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first commercial sauerbraten licensee...

by Aardappel_ on 05/26/2006 20:23, 34 messages, last message: 05/29/2006 19:50, 6608 views, last view: 04/17/2019 22:59

is proper games. Check out their website:


I was able to see their E3 demo, and it is really cool what they managed to do with the engine.

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#1: ..

by makkE on 05/26/2006 21:07

Cool :D Their screens look very nice.

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#2: ..

by shadow,516 on 05/26/2006 21:30


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#3: ..

by rancor on 05/27/2006 00:02

I don't suppose any of these improvements will get contributed back into the open tree... Any ideas as far as products that might use their engine?

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#4: Re: ..

by Aardappel_ on 05/27/2006 00:27, refers to #1

yup, that license is for anyone. But they are the first to use it for a commercial product. I can't say yet what the product is until they announce it.

None of their code is likely to come back into the main project. They forked the engine quite a while ago, and featuresets have diverged quite a bit since then (theirs is D3D, for one). That sound less than ideal, but its cool that such projects happen at all, which would not have been the case with more restrictive licenses (such as the GPL).

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#5: *jaw drops*

by Passa on 05/27/2006 00:39

I'm stunned.. in a way almost dissapointed, not sure why.

"They forked the engine quite a while ago, and featuresets have diverged quite a bit since then (theirs is D3D, for one)."

Did they just like tell you now or did you find out by yourself? Also.. when did they fork it? Does it still have the same mapeditor etc?

D3D now? Rather stupid, means that it is no longer portable to Linux and Mac OS X. And where is the E3 demo? I can't find it..

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#6: ..

by makkE on 05/27/2006 00:51

Yea I like it, it can only make sauer more known and be percieved as a solid and diffrent approach to 3d engines. And I like their attitude.
"The C:über engine has that flexiblity thanks to its Sauerbraten genealogy."

Rancid, all the fancy stuff you can see on their screenshots (like normal and bumpmaps and all that) wouldn´t be a problem to implement to sauer. It´s just that Sauer for now lacks the content for that.

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#7: ..

by Stakhanov on 05/27/2006 01:16

It is heart-warming and worrying at the same time... they have gone quite far already , and changed Cube into a real beauty , but what prevents them from copyrighting every single breakthrough ? Cube's open source license couldn't fight back , so the future of free Cube games is in jeopardy. It would have been a safer (albeit harsher) choice to use the GPL...

I for one , do not welcome a commercial game exploiting the Cube engine... call me prejudiced , but I do not like the idea of seeing the coder's generosity squandered for a short-lived seller. The worst scenario , though , is that the Cube engine is enslaved to serve an ever-growing commercial RPG , putting World of Warcraft's profitability to shame.

Is it legally too late to prevent such things from happening ?

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#8: Re: ..

by Passa on 05/27/2006 01:20, refers to #6

Hell, it seems Aardappel can implement pretty much anything into Sauerbraten.

I guess looking at it from your perspective makkE, it doesn't seem bad. The promotion of the Sauerbraten engine will mean more people to the site, and a chance to get more content etc.

The intresting thing is, is that the other day I thought about posting in the General thread, an idea for a commercial Sauerbraten game, to promote it lol.

C:uber... sounds german, and similar to UberSoldier.. is it being released worldwide? And there are not any details on release date or exactly what sort of game it is..

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#9: Re: ..

by Passa on 05/27/2006 01:21, refers to #7

Not Cube, Sauerbraten. And I don't understand your post :/

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#10: ..

by Stakhanov on 05/27/2006 01:36

woops... pardon my literary style :>

I meant I'm worried to see a game company expand the Cube engine , since they could use the copyright law to halt the growth of similar but free Cube games , and make room for their own commercial product.

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#11: Re: ..

by eihrul on 05/27/2006 02:21, refers to #10

No, they can't. Your understanding of copyright law is incorrect.

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#12: Re: ..

by Passa on 05/27/2006 06:12, refers to #11

Since its based on Sauerbraten, does this mean that technically they have to release the source code to the game?

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#13: Re: ..

by jendave on 05/27/2006 07:35, refers to #12

No. They don't have to release the code since Sauerbraten is released under the zlib license. Unlike the GPL or the LGPL, the zlib license (like the BSD or MIT licenses) does not require releasing code changes.

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#14: Closed Source Forks

by pushplay on 05/27/2006 08:26

There aren't a limited number of Sauer forks. The creation of this game in no way diminishes what we can do, there's just one more commercial game out there now. So good on them.

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#15: Re: ..

by Aardappel_ on 05/27/2006 10:43, refers to #7

There's nothing to worry about with this game. It doesn't limit us, it just shows that what we're doing has some serious value. The guys doing this game project have been in contact with me all along, and I have encouraged them.

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#16: Re: ..

by rancor on 05/27/2006 10:57, refers to #15

Out of curiosity, what was the motivation for porting to DX, and how much effort did that entail?

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#17: Re: ..

by CC_machine0 on 05/27/2006 11:34, refers to #16

yeh, sounds quite stupid to me, why didnt they keep the OpenGL code and have it as an option in the menus to switch between d3d and OpenGL?

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#18: Re: Direct X and OpenGL

by cronos on 05/27/2006 11:43, refers to #17

The reasons for the use of Direct X are requirements of some of the target platforms and OpenGL is still optional.

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#19: Re: OpenGL Multitexture

by kurtis84 on 05/27/2006 19:01, refers to #19

"Do you need to leave the OpenGL spec to support more than 2 multitextures?"

afaik, there is nothing in DirectX that openGL cannot do. The choice to make a game DX specific might piss off the linux and mac users...but like it or not, linux and mac are a minority. The commercial gaming industry is going for money by following the mainstream OS, which is without dispute, windows.

Just for the record, I would switch to linux in a heartbeat...I hate windows. BUT, I'm a gamer, so I run the OS that supports the most games.

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#20: Re: OpenGL Multitexture

by eihrul on 05/27/2006 19:59, refers to #19

Believe it or not, there are *cough* certain platforms *cough* on which OpenGL is not supported, and which only DirectX is available.

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