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Considering shutting down master server...

by eihrul on 09/18/2006 02:59, 114 messages, last message: 10/21/2006 04:37, 85005 views, last view: 07/01/2022 18:40

Well, today I've seen the biggest display of immaturity I've ever seen. People running around, connecting to servers as soon as they saw someone else connect, crashing other clients, banning them, etc.

If this is what it has come to, we'll just shut down the master server. People only seem to want to abuse the service we're graciously providing for free, and fuck it up for everyone else.

If that's the case, if that's what some of you guys really want, fine, we'll just shut down the service since it's basically unusable to anyone as is.

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#55: Re: suggestion of reinventing the wheel

by MeatROme on 09/20/2006 19:48, refers to #54

why should the devs have to worry about adding code (^= size++, bugs++, newbie-huh++, ...) to this _game_, rather than new game-features?

There is now a lobby, its called #sauerlobby ... on irc.quakenet.org ...

And lastly:
prax & cc_machine : RELAX,
masterserver downage is not to be permanent.

I really don't think this will kill the game; mainly because this is just "a phase" and nearly just as importantly because the game is so much fun, even such hoops to jump through will not keep any truly interested gamer from enjoying it.
But the hit-and-run type of facist terrorist will be (hopefuly) put off by this.

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#56: masterserver

by SleepwalkR on 09/20/2006 20:32

Cube masterserver is back. Sorry for that, my bad.

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#57: Re: suggestion of reinventing the wheel

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/20/2006 21:05, refers to #55

"There is now a lobby, its called #sauerlobby ... on irc.quakenet.org ..."


you miss my point, lots of sauerbraten players probably wont have read the forum and wont know about it, having a lobby integrated into the client would be much easier&more people would use it imho

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#58: Re: masterserver

by Passa on 09/21/2006 00:00, refers to #56

Yay :D
Thanks SleepwalkR

CC_machine: The decision has been made, the cheaters need to learn a lesson. Keeping the masterserver off also protects clients from other possible exploits, who knows what these lame script kiddies have in mind. Until the source of these new exploits can be found it is best to keep the masterserver off.

Gilt said in another thread that they are probably kiddies who were hacking code for a mod and accidentaly found something to crash other clients. I noticed in the 24 hours before the masterserver was shut down that the users of that exploit dissapeared. I think they will learn their lesson if the masterserver is shut down for abit.

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#59: ..

by Passa on 09/21/2006 12:23

Ok quick inspection of the #sauerlobby chan:

20:16] * Now talking in #sauerlobby
[20:16] * Topic is 'idle in here if you are up for sauer games || suggest games (e.g. capture) in the channel || ips in topic?'
[20:16] * Set by Aardappel on Thu Sep 21 08:31

IPs in the topic are a bad idea, cheaters can grab the chan topic without needing to join.. but I know in gamesurge that the 'ChanServ' can send an on join message. I think the 'L' thingo on quakenet does the same thing.

It would be ideal to put an IP or two in the on join message. It shouldnt be a dyndns, and preferably a dynamic IP address server.

Also, how about a Friday Frag Night or something like that, something that happens on the same time every week.. how about a capture competition for example? Would be an easy way to get regular gatherings for games (and we could use a different server every week, take turns in hosting etc)

My 2 cents for the day.

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#60: Re: masterserver

by Passa on 09/21/2006 15:47, refers to #56

Hey SleepwalkR, are you sure you didnt put the Sauerbraten one back on as well? ;-)

Seems my server is being registered on the master server.. and I can update my server list.

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#61: ..

by Guest2 on 09/21/2006 16:24

If I had to make a guess I\\\\\\\'d say it\\\\\\\'s coming from Sven Co-op. Probably a coder within the team. This is only a guess though, but I have a tendency of not being wrong.

On another note, I really like Sauerbraten and have been playing with the editor. Hopefully I\\\\\\\'ll have a map to show off here in a month or so.


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#62: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 09/21/2006 20:41

Guest2... you get wrong on math puzzle 7 times. :p

A bug of the PHP add / after apostrophes if you get wrong. ;p

Well... it's shutted down ? We have the makke's cfg server. :p

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#63: cheaters

by Jsloan10 on 09/21/2006 22:57

Tell me how to cheat cause I suck badly, no really I cant frag for crap.

An extensive websearch for cheats only came up with one really horrible aimbot that actually made it harder to aim, jittered like a bugger and forced the aim away from the target, meanwhile I see people taking multiple hits in instagib and keep going, insane gun damage and firing rates, impossible running speed ect,ect.

To do away with cheaters forever I suggest doing a Jay and Silent Bob and going to each cheaters house and kicking the living crap out of each and every one, right in front of their pathetic crack whore mothers. :) (whadda you mean unreasonable??, they did it in the movie so it must be possible)LOL

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#64: Re: masterserver

by SleepwalkR on 09/22/2006 10:21, refers to #60

Odd. I don't think you are right there though. Anyways, I removed all traces of it now, so now it cannot work anymore.

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#65: This Subject

by ThatGuy on 09/22/2006 22:01

The \\\"Crash Hack\\\" is caused by sending many hit packets to the server, with a negative damage being dealt. Originally, the hack was meant to give all other players health. The hack worked fine in previous versions of Sauer. But in the newest Sauer release, players crash instead of gaining health.

Hopefully that helps pinpoint the problem. ;)

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#66: Re: This Subject

by eihrul on 09/23/2006 01:05, refers to #65

How about just not doing that in the first place?

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#67: Re: This Subject

by Passa on 09/23/2006 01:14, refers to #65

Its you who was crashing clients then? You find it fucking funny? I havent had a decent game of Sauerbraten for days, and its all because of you and your hacks..

Why do some people have to be so malicious..

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#68: Re: This Subject

by ADINSX on 09/23/2006 02:42, refers to #67

I only used the hack a few times, about a week and a half ago. If you can't find a decent game, it's not because of me. I haven't used the hack since then, nor do I plan to use it again. For those people who were playing a week and a half ago, and were affected by my hacking (which only lasted for about a half hour), I apologize. If you have had problems in the game since that time, I had nothing to do with it.

And in response to eihrul's comment, you are right. I shouldn't have done it in the first place. I apologize. But the recent "wave" of hacking is not because of me. I admit I contributed to the problem, but I am most certainly not the underlying cause.

If it is any consolation, I have recently modified the hack to target only a single player, and I have already used it once to crash a player who was hacking (who was also the master). I suppose this makes me a criminal turned vigilante, but that's better than staying a criminal. (If anyone objects to me using the crash-hack against cheaters, say so now.)

So, in conclusion, I was an asshole. A week and a half ago, at least. I just want to let people know that I haven't done anything wrong since that half-hour period, and I only told one other person how the hack worked. That one other person deffinitly isn't copying what I did, because that person actually complained about what I did on this forum (not giving names). I wish I could tell you who is causing continued problems, but I honestly don't know.

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#69: Re: This Subject

by Passa on 09/23/2006 04:37, refers to #68

"I have recently modified the hack to target only a single player, and I have already used it once to crash a player who was hacking"


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#70: Re: This Subject

by ADINSX on 09/23/2006 04:46, refers to #69

Fine. I will just do what most people do and leave the server if someone is cheating.

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#71: Message censored by administrator

by CCmachine_firefox2 on 09/23/2006 11:17

#72: Re: ..

by Passa on 09/23/2006 12:27, refers to #71

Ehh? That entierly defeats teh purpose, we dont want hackers gettingonto the sevrers atall.

btw sorry if myspelling is abitweitd im testin out my new projector :D (ie its crap and i cant see shit)

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#73: Re: ..

by Drakas on 09/23/2006 12:35, refers to #72

Some people are such noobs!!

I had started from basic steps in UT:GOTY. I was owned by a bot at the first level. Now I can play one level away from Godlike (Inhuman IIRC).

Some people spend ages training their skills.
Some noob comes in, who can't play, and wants to be able to play straight away. However, they are too stupid to realise that others had worked harder than them and want to play fair games!
We just want to enjoy the game, fool!

If you can't play, then start on sauer's SP mode level 1. When you finish level 6, then come and play against me!

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#74: ..

by makkE on 09/23/2006 12:44

Sorry, cc machine, passa´s right.Better exchange servers with ppl in irc(private) or IM, or email.

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