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by tentus on 01/02/2005 08:19, 45 messages, last message: 03/17/2005 03:28, 23959 views, last view: 02/01/2023 10:45

So I've made a new mod of Cube over the last few months (though I'm not sure if it's really termed a mod- none of my recoding efforts have been successful, so it's running on the original engine.)

The driving concept is that the classic Nintendo series, the Legend of Zelda, rocked in it's day, but it could rock even more if translated over into a first person shooter. Beyond that, it's just me teaching myself how Cube works.

LoZ:Cube has very few maps in it to date, but does have a good number of new models, a small small number of new textures (mostly i'm relying on ikbase, dg, and techsoc1) and some handy MIDI files. Not much to look at yet, but hey, it's a beta. Anyone who wants to use my stuff is free to, so even if you don't play my game you may want to download it for the models. (it's only a 10.5 Meg RAR)

LoZ:Cube is at . If you don't have WinRAR, run by rarlabs.com and download their stuff.

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#44: ..

by makkE on 03/17/2005 01:12

tentus, checked your mail?

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#45: Re: ..

by tentus on 03/17/2005 03:28, refers to #44

ja. thanks very much.

i was hoping this thread would die and i could replace it with something more accurate (may do that anyways), but i have an announcement: server willing, and barring major bugs and delays, i will be releasing the retitled Cube Legends next week. The content has grown considerably since the last version of LoZ, but if there's anything anyone wants included i'm completely willing to include it.

If someone wants to have a map included, i'm willing to do one of three things: if it's mapmodel-free, i'll drop it in cube and try and get the textures right in CL. i withold the right to say no to a big or complex map :) if you want to make something using the CL variants, i can try and email a RAR of it to you, though this is a last ditch option. or, finally, we can try and release it in a bnus pack after the main CL release.

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