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Cube & Cube 2 FORUM

General Thread

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:55, 15472 messages, last message: 05/24/2020 04:01, 7410379 views, last view: 05/31/2020 10:31

for questions, announcements etc.

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#15493: What kind of music you like listening to?

by Lissandragaren3 on 12/28/2018 09:08

What songs you like listening to?
I am first:
whiskey lullaby by Brad Paisley
tips: It can make you cry

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#15494: Does Windows 10 support CubeCraft?

by tutu10 on 01/24/2019 08:20

Yesterday, I bought the Windows 10 beta version of Minecraft. My daughter wants to play CubeCraft, but I cannot connect to the play.cubecraft.net server.

I opened the port in the firewall, so that is not the solution. Can anyone tell me if she can play CubeCraft games in Win10? What do we need to do? http://cubeengine.com

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#15495: When is Cubecraft and The Hive servers coming to XBox?

by tutu10 on 01/24/2019 08:25

4 months ago there were several posts online stating that The Hive and Cubecraft servers was also to be added to the prepopulated lists of servers on the XBox edition of Minecraft.

When are they coming?


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#15496: ..

by Oliver on 02/05/2019 11:30

also saw

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#15497: POLL Do you want RTX? Cross-website-post.

by ballsystemlord on 02/18/2019 17:53

Hello,I heard from 1 of the people that do HW reviews that AMD was considering
implementing their very own RTX and looking at what people think of Ray Tracing eXtensions.
I created a poll on LQ (More details are there and in the comments):
and in 23 hours I got 5 votes!
I am posting to this forum and several other places in hopes of
getting a better turnout.
Please comment on the actual LQ poll page not this forum post.

Thanks for you vote.

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#15498: wayland protocol support ?

by Brane2 on 02/22/2019 17:10

Is there any chance of seeing modernised output through wayland ?

I switched to Enlightenment + Wayland ( + Xwayland) and Sauerbraten is dog-slow through that combination. I get 13 fps on RX580.

To that end, would Cube2 be able to profit from Vulcan etc ?

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#15499: Logging out from this forum

by idlerwheel on 02/27/2019 03:43

I just started using Sauerbraten, and I'm new here, too.

I cannot find any way to log off this forum! How can I do this?
I also don't see any way to edit my password, so I'd like to know how to do this, too.

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#15500: Re: Logging out from this forum

by suicizer03 on 02/28/2019 10:38, refers to #15499

You don't have to log off.
I you do want to, the just clean your internet cache. This causes to log in once more.

There is no pass needed other than the link which you recieve on your mail.

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#15501: Creation of a no attack or safe zone?

by Mr.Linux on 03/27/2019 04:11

Can this be done by using the built in editor or are we talking about core redesign? In short, I would like to create a region on the map that prevents players from killing each other. I realize this might sound rather silly. I am thinking along the lines of a no fire zone to just talk and trade prior to walking into a teleport for battle.

Thank you for taking time to assist me.

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#15502: Re: Creation of a no attack or safe zone?

by suicizer03 on 03/27/2019 14:10, refers to #15501

Perhaps if you try to modify the gameclip (or add another clipping material), you can create an area like that.

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#15503: Application hang

by Oreoman89 on 04/09/2019 10:28

Hello Sauerbraten community!

I'm having the same issue with Sauerbraten and i don't know what else i can try.
The game hangs up and i have to force close it via task manager. The event viewer tells me it's an application hang with ID 1002. I reinstalled the game, reinstalled all kinds of drivers of my system, port-forwarded the neccessary ports, made an expection in the Windows Firewall and also ran as admin. I tried everything i can do or at least i know of.

The game hangs at once specific spot: When the next map gets loaded and the new match is starting. This can happend right after loading just one new map, or like 4 maps later. I don't know if that has something to do with the server i'm always on, but at that time the game freezes, it says "recording demo" in the console. The server message mentions you can view recorded demos and such.

Does that has something to do with the freezes or what else could it be?

My system:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
8 GB RAM with 2GB for VRAM allocated
Crucial MX500 250GB M.2
Win 10 Home Build 1809

Thanks in advance.

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#15505: Textures changed after upgrade to Collect edition

by Fort on 05/04/2019 17:00

Hi. I used an earlier edition of Cube 2 to build my own maps. I saved the maps in the packages/base folder. I also added custom textures to the maps by placing the textures in the /packages/t/ folder and adding a special .cfg file. In the previous edition of cube everything worked fine. But in the Collect edition after I load up one of my custom maps the textures of the objects are all changed to grassy looking ones instead of the custom ones i placed in the /packages/t/ folder. I can manually change the textures back (the custom textures appear in the texture list) but I would have to change the textures again for all my custom maps. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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#15506: ..

by asmanel on 05/19/2019 02:45

Here is the log of changes (https://sourceforge.net/p/sauerbraten/code/HEAD/tree/docs/history.html). Check the part about the Collect Edition (lines 191 to 244). I saw some changes that can explain this problem.

If the cfg file of your map use the command exec, the problem can also be caused by changes in the files you can call with this command.

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#15507: Servers disconnecting me

by rufo on 10/27/2019 19:45

Hi there!

I can't play because all server are disconnecting me after a few seconds i get in.

can you help me?

I use xubuntu...

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#15508: Re: Servers disconnecting me

by eihrul on 10/29/2019 20:12, refers to #15507

Make sure you have the most recent edition of the game. The best way to ensure that is to download it directly from our website/SourceForge.

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#15509: Re: Servers disconnecting me

by rufo on 10/30/2019 15:52, refers to #15508

I uninstalled my repository version.
Then did download from sourceforge and i got the same problem :_(

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#15510: Re: Servers disconnecting me

by eihrul on 10/30/2019 18:57, refers to #15509

It's also possible there is a ban on your ip address block from someone who was causing problems. If you give me the first three numbers of your ip address (i.e. 1.2.3.x) I can check if there is a ban...

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#15511: Re: Servers disconnecting me

by rufo on 10/31/2019 22:37, refers to #15510

Ok, thank you for attention...
My ip is 187.115.242.x, but it happens to all servers and i dont get ban messages, just disconnection message.

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#15512: Servers disconnecting me when another player enters

by rufo on 12/28/2019 02:29

Hi.. updating #15511... i can play alone in any server... when anyone got in, i got lag and i am disconnected from server.... please help meeee!!!!

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#15514: help me install on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed PLZ

by robot_unicorn on 01/25/2020 23:26

I can't understand how to install sauerbraten Cube 2 on my OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Please, help

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