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Sauerbraten 2006-03-20 release!

by Aardappel_ on 03/20/2006 11:13, 54 messages, last message: 03/28/2006 20:44, 16201 views, last view: 04/12/2024 22:32

# registersound now allows individual sound volume adjustment
# can now render md2s without back face culling (good for vegetation models), custom specularity, custom shader.
# console now supports line-editing
# calclight now forces a map remip automatically, and has 4 quality settings you can pass (see ref)
# added workaround for texgen bug in nvidia drivers
# added goal-oriented team player mode (mode 12, "capture", see game.html, try playing it on face-capture map)
# added initial version of the grenade launcher
# added macros to the scripting language
# everything in the engine is now rendered using shaders
# converted the engine's use of OpenGL from xzy to xyz (don't ask)
# added phong lighting for models
# added shader system, each world surface can now have its own shader, and maps can have their own shaders. Look at the shader and setshader commands.
# reorganized directory structure
# can now specify custom animations and other properties for md2s (see docs/dev/md2.txt)
# clip material no longer stops bullets (only the glass material does)
# added spectator mode (toggled by "spectator" command, or mastermode 2)
# many mastermode bug fixes
# fixed line wrapping to depend on screen resolution
# added map model shadows for md2s (available in maximum quality mode of "calclight", see ref)
# added Cube-like "replace" command that will repeat a texture edit across matching parts of a selection
# maxhealth now persists across disconnects

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#35: Re: Magnificent Project!

by Aardappel_ on 03/21/2006 21:32, refers to #29

we will always be behind the latest game engines, and that is ok, we have quite different goals.

the reason we use md2 is just for the availability of art... I still have my skeletal animation system that I plan to integrate, except we don't really have anyone that can do original animated characters for us in MAX so there is little point.

We don't really need talent scouts... I already work in the games industry, and eihrul/gilt could have if they wanted to, just not sure they do :)

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#36: Re: Magnificent Project!

by Passa on 03/21/2006 21:36, refers to #35

Isnt MD2 getting phased out soon for MD3?

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#37: Severe performance degradation (Linux/Nvidia)

by Grogan on 03/22/2006 03:22

Hey, the new release of Sauerbraten looks great and I really like the addition of the grenade launcher. Cool weapon, you can lob the grenade a fair ways.

However, I too am experiencing a serious decline in performance. We're talking about getting 30 fps in typical maps, where I used to get around 90 fps with previous releases of Sauer.

The new "jungle" map is unplayable... I'm getting around 5 fps. I'm getting about 10 fps in the Oasis map.

I have a MSI brand Nvidia FX5500 (256M) card using the Nvidia driver under Linux, and it works very well for other games, including previous versions of Sauer.

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#38: Re: Severe performance degradation (Linux/Nvidia)

by Passa on 03/22/2006 05:42, refers to #37

Launch it with the -f command line argument. This makes it not use shaders, which have a large hit on performance. This is how it is done on Windows.. not sure about Linux.. should be the same.

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#39: ..

by Grogan on 03/22/2006 08:49

Thanks for the solution Passa, everything is back to normal now using -f. Shame though, I really liked the sheen that some of the models had with the new shader effect.

I have to confess that I totally missed that in another thread (which I had forgotten was another thread when I came back to post). I must have skimmed right over that.

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#40: Spectator mode

by Pxtl on 03/24/2006 05:52

Bug: Going to spectator mode (/spectator 1) while dead playing Capture caused the server to crash. Didn't see any messages. Dunno how reproducable, this was just the first time I'd seen it.

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#41: Master Selection Issues

by rancor on 03/24/2006 21:32

Bug: when the master disconnects, no new master is selected, so the server has no master.
Bug: sometimes, the current master will be replaced as master by someone who connects.

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#42: Capture Feature Requests

by rancor on 03/24/2006 21:33

A couple of sugestions: insta capture and an onscreen display of the respawn timer.

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#43: Shiny models

by CrazyTB on 03/25/2006 14:54

Nice effort for supporting shaders. However, current shader is still far from best. Everything looks like made of plastic.

Maybe one idea would be "shading should increase lighting only a bit, to give that little detail", instead of some "white blobs" (look at your hudgun).

Also about shading... Vegetation should not look shiny (well, except if you add rain and it is wet). In map oasis, for example, you can see some bright spots very far... They're just shiny "vines". And those white pixels keep moving when you walk (I mean, they look like random white pixels).

Finally, data/menus.cfg is still missing some important shortcuts (around line 320):

menuitem "B: Extend current selection to include the cursor" " "
menuitem "LShift: change the side the white box is to where you are pointing" " "
menuitem "X: Flip (mirror) the selected cubes front to back" " "
menuitem "Z: Undo last action C/V: Copy/Paste" " "

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#44: Rocket models && grenades && model lighting && ...

by CrazyTB on 03/25/2006 15:07

I forgot to say above:

I think you should add models for rockets. I mean, when someone shoots a rocket at me, I can only see some smoke coming. There is no "rocket". Considering that bullets now give a nice trail (except the rifle), we need rockets.

The same applies to grenades. While that small circle is ok for now, a true grenade model would be awesome.

While talking about grenades... They don't take current player speed into account when we throw them. (to reproduce: walk forward and throw it, now stop or walk backward and throw it, or while jumping... and so on)

Mapmodels now cast shadows (very cool!), but they are still shown with a constant "light" (I mean, even if they are receiving light from only one side, both sides are equally bright)

I once told you about a bug... Go to some map where you can fall from some high place (or fall to your doom at bottom of map). Then, while falling, open any menu (for example, press ESC). Whenever you open any in-game menu, the player speed will be resetted to zero.

I didn't play it multiplayer yet, so I don't know if that really old "editmode in non-coopedit games" bug is fixed or not. This bug is as old as Cube.

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#45: far, far away models

by CrazyTB on 03/25/2006 15:31

Very very far models aren't displayed.

How to reproduce: open face-capture, use fov command to zoom-in. (or use one of those sniper scripts from cube) Stay at one of the towers, and try to find the flags, at another tower. You can't see them (although, strangely enough, you can see teleports). Go down and keep walking, looking at the flag. At some position, you will starting to see it.

The same happens with player models. We can't shoot players from other tower, because we can't see them, although we can see their names.

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#46: Fallback results in slideshow

by Xerxes on 03/25/2006 16:54

I can't play this release of Sauer. The initial map loades well (fast), music starts, but then the game itself is an unplayable slideshow (well, not even that, the FPS seems to be somewhere around 0.2 - that is one update every 5 seconds or so). I noticed this in the log:

- Using GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extensions
- WARNING: no shader support! using fixed function fallback

The -f option results in identical behaviour (I assume that the warning means the same as the -f option, so no big surprise there).

I never had any problems running Cube or previous releases of Sauer (the Feb 06 release worked smoothly), so I'm a bit surprised. The old-renderer-fallback may not be working so well (at least for me...)

I'm using a good-old ATI Radeon 8500 with 64MB and I even got the latest drivers, but it didn't do any good. Any ideas?


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#47: Re: Fallback results in slideshow

by Osbios on 03/25/2006 17:10, refers to #46

I havem exactly the same problem with my Radeon 9200. (BTW: This card have shader support)

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#48: ..

by FrenchMax on 03/25/2006 18:30

The spectator mode is bug
It crash the game

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#49: Grenadelauncher skin

by makkE on 03/25/2006 22:13

Hi check out this :



the hand´s skins are TEMPORARY ;)

I added a custom md2.cfg:

mdlspec 12
mdlambient 65

wich I find best. I suggest using those or similar values for all the hudguns (less plastic)

Do you like? See any room for improvement ?

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#50: Re: Grenadelauncher skin

by Passa on 03/26/2006 09:34, refers to #49

wow makkE!
a VERY nice grenade launcher ;)

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#51: Clip material

by CrazyTB on 03/26/2006 21:22

Aardappel said:
# clip material no longer stops bullets (only the glass material does)

But it does stop grenades. Grenades should not be different from bullets.

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#52: bump mapping info

by Mad Merv on 03/27/2006 17:29


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#53: lighting bug... plus explosions

by Passa on 03/28/2006 14:19

im not sure if this was in older versions of sauerbraten as well, but this weird lighting bug turned up in my latest map...


if you dont notice where, look at the pillars at the end of the room.

also, just a rant on explosions, if a grenade explodes, and you then straight away, walk into the explosion, then you get no damage. it looks a little weird when this happens.

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#54: Re: far, far away models

by Aardappel_ on 03/28/2006 20:44, refers to #45

there's a variable for this, maxmodelradiusdistance. I will fix this to not cull gameplay objects later, for now you can just set it to a higher number.

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