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Anger effect!

by Zamwa on 06/13/2011 08:35, 2 messages, last message: 06/13/2011 12:49, 3178 views, last view: 05/20/2020 05:26

The anger effect what is it, what does it do to your reply?!
I've noticed problems with the core of the younger members are making mistakes that could lead to developers not wanting to read through there post and comments! So I think we should look to improve are own comments about the effect they have on other commenters,guest,etc!
So lets begin by discussing the issues and what a friend of mine said (who's wisdom stretches into space and beyound) calls a phenomena the "tag-back-reply", where one replies to a comment with distorted facts to prompt an oddmented topic that changes to another topic leading to vaguer statments,arguments,trolling,etc! This is NOT the way to reply!

Steps that should be taken to improve your chances of getting a right helpful reply the first time,

1. If you have growing anger DO NOT post that reply! Go to another website to blow off some steam by going to sites like this one (humor changes that conflictive stature!) http://senorgif.memebase.com/2011/02/16/funny-gifs-h-g-h/ and or take deep breathes for ten seaconds! Then come back when your moodiness is clear enough to reply!

2. If you think your own comment or reply is ok check over it again for the tag-back-reply phenomena!

3. When you notice your wrong admit it! There's no shame in admitting your wrong, it doesn't ruin your credibility with other topics! If you didn't notice your wrong it's ok it's someone else's fualt for not clarifying your mistake! If that don't work wait until someone else replies or just abandon the topic all together! Other wise you'll be intentionally or unintentionally trolling!

4. The most critical... facts finding missions, if you think your right back it up with rudimentary evidence! Laziness with the choice of words means you'll be repling again!(What a wast of reading space to skip near identical replys :"/!

These steps worked for Me and My family!) Make a link to other sites with this thread if need be! I hope it helps!

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#1: ..

by baby~rabbit on 06/13/2011 09:25

Well, I hope no one is angry about being called a "younger" member...

1 - No anger, just usual jaded self.
2 - Comment probably not ok
3 - See (2), but don't worry, I'm not ashamed.
4 - Fact finding based on navel gazing. Tried to avoid laziness by writing more words, though fail to see how that will prevent me replying again,

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#2: ..

by Razgriz on 06/13/2011 12:49

1) Anger may be justified if the person who is causing it is an idiot and just won't understand why his logic and thus his statements do not stand, or do not match the point of the topic.

2) You can not always be certain that a reply is definite and to the point, even when you've done your research. It's what drives a discussion on.

3) I understand my mistake when it's obvious i have failed greatly. I cannot say the same for other people however.

4) Now that pretty much resembles a sub-part of rule 2, and more words doesn't necessarily mean that a topic is becoming a bloat. It always depends on the subject and the willingness of the participants to go into a lot of detail. But then again there are always cases where people will highlight the same facts over and over, though that doesn't happen often when they all understand one another.

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