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Sauerbraten on Steam maybe

by white_waluigi on 01/30/2013 21:02, 38 messages, last message: 07/01/2013 19:24, 9602 views, last view: 06/01/2020 13:40

I just though if it was a good idea to submit the game to Valve.
Because there's only one free Linux game
(TF2) reight now, i think it has good chance to be admitted.
I'm sure that it would get yo a lot more players.

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#19: ..

by Razgriz on 02/28/2013 19:27

You can discuss it all you want, but the point is Sauer won't be going on steam anytime soon

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#20: Re: ..

by suicizer01 on 02/28/2013 20:23, refers to #19

That's just the reason why I suggested Red Eclipse. It could be a good experiment bunny to try if it's really is worth doing so.

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#21: ..

by cmCooper on 03/03/2013 01:11

Ok cool, so do the people relevant for those decisions read these forums or even post in them?

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#22: Steam is only a distribution channel...

by ProtoThad on 03/03/2013 04:03

As long as steam does not attempt to add any additional onerous licensing conditions that are incompatible with the noncommercial open source license of sauerbraten, I don\'t see why adding the game to steam should be any more controversial than someone creating a mirror server for the current stable release or the svn tree. You just need a volunteer willing to script up a job to slurp up changes from svn and push it to steam, and then it should pretty much run itself. Hell, I might be willing to do that myself. Where is the problem?

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#23: why...

by Skur on 03/04/2013 22:14

Steam is a great place for selling games, but for an open-source game like sauer its just yet another download page. The updating itself might be quicker, but content wont be created faster and i actually prefer having bigger releases with lots of new maps and features, than getting one new map every few months. Besides that i dont mind downloading and installing the new version every too years and as plenty of ppl already mentioned: theres SVN >_>

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#24: ..

by white_waluigi on 03/08/2013 23:40

I just don't see any big Problem.
I mean what do we have to loose?
(except 100 Bucks)
I mean if this game gets a larger playerbase i guess theres gonna be more maps, mods and servers around.
Its just a shame taht we let this chance slide, steam is a great Platform and there are already a lot of free games on it, but just one for Linux.
So why not?

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#25: Re: ..

by Papriko on 03/09/2013 11:32, refers to #24

There are still people who don't use steam, me for example. I don't wanna need to get it just in order to play Sauer.

It already pisses me off that I had to make some symbolic account in order to be able to install Skyrim, though I bought a freaking disk for it! Why the heck do I need steam when I have a real physical disk for my game?

Similar thing applies for Sauer: why should I suddenly get steam for something that used to be available normally?

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#26: Re: ..

by Q009 on 03/09/2013 11:45, refers to #25

Who said to release Sauer EXCLUSIVELY on Steam? nobody :P Don't over-interprete

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#27: ..

by Zamwa on 03/09/2013 14:00

Here's a workaround!


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#28: ..

by cmCooper on 03/14/2013 05:27

I agree with white_waluigi.
While the reasons that speak for Steam are showing a chance to bring the game forward and enlarge the community, the reasons mentioned against it are mostly about personal problems and taste.
Mentioning stuff like "Content won't be created faster" is not a counterargument. (Anyway White_waluigi already mentioned the growing community)
SVN is not a reason that speaks against Steam, SVN is an intricate way of keeping the game up to date for people who first have the will and time to learn how to do it. It is no comparison to a well organized updating service.

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#29: Re: ..

by suicizer01 on 03/14/2013 06:39, refers to #28

You call "forcing our beloved developers spend even more time on things which are irrelevant to Cube Engine 2" personal problems and taste?
Do you think license problems are personal problems and taste?

Keep thinking like that. One day; you'll get it.

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#30: ..

by cmCooper on 03/14/2013 14:31

"We already can. It's called SVN-version."
This is based on your very low demands.
"would are developers feel the mood to put time in ANOTHER extern project?"
That's your personal impression, we just need to ask them and see if they would or if they may include a new developer.
"We should try RedEclipse first"
An idea of yours but no counter-argument.
"Open source isn't about paying a hundred dollar publisher fee!"
He thinks that 100 Dollars are too much, I'd say the community invests much time in developing the game, time is money, so 100$ for bringing Sauerbraten forward are acceptable.
"content wont be created faster"
If we don't put it on Steam, content won't be created any faster either.
" i actually prefer having bigger releases with lots of new maps and features, than getting one new map every few months."
Personal taste.

Of course these arguments are important to mention but they don't speak specifically against Steam.

The only problem that is specifically about Steam (besides 100$, if you consider those a problem) is that you need certain licenses for the content. That problem doesn't sound like you cannot solve it.

Your selfless bothering about the developers is an argument, that can be mentioned for anything that brings Sauerbraten further since anything would include some sort of effort.
So the question is in general, are the developers willing to invest some more time in Sauerbraten, in order to give Sauerbraten a chance to grow or are they fine with the current situation.

"Keep thinking like that. One day; you'll get it."
"Why you probably don't know this? Because if we going to explain to every newcomer..."

Whenever I talk to you or read what you say, I notice your snotty, disrespectful and arrogant character. You really think that you are the most important person around here.
All your knowledge about Sauerbraten may be useful but whenever people accept help from you, they need to ignore your personality to endure your presence.
More humbleness would do good.

Afterall, the arguments speaking for Steam are more powerful and the counter-arguments are only problems to be solved. Where is the reaction of the developers to all this discussion?

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#31: Re: ..

by Q009 on 03/14/2013 14:58, refers to #30

>arguments stronger than counter-arguments
>license issues

I don't think so :P

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#32: Re: ..

by Zamwa on 03/14/2013 15:43, refers to #30

The way I remember it Team Fortress was added to steam store when the publisher fee was nonexistent! Steam marketing strategy seemed to use Team Fortress creators and others as a foot hold to curse other open source projects into paying for the same spot!

Lets keep the personal insults to a minimum!

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#33: Re: ..

by suicizer01 on 03/15/2013 01:20, refers to #30

If I really would be arrogant I would tell I have something to say about the project, which I continuous state that I have not. Said that, there isn't any arrogance meant in those posts.

But back to the topic;
Cooper, don't quote certain statements right next to each other when they aren't meant for the very same reply. Why not? Because they have nothing to do with each other.

It seems you really don't get that Steam isn't part of the Cube Engine 2 project, unless you get eihrul that mad to actually let it happen.
So he can focus more on the actual project instead of something which you need an account for to use, get adverts of other games after quitting a game and the need to revamp Cube Engine 2 to make it actually work with Steam.

I'm done with this chanceless "OMG give me Sauerbraten on Steam pl0x"-topic.

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#34: ..

by baby~rabbit on 03/17/2013 05:05

What we want is a stream game developer to wade in and give us the low down...

I suspect it is not just the simple case of "here is the executable, bye" - but instead we would have make use of the steam SDK to support stream features - auto updating, etc. Also if you want all of the stream leader-boards, server finding, authenticated users, blah, then this starts to smell like a fair bit of coding - not least that it duplicates existing code. Then might you expect the stream version to work with non-steam versions - ugh.

Next up the Apple folk will want the desktop App Store version with game centre integration. eihrul - I'm not volunteering.

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#35: ..

by cmCooper on 03/28/2013 01:13

Aah, what a relief that finally someone that is responsible and qualified reacts.
Too bad that it is too much work.
Thanks for answer.

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#36: Sauerbraten on Steam maybe

by cdxbow on 06/11/2013 02:05

Surely anything that will enlarge the player base and the community is a good thing? Perhaps this should have been seen as an opportunity, not a burden. And with the SteamBox coming out, a whole new platform! A once in a generation event. All lost.......

Now if I think this is so important, then I should be willing to risk a bit on it? Logical. So If someone can put together a realistic proposal we might be willing to spend something on it. Any takers?

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#37: Great

by furqan on 06/28/2013 13:54

Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?


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#38: Re: Great

by Sub-Zero on 07/01/2013 19:24, refers to #37

very well. a tl;dr for you.

someone suggested putting sauerbraten on steam (third party game store) through valve (game production company) to get more people, but due to personal and licensing issues this is unlikely. then someone suggested they will publish a game for free, which as pointed out, won't happen.

there is your tl;dr. now stuff your ADD and learn to read a thread, kthx.

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