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Sauerbraten trailer video contest

by eihrul on 06/03/2011 14:06, 92 messages, last message: 11/08/2011 21:01, 37234 views, last view: 05/21/2019 10:48

So, I would like to hold a contest for a cool new Sauerbraten trailer video. The winner gets their video placed on the sauerbraten.org site for all to see. I am the final judge. The rules the videos must satisfy to win:

1) No content mods (bright skins, weapon mods, etc.). Must use all default Sauerbraten content.
2) Must use shaders with sane, good-looking default settings.
3) Must show both fun gameplay action shots, as well as some basic editing shots.
4) Avoid any extensive text or subtitling. Let the visuals speak for themselves and keep the pacing of the video quick. There shouldn't be a need to show more than the game's title and a link to the website. Don't bore the viewer.
5) Avoid any copyright-troubled music. Preferably use Sauer's in-game music, or Creative Commons licensed music.
6) Entries should be posted on youtube and linked here.

Seriously, our trailer video is in need of a major upgrade, and help producing this would be majorly appreciated and help Sauer's longevity and player population. So if you want to help out, have at it!

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#73: ..

by eihrul on 06/22/2011 20:17

So far I think cmCooper's video has the best balance of everything, and it is quite likely it will win unless there are more submissions at this point.

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#74: ..

by cmCooper on 06/23/2011 20:05

b3ast, we should combine our videos

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#75: Re: ..

by Zorg on 06/24/2011 10:22, refers to #74


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#76: ..

by b3ast on 06/24/2011 19:52, refers to #75

Coopers and I are currently planning a video to be\"combined.\" So give us more time, please :P

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#77: Re: ..

by eihrul on 06/24/2011 19:56, refers to #76

Well, in reality there is no time limit. Even if I choose a video now, so long as someone makes a better video, I can always replace it at any time with the better video. ;)

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#78: Yet another entry

by axle on 06/25/2011 00:07

Ok, this is my entry for the contest.


Let me say some words here before you rage about it :P

- I do not record first person view without hud. The hud is part of the gameplay and therefor should be shown in a trailer. Also, /hidehud 1 also turns off the crosshair, which imo should be changed in the next release by the way.

- I know it shows nearly no editing. I'm not a good mapper. That's why I decided to do it this way; I think it still shows the concept of the built-in map editor.

- I tried to show off as many aspects of the gameplay as possible, by showing ictf flag scenes, a regen capture base, ectf gameplay, and effic and insta duels. I also had to keep it short, 1:30 are good for a trailer embedded on a website I think.

- Music is free to use for non-commercial projects. Check beatpick.com

Wish me luck :D

axle / pix

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#79: Re: Yet another entry

by Zamwa on 06/25/2011 20:08, refers to #78

The pros:

1. Excellent music for Sauerbraten! :"D

2. 720p

3. Player modes!(A sniper near the end ;")

4. Player bloom enabled, gives good presentation!

The cons:

1. didn't notice any shader support in the video at 720 resolution!

2. Got to have editing! Sauerbraten's main feature is the easy user editor! Without that newcomers will assume it's just another action shooter with nothing much else to do!

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#80: Re: Yet another entry

by axle on 06/26/2011 01:47, refers to #79

Thanks for the feedback :)

Referring to shaders: I had them turned on during recording, set to "high detail". I also have evreything maxed out via GUI, I'm not that good in setting gfx via console, so maybe it could be even better, I don't know.

Editing: Yeah I know. I'm working on a second version of this video and got some more time available to show edit mode at the end now, as soon as I get decent recordings for that I'll update it.

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#81: ..

by Q009 on 06/26/2011 17:47

Okay, my turn now

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#82: ..

by TheLove on 06/27/2011 00:07

[mVa]Cookie trailer

he posted in IRC so i suppose he didnt register here so im just copy paste his link.

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#83: Re: ..

by axle on 06/27/2011 12:44, refers to #81

what I liked:

- editing stuff

- some camera flights through empty maps

- your gfx settings

what I didn't like:

- music; doesn't really fit to a fast paced shooter

- first person gameplay scenes; I wouldn't show so many missed shots, as well as getting killed in first person. first person makes the viewer identify with the player, getting killed without getting a kill yourself in a trailer video isn't that persuading to play the game... (the missed shots thing made me change the effic fp scene in my trailer, one of the reasons for a second version)

- the static regen base on mercury; it was too far away, also there was that bridge-gangway right between the camera and the actual happening. The blue explosions were nice, though :P

- the length. 3:40 is too long for a trailer I'd say. 1:30 to 2:30 is fine.

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#84: Re: ..

by Q009 on 06/27/2011 13:47, refers to #83

As I expected...
Seems like when trying to do it in few hours won't make it any good :P
Okay, second try...

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#85: ..

by eihrul on 07/05/2011 10:17

Okay, I have placed Cooper's video on the Sauerbraten main page. This does not mean the contest is over, in any sense, since if someone wants to try to make a better video and it is actually better, I will use it instead at any time. :)

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#86: ..

by KAOS on 07/07/2011 06:48

I will give it a try.

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#87: Re: ..

by AlternateLives on 09/01/2011 21:53, refers to #87

It should be in the "Sauerbraten" folder, which I am guessing is in the "Program Files" directory (I run Mac, so I don't know.) all else fails, search your video filename and it should come up.

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#89: ..

by cmCooper on 11/05/2011 02:11

I remade the trailer and this is the result.


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#90: Re: ..

by eihrul on 11/06/2011 12:25, refers to #89

The editing part seems a bit weak now, but the gameplay shots are much improved. :)

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#91: Re: ..

by axle on 11/08/2011 16:02, refers to #89

Sorry, but I don't like this version as much as your first. Most likely it's the music which I can't stand :/

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#92: Re: ..

by Sub-Zero on 11/08/2011 19:07, refers to #85

i agree on this one, the music sucks, otherwise, its alright

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#93: ..

by cmCooper on 11/08/2011 21:01

The problem is to find a song under common license that sounds good and fits a trailer. I was already looking for hours before taking that one.

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