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Considering shutting down master server...

by eihrul on 09/18/2006 02:59, 114 messages, last message: 10/21/2006 04:37, 82024 views, last view: 11/30/2021 19:49

Well, today I've seen the biggest display of immaturity I've ever seen. People running around, connecting to servers as soon as they saw someone else connect, crashing other clients, banning them, etc.

If this is what it has come to, we'll just shut down the master server. People only seem to want to abuse the service we're graciously providing for free, and fuck it up for everyone else.

If that's the case, if that's what some of you guys really want, fine, we'll just shut down the service since it's basically unusable to anyone as is.

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#75: ..

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/23/2006 13:42


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#76: Re: This Subject

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/23/2006 14:33, refers to #69

i thought the idea of not having the netcode limit on the source was so that people could use non-cheat hacks (accesibility, neat things impossible to do with scripting, etc) in multi?

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#77: Re: This Subject

by eihrul on 09/23/2006 16:28, refers to #76

Nope, the point of not using Cube's setup is that it was a pain in the ass to support more than 2 platforms by ourselves. This way people can compile their own bins, and we don't have to worry about supporting them.

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#78: Re: ..

by SanHolo on 09/25/2006 14:43, refers to #73

Drakas, you name it.

People don't want to earn things, they want to get it right now, and this sucks.
Come on, I started with Doom II and played it so many times until I was able to finish each level starting with just the gun! Now people who barely can hit an OK-Button join the game and wonder why they get slaughtered? Ever wondered why Michael Johnson runs 200m faster than you do 80m? No, he doesn't cheat!

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#79: Re: ..

by Greenline on 09/26/2006 01:23, refers to #78

Hi everyone. I\\\'m a regular player of sauerbraten because I like it\\\'s style of gameplay. I don\\\'t edit (I do gawk at others edit creations, though) and I most certaintly do not / can not make any cheat mods. some of you may recognize me from games as bonghit.

I too have been dismayed at the level of cheating. Recently I noticed there are less servers online than what I had remembered. Curious, I investigated and my search led me to this board. As I understand, the main server is shut down. Are there other servers out there I could try and play? How do I dial up another server within sauerbraten?

I apologize is my message is noobish, despite playing the game for a long time now, I never immersed myself in the technical side of it.

Thank you,
Player just wanting a fair game

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#80: ..

by NIm on 09/26/2006 07:22

This is really annoying that the master server is offline. This is not the 1990s. I'd like to be able to play with other people, whether or not cheaters come. Let there be an option in the game not to contact the mster server, and let those who wish to use the lack of a master as protection against cheaters do so, but let the rest of us use the master server.

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#81: ..

by m3ep on 09/26/2006 14:06

Just use this one.
It works pretty well :)


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#82: Message censored by administrator

by eihrul on 09/27/2006 01:13

#83: WTF?

by shadow,516 on 09/27/2006 04:16

Why would eihrul censor his own post?

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#84: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 09/27/2006 07:48

Eihrul is implementing Cryptography to Sauerbraten, i just know that.

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#85: Wtf, man.

by Monkeyfun on 09/28/2006 01:33

Why shut down the master server? It makes the game not very much fun at all. Coopedit is especially fun on multiplayer. I had a bunch of friends from facepunch that played considerately on coopedit together. I have lost hope in this game.

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#86: Re: Wtf, man.

by c0rdawg on 09/28/2006 02:49, refers to #85

Shutting down the master server doesn't stop multiplayer, it just stops you from finding new servers. You should still be able to see servers you have been to, if they're not dynamic ips. If you want to find new servers with people join the #sauerlobby channel on quakenet.

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#87: ..

by Stakhanov on 09/28/2006 03:36

Well obviously it changes nothing - played on Rondom's server today , and there was a cheater (ultra fast instagib rifle)

Consider reopening the master server...

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#88: when?

by wincha on 09/29/2006 02:02

i kno this was probally already answered, but i want to kno when you guys are planning if at all bring back the master server.? it really sucks having only a few private servers to play on and evrybody usually ends up leving. i hope you can solve this prob soon i miss the sight of gibs evrywhere :P keep it up dont stop beacuse of one loser keep going, a faithfull fan . wincha. (spawn of windy hill)

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#89: Re: ..

by Xsaii_ on 09/29/2006 05:04, refers to #59

Set the channel to seceret.

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#90: ..

by killer on 09/29/2006 21:18

i hate u all not just the hacers my freinds play but since the master severs down i cant play with them. you assholes

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#91: ..

by Drakas on 09/30/2006 00:35

> i hate u all not just the hacers my freinds play but since the master severs down i cant play with them. you assholes

Hackers create things. Crackers and noobs breake them.

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#92: please bring it back

by Duran on 09/30/2006 01:41

some of us actual enjoy playing on the master server, especially coop editing. you guys should just make a good banning system or something so none of the game ruiners can cause any problems.

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#93: ..

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/30/2006 11:08

"So, short of Aard not liking it, or serious export restriction problems on this, or my code just being really really buggy, we'll have [im-not-posting-what-it-was-because-this-post-will-get-censored] to work with for certain."

i think it was aard that censored it.

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#94: Re: ..

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/30/2006 12:15, refers to #91

i thought a hacker was someone who played with code, [can include making cheat hacks]...

anyway... shutting down the masterserver changes nothing, only makes it more difficult to get to a server. this is making us suffer and isn't stopping the cheaters, i am really losing hope in this....

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