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5 minutes for your favourite game

by }TC{Shmutzwurst on 05/05/2009 10:16, 18 messages, last message: 06/22/2009 06:08, 15248 views, last view: 02/24/2024 04:14

Hey all,

I would like to ask you if you would want to spend 5 minutes to make this release (even) more popular than the ones before - by helping making it known not just to the community here.

The idea is that everyone who reads this post goes and visits a forum/page where they talk about games and tries to get some attention there by posting a good post, talk to someone important there and talk him into reviewing the game, etc.

Cmon. All I ask for is that you go to just one page, register, copy eihruls post or write one your own. That's all I am asking for. This takes like 5 Minutes. Give back the love eihrul invested to make it happen. For once just don't only discuss it eagerly, but do it :-)

If you dont know any good page, google for some, or just go to where you found Sauerbraten yourself once and look if they already know about the new release.

Reply to this post and let us know where you posted the ad so others know.

I'll start now with games4mac.de


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#1: ..

by baby~rabbit on 05/05/2009 10:37


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#2: ..

by }TC{Shmutzwurst on 05/05/2009 10:51


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#3: ..

by MacMax on 05/05/2009 11:34


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#4: ..

by MacMax on 05/05/2009 11:35


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#5: ...

by Obi on 05/05/2009 14:19


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#6: ..

by Obi on 05/05/2009 14:23


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#7: Message censored by administrator

by NWA_Lee on 05/05/2009 14:48

#8: ..

by Julius on 05/05/2009 16:08


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#9: ..

by Hero on 05/05/2009 16:38


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#10: ..

by }TC{Shmutzwurst on 05/05/2009 23:26

thanks to all those who have done some advertising so far.

mhh. not that many....
It is funny. I expected it to be that way: around 50 people hanging out in #sauerbraten channel, most of them reading the forum here very frequently, very few seem to invest the 5 minutes...

cmon, show me that you are better than you seem. otherwise, if you go on like this, you could soon be to lazy to breathe :-) we would not want that :-)

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#11: ..

by Forty two on 05/06/2009 00:48



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#12: ..

by Quin on 05/06/2009 01:08

http://www.quadropolis.us/node/1950 :oP

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#13: ..

by Hooded_Sniper on 05/06/2009 01:42

I posed a thread on N-Europe's forums a few weeks back, although nobody replied to it, so I'm not sure if anyone tried any of the games. Also, if anyone doesn't know a good site to do this, perhaps Newgrounds would be a good place to try since a lot of people there are looking for free games.

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#14: ..

by Redon on 05/06/2009 13:23


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#15: ..

by Razgriz on 06/11/2009 18:01

not many people still active on xspore, but i got some playing with me :D

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#16: how about....

by |ice|sub-zero|L on 06/13/2009 02:29

how about you just tell your friends and then tell them to tell thier friends and then also tell them to tell thier friends to pass it on. then you get a huge amount of people playing.

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#17: ..

by WakeField on 06/20/2009 06:08

i bumped this because we still need more. i advertised sauer on some forum, but i can't reme,ber which one it was. Oh, well. Hopefully people see it :P

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#18: Bah. These people are to hard to please.

by BionicCryonic on 06/22/2009 06:08


Maybe some of you guys could go over and spam the thread with things like how much you like and such. =3

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