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Considering shutting down master server...

by eihrul on 09/18/2006 02:59, 114 messages, last message: 10/21/2006 04:37, 85002 views, last view: 07/01/2022 18:02

Well, today I've seen the biggest display of immaturity I've ever seen. People running around, connecting to servers as soon as they saw someone else connect, crashing other clients, banning them, etc.

If this is what it has come to, we'll just shut down the master server. People only seem to want to abuse the service we're graciously providing for free, and fuck it up for everyone else.

If that's the case, if that's what some of you guys really want, fine, we'll just shut down the service since it's basically unusable to anyone as is.

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#113: ..

by Wolfgang on 10/12/2006 14:01

Because it is commercial and works only for closed source games.

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#114: Re: ..

by ADINSX on 10/21/2006 04:37, refers to #111

While changing constants isn\'t hacking in any sense, you should realize that changing a constant isn\'t going to get you a crash hack. When I created the crash hack (which I appoligized for the one day I used it), I had to actually rewrite more code than you probably realize. It isn\'t like I typed in \"bool crashhack = 1;\"

I noticed flaw, and I took advantage of it. Was it wrong? Most definitely. Was it done in 5 minutes? Most deffinitely not.

\"My suggestion: Stop focusing on higher level stuff and start worrying about memory manipulation. Write code which uses the length and relative location in memory of certain variables to determine if the game has been hacked or not and either use a protected checksum (better idea) or a conditional in connect function (disgusting idea) to enable or disable multiplayer.\"

That would be easy to circumvent.

For example, if the code is organized as such:

1: Generate value based on current position in memory.

That is step one, and already there is a problem. If someone obtains the value that is obtained by the current position in memory after the variable had been created, then it does nothing to the integrity of the data. Therefore, all a person has to do is obtain this value, and make it so the variable always equals said value (whichever variable is storing the position in memory of the original variable). After that, a person is free to edit any portion of the game, even before the memory location is obtained.

And because the person is always going to generate the exactly appropriate value, any checksum or hash is not going to make any difference in the verification of the legitimacy of the data.

I know I worded what I said poorly, but I had a hard time putting what I wanted to say to words without making it sound confusing.

Or did I read incorrectly what you said?

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