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Sauerbraten 2006-04-26 release!

by Aardappel_ on 04/26/2006 08:01, 106 messages, last message: 09/02/2006 04:19, 120396 views, last view: 04/12/2024 12:43


# tweaks & fixes to the capture gameplay mode
# added high resolution skyboxes, and some of the g_pack textures to the standard set
# fixed newent sending invalid attributes in coopedit mode
# models with a specularity of 0 now have a specialized shader ("nospecpvmodel") for faster drawing (mainly for vegetation)
# grenadelauncher damage increased to max 75
# multiplayer players & flag models will not be culled no matter how far away they are
# added waterfall effect for water material sides
# added pistol ammo (ent type "cartridges")
# added linearly-interpolated normals for lighting (controlled by "lerpangle", "lerpsubdiv", and "lerpsubdivsize" vars)
# added HW occlusion culling support (requires NV GeForce3-class hardware or better)
# height map mode. will hopefully allow for easier terrain editing.
# reduced overdraw dramatically
# reduced size of vertex data by using short instead of float
# removed ZYX order inconistency from math classes
# fixed lights placed outside the world not casting shadows
# fixed grenades being stopped by clip material and being stuck in walls
# made networking protocol use less bandwidth
# calclight now uses multi-sampling and adaptive sampling
# faster mapmodel ray intersects with spheretrees instead of bsp
# shorter fuse on grenades (2 seconds)
# fixed hudgun light computation related crash

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#87: Re: ..

by CC_machine4 on 05/06/2006 17:25, refers to #86

no he means that if you have a sloped cube and a non-sloped cube and you walk in between them (like this:

stand in there (the v is an arrow):

|--| /|

then move out sideways and you move really fast.. see the arrows in max's pic!

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#88: ..

by CC_machine4 on 05/06/2006 17:26

grr i mean like this: (v is an arrow)

|--| /|

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#89: Re: ..

by MeatROme on 05/08/2006 11:09, refers to #58

I agree there should be some masterpass command and hope that security will be sufficient with the packet only sent to server (not distributed) unencrypted.

But I'm against the master getting another burden like forcing team-balancing onto his hands.

You'll still have the "I'm no MASTER-player, but I'm MASTER" situations on public servers where you can't masterpass your way to power and at the end of the day I'd rather see the user transparently made aware of all requirements.

I'd vote for a join-team screen - at least for CAPTURE mode.

Sadly the community has quite a broad spectrum of maturity, I've goggled at people joining/leaving teams without any hints to obviously balance teams and have fallen to spontaneous outbursts of Turret-Syndrome in case of players flood-chatting a server in "mastermode 2" because they "Wanna play!".

Maybe we should have the Master see the team setting even for spectators - like he now already sees the clients ID.

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#90: Re: ..

by Passa on 05/08/2006 11:56, refers to #89

Maybe allow the master to force team changes?

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#91: Re: mapmodel doors

by kurtis84 on 05/13/2006 15:45, refers to #91

I can build a much nicer looking mapmodel & skin, than what I could with geometry. I like the mapmodel doors, and I see no problem with it as long as mappers are free to add new doors as they see the need. I'm already thinking of how many other uses this entity will have, besides just being a door!

I cannot help but wonder though...will these doors block ocllusion culling?

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#92: Re: mapmodel doors

by Aardappel_ on 05/13/2006 21:17, refers to #91

currently they won't necessarily, because we draw mapmodels last. I have been arguing with eihrul that we should draw close, large mapmodels earlier, so they can help in occlusion.

animated models will be IT for the moment, in terms of making doors etc. its what we need to make the FPS SP work well. If we need moving geometry for the RPG, maybe we'll add it, but for now there's no plans.

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#93: Re: Visual artifacts

by absinth on 05/13/2006 23:13, refers to #30

>It would be kinda lame if we have to entirely disable occlusion for all ATI cards.

somehow the issue seems to be much less severe in CVS head than in the 2006-04-26 release....

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#94: Re: mapmodel doors

by praxibetel-(damn_forum) on 05/14/2006 13:14, refers to #91

thats all well and good but im not a moddeller, and to make custom doors id have to model. how would i make a hatch that drops players in through the cealing in an SP map for example? id have to make a animated mapmodel just for that very map for that very purpose! i think that there should be animated mapmodels as doors but also have a system where the door is a material with a number corresponding to a trigger as i would imagine this would not be such a problem code-wise.

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#95: Re: mapmodel doors

by kurtis84 on 05/14/2006 17:38, refers to #94

"thats all well and good but im not a moddeller,"

Looks like you have some learning to do.

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#96: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 05/14/2006 17:44

1) We can't have getmap/sendmap because some maps can be over 1 mb !
Is it the reason ?

2) Maybe Sauerbraten should have a dynamic menu with a list of all maps installed...

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#97: ..

by makkE on 05/14/2006 17:48

Modelling a door is pretty easy and a perfect task to get into modelling.

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#98: Re: ..

by MeatROme on 05/14/2006 18:24, refers to #96

@1) *groan*, getmap/sendmap are on the TODO list (multiple posts already).

@2) the menu is easy enough to adapt for maps you add to "vanilla flavoured" sauerbraten - if they're played often enough.
anyway - on the console - you can use TAB-completion
just type "/map voo" and press TAB (a couple of times)


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#99: Re: door models

by MeatROme on 05/14/2006 18:27, refers to #97

Are there any candidates yet?

Stuff that's being reviewed?

Maybe some mappers could post their needs here?
And the most representative/implementable subset could be grated out by those willing to contribute their modeling skills - which does not include my sorry self :-(

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#100: Flickering

by SanHolo on 05/17/2006 23:27

This version lets stuff far away flicker much more than the march-version.

E.g. on the map "twotowers", if i stand in the middle of the higher tower and glance towards the lower one, the whole tower flickers. If I am close enough (e.g. in front of the jump-pad), the flicker stops.

Plus I get lower fps even with shader disabled, like 10-20% lower.

PowerBook G4 1GHz, ATI Radeon 9000M.

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#101: ..

by absinth on 05/17/2006 23:50

>This version lets stuff far away flicker much more than the march-version.

this is a known bug with the new occlusion culling mechanism and the (seemingly broken) mac os x ATI drivers

you can do "/oqfrags 0" in the console as a workaround, and i believe you can also add something to the autoexec.cfg with similar effect....

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#102: Problem with Radeon 9000

by drizt on 05/18/2006 21:18

I installed Sauerbraten 2006-04-26 both on Windows 2000 and Linux Ubuntu 5.10, on a machine with a radeon 9000.
The result is the same, no error messages, but direct render does not work and graphics is terribly slow.
Strangely, Cube woks perfectly, so I don't think the problem is with my Card configuration.
Has anyone faced the same problem?

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#103: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 05/24/2006 16:01

Your card is too recent XD it can happend...

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#104: Re: ..

by Passa on 05/24/2006 23:54, refers to #103

No its the ati_tex_bug whateva fix. A Radeon 9000 is old.

Read the docs drizt

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#105: making doors work

by Blackhawk41 on 09/01/2006 19:30

I know Im probably just stupid but can someone email me with an idiots guide to placing a door on a map and making it work. Ive tried to find an existing guide on the websites but have come up empty. I place door mapmodel on map I place a switch on map and then switch to play mode and nothing works i know there must be a way to set a trigger for the door but I dont get it.

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#106: Re: making doors work

by c0rdawg on 09/02/2006 04:19, refers to #105

load up the map door_demo in sauer and look at that. Then look at it's config in packages/base/door_demo.cfg Also remember doors only work in single player, mode -2

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