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"water" edition released! (2006-09-12)

by Aardappel_ on 09/13/2006 01:21, 153 messages, last message: 09/02/2007 16:54, 148076 views, last view: 05/21/2022 18:20


* new water rendering supporting reflection & refraction
* added "setteam" command for forcing teams via mastermode
* added support for material texture slots
* added "shaderdetail" var that can turn off some expensive shaders
* monsters wake up if monsters close to them get shot by a visible player
* dying while using a menu doesn't pop up the scoreboard anymore
* added a static version of the wiki to the documentation
* uniformly scaled down the spec factor in all maps from 8 to 6 (as used in metl4)
* deaths now spawn a number gibs depending on the amount of excess damage, if that is a lot then no corpse is rendered
* increased the minimum ambient light factor for opponents in multiplayer a lot (can't hide in the dark anymore)
* added simple keybinding options to the menus
* added damageblendfactor & damagespherefactor var
* starting grenades reduced to just 1
* added support for md2 vweps
* added optional flipping over X and Y axes to "texture" command
* added makke's new ammo/health models
* added models for rocket/grenade launcher projectiles
* fixed broken world-specular on ATI cards
* changed rendering architecture to do seperate Z pass to get more accurate occlusion culling and reduced pixelshader load

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#41: gibs

by rancor on 09/13/2006 22:03

it would be nice to have a command that adjusted the amount of time before gibs vanished, e.g. gibtime.

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#42: Re: ..

by Passa on 09/13/2006 23:04, refers to #24

Holy shit, that is quite possibly the best looking thing I have seen in Sauerbraten!

Somehow reminds me of Oblivion, except those textures look better :D

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#43: ..

by marcpullen on 09/14/2006 00:25

Wow! The new water is just awesome! :)

I also see that you fixed the issue on my rocky dark RPG map where you could look out of a cave behind the waterfall and see the water surfaces below it, very nice. Now we need some Quake 1 style pixelated splashy sparky effects for waterfalls and bubbling brooks (splashes and steam and looping sounds). And all the other stuff everyone wants now. :)

Keep it coming! You are doing amazing work!

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#44: WOW!

by da-old-mitaman on 09/14/2006 01:35

The water is about the best I've seen in any game (not the most "real", but fits Sauer perfect).

makkE - your new models and hud are superb! Fits the game very nice.

Performance seems much better / smoother, even on high settings.

I love all the extras in the menu for performance choices, etc...and the layout is still simple and elegant.

What can I say - you should all be extremely proud of the work!

(I must find time to finish my sp map - damn life)

Great job to all - MitaMAN

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#45: editing mode

by cryptide on 09/14/2006 04:34

anybody having any issues in edit mode? i cant seem to select multiple cubes... maybe i just need to reboot or something.

i really think you should split the maps from the engine/game. maybe 1 or two maps by default and have a map pack for the rest.

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#46: ..

by Vomit on 09/14/2006 05:02

I wish my video card could handle the water. Waterfalls appear as fallings grids even with the new water settings off.

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#47: Re: ..

by ethan592 on 09/14/2006 05:07, refers to #46

the grid is prolly the crosshair texture which means its not finding the new waterfall texture

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#48: the waterfalls

by whobob121 on 09/14/2006 05:17

can you make it find the texture for the waterfall? its driving me crazy. anyway, great hud. love it. cause its different

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#49: Re: ..

by Vomit on 09/14/2006 05:22, refers to #47

So how do I fix this.

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#50: Re: editing mode

by Xsaii_ on 09/14/2006 05:26, refers to #45

You need to reinstall Sauer in a different directory other than the one you had it in. In other words, do a fresh install but not over what you already had for sauer.

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#51: Skybox

by Xsaii_ on 09/14/2006 05:27

Oh yeah, I'm also having the fuzzy skybox problem also.

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#52: Re: Skybox

by eihrul on 09/14/2006 05:33, refers to #51

Can anyone post a screenshot of this "fuzzy skybox" problem, and also the "Renderer: ..." and "Driver: ..." lines that were printed to your console on startup if you had this problem?

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#53: waterfalls

by whobob121 on 09/14/2006 05:35

please i'm desperate to know how to fix waterfalls. I can see waterfalls.jpg but i need to know what .cfg file it uses to connect to the game. I have already did fresh install but no use

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#54: Re: waterfalls

by eihrul on 09/14/2006 05:43, refers to #53

The waterfalls in fixed-function are currently broken. That was a bug that unfortunately made it into release. Nothing you can do right now. Rest assured, the waterfalls look like crap still. They're nothing more than the same scrolling texture we always had.

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#55: Re: editing mode

by Vomit on 09/14/2006 05:53, refers to #50

Yeah, I reinstalled Sauer into a totally new directory and I still have the grid waterfalls.

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#56: Re: editing mode

by metlslime on 09/14/2006 06:13, refers to #45

Try deleting your old autoexec.cfg -- this happened to me at one point and it was becuase they changed the default scripts that control editing.

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#57: render order

by ethan592 on 09/14/2006 06:15

the explosions and particles and all the other effects still render ontop of the water

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#58: Re: render order

by eihrul on 09/14/2006 07:48, refers to #57

That is not likely to change in the foreseeable future until we basically do a total rewrite of how particles work.

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#59: ..

by sinsky on 09/14/2006 10:54


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#60: Freeze?

by CrazyTB on 09/14/2006 15:07

I noticed some small freezes of not more than two or three seconds. But now it froze hard. Then I switched to another terminal and noticed sauer was not using CPU. Then I killed it (with -9). On xterm, this message was printed:

Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

(I know, not very useful)

BTW, makkE the new models/hud are excellent! At least something as good as old Cube cubes. :)

I would only suggest you to increase the icon size on weapon models. Currently it looks too small, specially at long distances.

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