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Time mode (Time and iTime modes)

by Honzik1 on 03/30/2010 14:07, 13 messages, last message: 05/14/2010 02:07, 3604 views, last view: 07/24/2024 00:39

I have the new idea about new mode. This idea is based on the singleplayer mode when I played FFA vs 100 monters and I tried to alive.

- it is single mode (like FFA, Instagib etc)
- supposed for 2-10 players
- the radar is in the right corner (like in the Assasin mode in past)
- no frags, winner is player, who alive most of the time (so time in scoreboard, no frags)
- for example,if I live 30 seconds in row, I will get 30 seconds to my scoreboard
- if I shot target, i get bonus time equal to alive time of target
- if I shot team-hunters (prevent against players wanted to kill target too), I will be punished by -1/2 of actual target alive-time.
- the player is selected as the target randomly by the server
- the players are hunting one player who do everything (hiding on secret places, defending himself from impasse places, running out, etc) to alive.

What do you think about this? It would be fun. Every mode is mainly about fraging (except capture). This is about time how long you cover you ass or how good hunter you are. Post you opinions about it. Thanks!!
PS: sorry for my bad english

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#1: interesting o.o

by KAOS on 03/30/2010 14:26

well, looks interesting, i pretty much like every insta mode so :P ... you should talk to eihrul about your idea =D

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#2: wow

by TaKe on 03/30/2010 15:11

hmm.. Honzik, your idea is great, i think, at the end this game mode would be better than the insta modes...
i like it!!

nice idea =D


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#3: ..

by Matt Bierner on 03/30/2010 21:28

Before making a suggestion / request, try implementing your idea. The Cube II based Syntensity engine facilitates creation of unique game modes through scripting and seems well suited for prototyping.

It is great that you have an idea, but without initiative, posts like this have little chance of going anywhere.

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#4: Re: ..

by Quin on 03/31/2010 05:03, refers to #3

Indeed Matt.



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#5: ..

by mIscreant on 03/31/2010 06:44

Honzik, interesting idea, but I think that it will inevitably lead to people hiding in all the annoying nooks and crannies of the maps.

What about giving the "hunted" player an incentive to fight, such as infinite ammo/quad, or more health? Make them incredibly powerful so it takes everyone's combined effort to bring them down. Then the person who kills them inherits the ammo/quad/health. Of course, this would be based on frags again and not time.

Idk, just a thought.

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#6: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 03/31/2010 10:11, refers to #5

So like UT (2004)'s Mutant mode? (I think that's what I'm thinking of.)
Or maybe it's called Juggernaut. I don't remember.

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#7: np

by Honzik1 on 03/31/2010 19:45

The idea was just change style of game. I know my idea isnt perfect, but this idea isnt bad, isnt it? To try to be not killed is, for me. Similar mode is Hold mode in comming release. So player can hide there too. But I said, there is radar. Its not problem to find hiding player fast. If someone want to make it perfect, i will be happy. Iam just player. I cant programe any mode. Sorry

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#8: ..

by 4~O on 04/02/2010 13:04

Likes the idea

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#9: ..

by 4~O on 04/04/2010 09:56

Sry for the double post, but I'd like to add that this mode would be really cool because the spawn - camping would finally stop through this, therefore maybe i would also introduce an extra rule like, if you frag someone that is alive less than 3 seconds you only get 1 second e.g. , and also due to the rules already mentioned previously you would also be awarded for fragging a better player, also this mode works against campers because they usually stay a live the longest and therefore are a very good target.
I would however NOT reward your own time staying alive
(- for example,if I live 30 seconds in row, I will get 30 seconds to my scoreboard)
because this would result in people looking for hidouts / camping only e.g. core transfer the top thing.
I would therefore only reword that you get the time from the person you just fragged.

In short:

- make the person who is alive the longest (since his last death) , and the person who is on top of the scoreboard visible on the radar.
- if someone is alive less than 3 seconds this would give you only 1 second (or when alive less than 1 maybe no points at all? )
- change that you get the alive time from the person (meaning the time from his last death to the current one) you fragged not the time you stayed alive yourself.

How do you like that idea?

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#10: ..

by amod on 05/13/2010 20:47

i really don't like how instagib takes over all servers :( its not a fun mode and i wish it never exhisted in sauer :(

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#11: Re: ..

by Fischkopf on 05/13/2010 22:28, refers to #10

Sauerbraten could really use some new modes. For me only insta and ctf is fun. I don't like FFA in sauer. the shooting behavior of the weapons feels stiff.
its no fun to shoot an enemy with a revolver in sauerbraten. maybe its because it shoots so slow.

what i don't get is why you have one grenade every time you spawn. it makes no sense. you should be able to carry no weapons at all.

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#12: Re: ..

by Razgriz on 05/13/2010 22:34, refers to #11

distributable chainsaw? :D

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#13: Re: ..

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 05/14/2010 02:07, refers to #10

The reason that Insta takes over lots of servers is because it is one of the main modes where the Rocket Launcher isn't the weapon you have to go for (like in FFA or capture) where if you get the Rockets you are going to be the winner because they are the most powerful compared to the other weapons...

Now you can go ahead and make your own server and host whatever you want, or get on a server that allows you to change the mode. But even then, don't expect 50 people. Most people want a fight with skill, not with a weapon that always owns the other team/players.

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