09:23, refers to #9

since your hands are already on WASD from playing, moving around to position the menu is very natural.

Feel free to not want to change. But the 2d menus are gone, and will not come back.

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#24: Re: 3D Menus are bad

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 04/14/2007 10:07, refers to #23

Aardappel, glitch !

If you disable shaders (useful with my graphic card, lol), water is COMPLETELY BLACK.

Is it a glitch or me ?

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#25: Re: 3D Menus are bad

by eihrul on 04/14/2007 10:58, refers to #24

5200 drivers have some stupid bugs in them. Run with shaders on, but shaderdetail set to 0. Only way to really fix that.

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#26: Menus are good

by Eris on 04/14/2007 11:25, refers to #9

I disagree, I think that the menu stays.

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#27: ..

by Eris on 04/14/2007 11:42

Man I cant wait to fire it up and MAP TO TEH MAX!!1

best game ever

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#28: ok

by Mic on 04/14/2007 13:43

Just a question, but wasn't sauer ment to produce a good gameplay, instead of eye-candy?
But there's alot of eye candy..

Bumpmapping, grass, reflective water & some more shaders..

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#29: ..

by Mic on 04/14/2007 13:48

ok srry, that was totally off-topic, and shoulden't be in this thread,

Good release :)
New sounds are good, and the new telport model is cool

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#30: Re: 3D Menus are bad

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 04/14/2007 14:02, refers to #25

i found the way to fix them without turning on shaders.

waterreflect and waterrefract at 0 !

Oh, yeah, and are the weird distorsions of water when i move are glitches ?

thx :)

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#31: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 04/14/2007 14:38


That explains my only problem...

it's not animated, but in the second level, sometimes there's, um... little part, CAUSTICS SHAPED, that make some parts of the water a bit brighter.

Like if i was inside the water, um.

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#32: Re: ..

by absinth_nocookie on 04/14/2007 16:05, refers to #19

should run on 10.3.9 and up as always...

if sauerbraten crashes you should post the crash logs here.

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#33: Re: ..

by Eris on 04/14/2007 19:55, refers to #31

Looks like artifacts

If you got geForce then yea...

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#34: ..

by randomcivilian [just found linux] on 04/14/2007 21:02

I couldn't find anything about putting the grass in the game in the readme or the wiki... How do i put grass in?

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#35: Re: ..

by abcord on 04/14/2007 21:12, refers to #18

I also get stuck more often now, as do monsters - I've had to put them out of their half-stuck-in-wall misery before.

I also get wierd shadows for ammunition boxes now.

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#36: waterfall wierdness

by abcord on 04/14/2007 22:33

I also find it pretty odd that you can swim UP the waterfalls. Ah well - Still an awesome job!

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#37: ..

by w4 on 04/14/2007 22:38

One bug i noticed was that map models have wireframe shadows instead of solid shadows.

Also, are caustics actually being calculated or are they scipted? I think they are just scripted because of the many caustic images but im not sure. Also, i may be wrong but the the caustics dont seem to sync up from the floor to the wall.

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#38: Re: ..

by Quin on 04/15/2007 00:21, refers to #34

Look at data/default_map_settings.cfg - this should go without saying seeing as the grass is already demonstrated with the default map settings. Yes, I forgot to document that in addition to the grassdist, etc commands. My bad.

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#39: ..

by Eris on 04/15/2007 15:24

this release is EXCELLENT!

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#40: ..

by pvt. Johnson on 04/15/2007 18:33

this release revamped my interest in Sauerbraten. The graphics are amazing and i can see some amazing stuff coming out of it a game engine(well a free one at that). i love the new sounds, they are gritty and profesional. the old sounds were... not good lol. as for Sauerbraten the game itself it could be improved, the guns stick to the screen like they are glued there(no weapon sway/bob), animations could be more creative(character, weapon animations, they are fairly boring), weapon models dont really have detailed animations(like no shell release for shotty, pistol, etc), the monsters get stuck very easily, the player him self gets stuck in small places, and some other noticable things that arent so great. i do realize that Suaerbraten is a game engine more rather than a game itself so its up to the creator of sauerbraten or a modder to extend appon what is already there. also i dont think there is muzzle flair for the weapons... that would be nice ;) (if it is wished to be added)

the release is a good one.... cant wait for the next.

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