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"water" edition released! (2006-09-12)

by Aardappel_ on 09/13/2006 01:21, 153 messages, last message: 09/02/2007 16:54, 149086 views, last view: 07/01/2022 18:12


* new water rendering supporting reflection & refraction
* added "setteam" command for forcing teams via mastermode
* added support for material texture slots
* added "shaderdetail" var that can turn off some expensive shaders
* monsters wake up if monsters close to them get shot by a visible player
* dying while using a menu doesn't pop up the scoreboard anymore
* added a static version of the wiki to the documentation
* uniformly scaled down the spec factor in all maps from 8 to 6 (as used in metl4)
* deaths now spawn a number gibs depending on the amount of excess damage, if that is a lot then no corpse is rendered
* increased the minimum ambient light factor for opponents in multiplayer a lot (can't hide in the dark anymore)
* added simple keybinding options to the menus
* added damageblendfactor & damagespherefactor var
* starting grenades reduced to just 1
* added support for md2 vweps
* added optional flipping over X and Y axes to "texture" command
* added makke's new ammo/health models
* added models for rocket/grenade launcher projectiles
* fixed broken world-specular on ATI cards
* changed rendering architecture to do seperate Z pass to get more accurate occlusion culling and reduced pixelshader load

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#94: Re: ..

by eihrul on 09/16/2006 17:05, refers to #93

Yeah, I just noticed that. I'll make that work so you don't have to duplicate the glow map in each dir.

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#95: Re: General and capture HUD improvement, and capture teams

by SanHolo on 09/16/2006 17:19, refers to #71

CrazyTB, very good suggestions! Will make the game a little more "less simple", but I think those make perfect sense.

Your current rank and the frag-difference to the number one player (or number two if you are number one) above the health-icon (bottom left) was great.

Remaining time and/or "yourbases/totalbases" top right wasn't bad, too.

...and you can tell an unnamed as many times as you want that you are his teammate, he will still shoot you. The new blue/red models look great; why not limit team-possibilites to red/blue and maybe green and yellow, make two (or four) ogro-model-skins and noone gets confused again. Same goes for the flag-colors.

I must admit, it gets better from release to release, and I really onjoy sauerbraten!! Great work to all you guys!!

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#96: ..

by makkE on 09/16/2006 20:45

San this will be fixed by calling teams "good" and "evil". The current system of "blue guy: friend" and "red guy:enemy" for everyone is a good thing. People will get used to it. Just the red vs. blue thing is what causes the confusion.

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#97: Re: ..

by shadow,516 on 09/17/2006 00:03, refers to #97

"futuristic holocaust world\\\"

WTF are you smoking?

Sauer's setting is whatever the mapper makes it

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#98: Re: ..

by shadow,516 on 09/17/2006 00:03, refers to #97

"futuristic holocaust world"

WTF are you smoking?

Sauer's setting is whatever the mapper makes it

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#99: Re: ..

by CrazyTB on 09/17/2006 00:30, refers to #96

> San this will be fixed by calling teams "good" and "evil".

No, it won't. On my mind, "evil" is black, dark, and red. Like hell's colors. And "good" is white, blue, sky colors.

The confusion will continue with good/evil team names. We must choose other names.

AND add a little message on start of capture mode, reminding the player that RED is enemy, and BLUE is your team.

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#100: Team names

by CrazyTB on 09/17/2006 00:31

Maybe teams alpha (or alfa, since it has 4-char limit) and beta.

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#101: Can\'t select blocks?

by Cyk on 09/17/2006 04:21

I just went into a server that had coopedit, and when I switched to edit mode and tried to select, it wouldn\'t let me- it showed me the highlighted square, but I couldn\'t select it. I could, however, select with middle-click.

Any solutions?

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#102: More Troubles

by Cyk on 09/17/2006 04:26

I managed to fix that by deleting config.cfg, but now I have a new problem- sometimes when people join a server, my whole game freezes up. Why does this happen? It makes the game unplayable online.

(also, might want to fix your PHP- your apostrophe escape kinda messed up in my last post)

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#103: Re: waterfall bug (i know its old!)

by whobob121 on 09/17/2006 22:49, refers to #86

well, if some one will tell me where the no shaders water is controlled i can edit it, because i have a mild grasp of CubeScript.

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#104: Grid waterfall

by Jung on 09/17/2006 23:49

I don't really see any difference in the water in this version. Maybe my GF4-ti4600 is too old.

Is there a fix for the grid waterfall?

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#105: Re: Grid waterfall

by MeatROme on 09/17/2006 23:52, refers to #104


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#106: Re: Grid waterfall

by Vomit on 09/18/2006 10:45, refers to #105

So noones really gave a definite responce. So theres no way to fix the grid waterfalls, I assume

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#107: sauerbraten_proposed_enhacements.cfg

by CrazyTB on 09/21/2006 03:47

I have a few script enhancements that I think will make sauer default scripts a little better. Take a look:

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#108: Water Bug

by om9zer on 09/24/2006 03:29

Mr. Aard, there seems to be a bug with the water on my machine.


I'm using a GeForce 6800 and a fresh Sauerbraten install.

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#109: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 09/24/2006 08:06

And looks like you run in 16-bit mode. :p

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#110: Re: General and capture HUD improvement, and capture teams

by conorkirk_MY_COOKIE! on 09/28/2006 07:32, refers to #90

we need to have a dialog come up for somebody to chose a name if there name is unnamed, or it will not let them play mp.

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#111: Re: ..

by CC_machine4 on 09/30/2006 09:08, refers to #96

maybe you should change the teams to yellow and green or something, i got very confused when i was red to begin with, shooting teammates lol, i often see people in teamplay who get confused, but it only happens to players who are red.. IMO it would be more intuitive to actually ahve the players coloured as the team they are, red coloured red and blue coloured blue like in other games

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#112: ..

by Drakas on 09/30/2006 10:52

No. that is a bad idea, CC_machine4. Red as enemy is good. Blue as team is good.
Better thing is to change the team names choices from red and blue to something else that is not a colour.

Take the idea of some people wanting to team up on a different teamname. There would be way too many colours. Only two is the best choice.

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#113: Re: ..

by rock.n.rol on 09/30/2006 15:20, refers to #112

I agree.

Having teams red/blue and colours red/blue are confusing to many ppl, it seems.

Maybe using teamnames alpha/omega or whatever should solve it ?

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