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"water" edition released! (2006-09-12)

by Aardappel_ on 09/13/2006 01:21, 153 messages, last message: 09/02/2007 16:54, 157829 views, last view: 06/05/2023 17:44


* new water rendering supporting reflection & refraction
* added "setteam" command for forcing teams via mastermode
* added support for material texture slots
* added "shaderdetail" var that can turn off some expensive shaders
* monsters wake up if monsters close to them get shot by a visible player
* dying while using a menu doesn't pop up the scoreboard anymore
* added a static version of the wiki to the documentation
* uniformly scaled down the spec factor in all maps from 8 to 6 (as used in metl4)
* deaths now spawn a number gibs depending on the amount of excess damage, if that is a lot then no corpse is rendered
* increased the minimum ambient light factor for opponents in multiplayer a lot (can't hide in the dark anymore)
* added simple keybinding options to the menus
* added damageblendfactor & damagespherefactor var
* starting grenades reduced to just 1
* added support for md2 vweps
* added optional flipping over X and Y axes to "texture" command
* added makke's new ammo/health models
* added models for rocket/grenade launcher projectiles
* fixed broken world-specular on ATI cards
* changed rendering architecture to do seperate Z pass to get more accurate occlusion culling and reduced pixelshader load

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#19: Re: ..

by Passa on 09/13/2006 14:01, refers to #15

Well I can confirm this bug on k_rpg (but the hall of mirrors is not under the water, its above)

Ill post a screenie later.

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#20: ..

by StillPeter on 09/13/2006 14:11

When you are in water, look upwards and jump all the while moving forward, there's no splashing sound when you hit the water's surface after the jump.

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#21: Re: ..

by rpointon on 09/13/2006 14:43, refers to #19

We may need a few map design guidelines for the placement of water to avoid visual anomalies like 'hall of mirror' type effects... I suspect that expecting the engine to sort out _all_ reflection issues is a bit much.

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#22: Re: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 09/13/2006 15:26, refers to #16

MaKKe, it's touching cubes with sky texture. :p that's what you mean ?

Well, that version stay amazing.
Occlusion Culling is becoming perfect.
Shaders need less performance.
And, the amazing thing is i got 35 fps with bumpmapping O__O

Great work. :3

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#23: FR Patch

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 09/13/2006 15:27


If there are some frenchies in that forum, they should know we did the patch :)

(i'm fast, i know lol)

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#24: Re: ..

by cronos on 09/13/2006 16:49, refers to #21

Nice water works fine in my new level


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#25: ..

by makkE on 09/13/2006 16:51

That maps looks suberb! Great job. Where are the textures from?

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#26: Re: ..

by cronos on 09/13/2006 17:06, refers to #25

The textures are out of my new texture collection that I am currently creating.
As soon as I am finished with the map and the texture set I am going to make both available to everyone.

It is going to be a texture collection with around 60 Textures in 512 and 1024 and even some 2048 created from high resolution photos with normal, height, spec and colure maps.

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#27: ..

by makkE on 09/13/2006 17:09

Great news and awesome textures, cronos, those would be perfect for the rpg :)
Do you make the normalmaps from height maps?

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#28: Re: ..

by cronos on 09/13/2006 17:13, refers to #27

I paint most of them in normal map colures combined with the NVIDIA plug-in or I use my http://www.sensable.com/products/3ddesign/freeform/ClayTools_System.asp to make the moor complex ones.

You’re welcome to use them for the rpg once I have them ready :)

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#29: Re: ..

by shadow516 (school) on 09/13/2006 17:23, refers to #26

Holy crap cronos. The more I see of your work, the more my jaw drops!

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#30: Re: ..

by cronos on 09/13/2006 17:26, refers to #29

some earlier screenshots out of the level with the new textures


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#31: Windows+Linux version

by CrazyTB on 09/13/2006 18:49

I suggest having one package (tar.gz or tar.bz2) with both linux and windows versions at same time.

This way, people who want to play on both systems won't need to re-download 100MB of data that is shared between both versions.

The windows-only setup.exe version can be kept, since it is good for non-advanced users.

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#32: Re: Windows+Linux version

by eihrul on 09/13/2006 18:52, refers to #31

The downloads are huge enough, and the Windows stuff is quite a few extra unnecessary MB for Linuxers. We're thinking of splitting up the downloads further as is.

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#33: Re: Windows+Linux version

by CrazyTB on 09/13/2006 19:06, refers to #32

Well, a few MB is "nothing", when compared to a hundred MB.

But if you plan to split in sauer_data, sauer_linux, sauer_win32, sauer_macosx; then go on. The people will need to download two files (the data files and the OS-specific one).

Of course, some really-easy-to-follow instructions-for-dummies about how to download and install the game will be needed.

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#34: Re: Windows+Linux version

by Aardappel_ on 09/13/2006 19:43, refers to #33

we used to have a .zip or .gz download for both, but then we got windows users not knowing how to extract/install/run, and linux users thinking it wasn't for them or not knowing how to chmod etc. It was as disaster.

If you're a pro user and don't want to download twice, use cvs. There's far less of you than the above newbs, anyway :)

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#35: Windows+Linux version

by CrazyTB on 09/13/2006 20:09

> we used to have a .zip or .gz download for both

I remember that time... But a tar.gz (or tar.bz2) can keep permissions, and can be extracted on Windows (WinRAR).

CVS is not as easy as just downloading one file. Sometimes I might not have a cvs client around (if it happens I am at a windows machine, ugh!)

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#36: Use "$@", and not $*

by CrazyTB on 09/13/2006 20:11

Little fix for sauerbraten_unix script: use "$@" (quotes included), instead of $*

The difference is subtle, and is related about how spaces in parameters are treated.

Even though sauer does not have any parameter with space, please change it, to act as a "good example" if someone copies that line for another script.


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#37: Splitting sauer

by shadow,516 on 09/13/2006 21:05

How about having a download that dowloads and installs the rest of the files for you? You could check which optional files you want, and it would automatically download them.

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#38: Water reflection/refraction on 16bpp

by CrazyTB on 09/13/2006 21:16

If you set color depth to 16 bpp, then water reflection/refraction becomes crazy or corrupt. See:


Notice the "wooden water" at frozen map. :)

Pentium III 800MHz, 768MB of RAM, GeForce FX5500, Gentoo Linux, nvidia-1.0.8178 driver. No problems when using 24bpp.

BTW, looks like this release, with all effects turned on, is a lot faster than previous.

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